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Lilith Vampyra
Player: @Elysian Shade
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lilith Vampyra
Known Aliases: "Lil", "Vampy"
Species: Not applicable
Age: 30 years old in appearance
Height: 6'
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Purple
Hair Color: Raven Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rouge Islands
Occupation: Roving Troubleshooter
Place of Birth: Netherworld
Base of Operations: Working in Grandview
Marital Status: In a committed relationship
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Ability to use and warp Negative Energy from the Netherworld.
Known Abilities
Dark Melee, Dark Armor, Winged Flight, Enhanced Health, Demonic Aura
Sands of Mu, Blackwand, Ouroboros Portal, Pocket D Personal Teleport.




Lilith Vampyra is not of this reality. She is a creature of the Netherworld. A demonic creature that feeds off of the life force of living creatures. Demons such as herself have been labeled "Energy Vanmpire" due to the similarities to terrestrial blood vampires. It is unknown how long they have existed.


Lilith has a fit willowy curvacous build. Her apparant age is about 30 yoa. She has long raven black hair with, two small horns from her forehead, glowing purple eyes, and crimson red skin. She has two large leathery wings that are dark red fading to a mid red in color coming from her upper back/shoulder region. She is usually dressed simply, but provocatively, almost always in black.

Powers and Ablilities

Lilith Vampyra appears to fall into the "Brute" Archtype. She seems to prefer melee combat and does not seem to be afriad to go "toe-to-toe" with most foes. Lilith has the ability to tap into the Netherworld and to use "Negative Energy" to power her melee attacks. She also has the ability to surround herself with tendrils of "Negative Energy" to protect herself from attack and to heal herself as well.

Due to her demomic heritage, Lilith has a very robust constitution and heals at a fast rate then normal humans in addition to having greater stanima. She is somewhat stronger then baseline humans and has surprised fly foes by knocking them physicaly out of the air. She also is able to take flight using her wings and can fly at a rapid pace.

While she does seem to prefer melee combat she has been observed using the infamous Blackwand to strike at a distance. She also has been observed using an Ourboros Portal. Recently she has used attacks with a power signiture very similar to Ghost Widow's.


Lilith has a slightly withdrawn introverted personality. She tends to be a loner but has been known to team-up with other villians on a temp basis. She appears to be quite intelligent and is much less chaotic in her thought process and actions then most of her ilk. To those that she regards as friends Lilith shows great loyalty and to those she loves, great affection and warmth. To her enemies she has proven to be an implacable foe and does not forgive or forget easily.

While she does need to feed on life energy for survival. She rarely kills and has stated on several occasions that she does not "hunt innocents". She tends to feed off of opponents to the point of losing conciousness. She has been known to actually retreat from an area to avoid attacking civillians in the area. She tends to treat Longbow as honorable opponents and has in fact assisted them on a couple of occasions when it suited her.

In personal relations, Lilith has strong lesbian tendancies and is drawn to other females. This is not due to trauma or a hatred of males. She just prefers females. She has been observed being protective of them and when fighting female opponents seems to try not to injury them anymmore then needed. She has been observed in social situations almost exclusivily with females all though she will team with both sexes. Lilith, like most succubi, has a magnetic almost hympnotic on most members of both sexes. Unlike other succubi however this is not deliberatly used by Lilith and she seems to be truly unaware of the effect that she many times has on them.

Character History

Arrival & Breakout

Lilith Vampyra first appeared on this plane aprox. 1 1/2 years ago in the industrial area of Paragon City RI known as "Kings Row". Several witness statements state that "she fell out of a black globe of energy". Paragon City Police and EMS responded to render aid and found "a half crazed, naked, female, winged, demonic creature using some sort of "dark energy" power to attack civillians and PPD and PFD personel near her." No one was killed or permanently injured. Lilith was captured with the aid of a Longbow patrol team led by a Nullifier. Due to her obvious super-powered abilities, Lilith was arrested, charged with assault, and transfered to the "Zig" in Brickstown for evaluation at the hospital ward there.

Medical records show that when she arrived she was in an agitated almost feral mental state. She had suffered what appeared to be repeated rapes and a massive beating and was bruised over most of her body with several broken bones particularly in her wings. It was opinion of the attending doctor that "her attack was not deliberate, but more of an instinctive reaction and attempt to protect and heal herself". As she regained her strength in the hospital wing. Doctors noted that she became increasingly calm and her thoughts more ordered. They also noted that she healed very quickly and soon was almost completly healthy with the exception of her wings leaving her unable to fly. Soon she was transfered to a standard meta human cell to be held pending her trial.

During the investigation when asked why she was here on Earth? She replied that she was exhiled here. Whe pressed for further details she simply replied that she was fond of humans and that was the cause of her downfall. When asked why she attacked the persons around her? She replied she has no memory of her arrival. Staff reported that she was a model prisoner and seemed to be regretful for her actions when she first appeared. The only blemish reported was an "unauthorized sexual relationship" with one of the female staff nurses. One day there was an Arachnos raid on the "Zig" and Lilith Vampyra disappeared in the mayhem.

Mercy Island

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Lilith Vampyra arrived on Mercy Island in the Rouge Islands and was processed at Fort Darwin. She was then greeted by Lord Recluse's Favorite Fortunata - Kalinda. She was told of "Operation Destiny" and how she may be one of the "Destined Ones". Lilith was still trying to find her place in our world and accepted Kalinda's challenge to be tested by her. Lilith completed several assignments dealing with the mysterious Snakes for Kalinda. Lilith won her admiration and was advised to contact several other Arachnos operatives with Kalinda's endorsement. Unconfirmed reports from Longbow deep-cover agents suggest that there may have been a brief relationship between Lilith and Kalinda during this time period.

Lilith then did several assignments for an Arachnos contract operative named Mongoose. These delved further into the large Snakes that infest Mercy Island. Lilith completed these successfully and found indications that there is much more to the Snakes then first thought. She received a custom pair of snake skin stiletto heal boots as part of her reward from Mongoose. Lilith during this time also regained the partial use of her wings. Lilith was able to hover and fly at a slow pace although her wings were still not fully healed.

Lilith was then advised to make her way to Port Oakes and to contact one of the "Brokers" there. Little did Lilith know that as the ferry pulled away from the dock at Fort Cerbeus that she would one day return to Mercy and a very fateful meeting.

Port Oakes

Spoilers end here.
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