Liea's Liquid Lightning

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The quirky, highly potent beverage created by Liea Sanders, daughter of Unleashed Force.

Appearance: Clear bottle, red on black label with LLL in lightning bolts against the background. The drink itself is clear, at its base, as the liquors involved are the Four White Horsemen (White rum, vodka, gin, silver tequilla). When the bottle is open or the drink is poured or anytime the liquid is disturbed, it emits small sparks. Even its appearance is energetic, as if the drink's molecules are constantly wiggling.

Texture: Initially, there is a spark when it first touches the drinker's lips. However, the drink itself goes down about as smooth as a carbonated beverage. There is the distinctive kick and burn of the four strong liquors once the drink hits the belly of the drinker. Because of the 'wiggling molecules', the beverage is between 80 and 90 degrees. It's not recommended over ice.

Taste: Sweet and Sour, and what can best be described as 'Electrical'. The taste isn't unlike a Long Island Iced Tea, with an intense surge as it crosses the flat of the tongue.

Effects: The drink is infused with pure energy. The bottled form is a little bit more diluted, but still more powerful than any 'normal' liquor or mix. The alcohol content is 50% (100 proof). The pure energy infused within allows the alcohol to be absorbed in more ways than just the bloodstream. The intoxication usually takes the path of the nerves, to affect the brain directly. It's because of this that the drink is VERY inadvisable for humans and other generally weaker beings.

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