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[[Image:Luna Eclypse VV portrait2.jpg|300px|]]
Portrait and logo created by character's user at CoX global: @Luna Eclypse.
Luna Eclypse
Player: @Luna Eclypse
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Storm Summoning/Energy Blast Defender
Security Level: 50+3
Personal Data
Real Name: Brenda Larsson
Known Aliases: Lady Spectre, Luna Spectre, Lady Wulpurgis
Species: Mutant (Homo-Sapien-Superior)
Age: 56 (as of 2024)
Height: 6'
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: No known relatives (publicly).
Known Powers
Pure Energy Manipulation
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Biography (2005)

Luna's villainous exploits can be traced all the way back to 1988 in Europe under the aliases Lady Wulpurgis and Lady Spectre where she assaulted and robbed the people near the Brocken Bow in Germany. Upon her quick defeat by a local angry uprising she went into hiding for several years, only to resurface in North America. In 2005, she suffered her final defeat at the hands of several young heroes on the streets of Paragon. Upon apprehension, she was admitted to the Hospital in Atlas Park and diagnosed with amnesia. Unknowingly, her memories were purposely suppressed as she had become a sort of pet project for several city officials keen on reconditioning her mind to make her work for them as a newly "rehabilitated hero." It took 2 long years, but Luna finally earned the respect of the people that should couldn't even remember terrorizing. Eventually, her memory returned and she spend many years to follow coming to terms with the life she had led and the people she hurt. Nowadays, she is a stalwart defender of Paragon City through and through and doing her best to help foster the next generation of heroes to keep the world safe for many years to come.

Addendum (2009)

Prior to the regaining of her memories in 2009, Luna was often quiet and reserved during her tenure as a new hero of Paragon City. She did not display any social difficulties but she had very little to base a conversation on given her then-amnesiac condition. Photos or memorabilia from her past life did little to trigger any emotion attachment. After remembering everything that defined her, including the more villainous details, her demeanor shifted drastically. Often confrontational, outspoken and sarcastic, Luna has a bit of a vicious streak she tries hard to keep under control. It was this inner anger that, at one time, fueled her evil ambitions in part due to the presence of a malevolent entity known only as "Eyedol" inhabiting her psyche.

An Overdue Homecoming (2019)

Having come to terms with herself over the past decade, Luna is now very much a collected and nurturing individual and has returned to Paragon City after some time away. As for what has become of Eyedol, none can say for sure. While she does have the occasional unsettling dream about it, she has not exhibited any unusual or deliberately sinister behavior in several years and seems quite in control of her mental and emotional faculties.

While Luna has found herself returning to action a little bit these days, she also considers herself semi-retired as she has gotten on in the years and only dawns the cape again for the most dire of circumstances.

Mutant Abilities

Energy Projection
At their most basic level, Luna's mutant powers allow her to form various projectiles made up of the energy in the air around her. She can vary their strength and force at will.

Through experimentation, over time, she learned to propel herself into the air like a drill causing the energy in front of her to move around to her feet and push her upward in a sort of aided flying ability.

Weather "Control"
Later she discovered that where she pulled energy from the air to use, she made cold spots appear in those areas. She toyed with this over time and soon perfected what would become the ability of 'mock' weather control and ice creation by pulling more and more energy away to drop the temperature where she so desired.


Psychic Attacks
Like normal humans, Luna is susceptible to mental assaults upon her psyche. Such was the case with the malevolent entity, "Eyedol", that once inhabited her mind as well as the psychic walls purposely put up by unknown perpetrators in City Hall that initially blocked out her memories.

Not Physically Super
Overall, Luna does not exhibit any inherent or automatic form of super-powered defense or resistance to harm like many heroes of Paragon. If she is struck, she will bruise. If she is cut, she will bleed. If she is shot, she can potentially die. In several instances, she has attempted to use her Energy abilities to form walls or buffers between her and oncoming attacks, the only shortcoming to this being that she has to consciously concentrate in the effort to do so.


Public Speaker
Luna has also been known to partake in speaking tours around Paragon's various educational institutions on behalf of City Hall and Freedom Corps. As a reformed-villain of years gone past, she shares her experiences and turmoil with young people in hopes to keep them on the right track to leading good lives.

Past Affiliations

- The Silencers

- The Dreamwarriors (Co-Founder)

- Carpe Diem

- Templar Exhilare

- Golden Mirror

Current Affiliation

- None

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