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Basic Information

Lynx has been around for - awhile, surprisingly. Making her formal 'debut' in the Fall of 2006, she's been seen frequently throughout the city helping those in need and all that. - Now while a crude, hotheaded, and unfiltered mess, some believe she actually isn't all that bad of a person on the inside!

One may also speculate on where her feline origins took their start. Was she born like that? Experimented on? Got caught in a portal to some sort of cat person dimension? Who knows!

Her reputation spans over a few years, as her 'heroism' began about at the age of eleven. That's also when her mutations kicked in. She wasn't going after gangers or anything dangerous. Stereotypically, finding herself doing the mundane, but helpful things. It was her first year in Paragon, entering in a new middle school for super-teens. She was seen around her neighborhood of Peregrine Island saving cats from trees, helping old ladies across the street, and being a bit too big for her britches in some cases.

After graduating from highschool, her powers had grown and her heroic career was finally getting off the ground thankfully for not being tied into school for most of the day. Scratches and wounds would heal in seconds, and her mutational catlike reflexes were at high gear. Taking to Atlas properly, she started slow with bringing down Hellions harassing civilians. Skulls, Clockwork, and the nasty Vahzilok bodysnatchers. Now twenty four, she's been in toes with other dangerous bad guys, but not without the help from other heroes to back her up, of course. Not sticking to a particular team, she's happy enough people are willing to band together for a similar cause.


Presenting herself at five feet five inches (in heels, anyways), this girl sports a shaggy haircut, accented by the fact it's an almost blindingly pink color due to her strange theme that's stuck with her for so long. Atop her head sit large cat ears, both also identical in color to her hair. The most obvious thing is her curvy frame, ending in thick legs and a bit of a hourglass shape, though she doesn't have any sort of signature pinched waist as some girls do - giving her a bit of a 'pear' figure and a plump tum. A tail sits right on her tailbone (obviously), and is well groomed and fluffy. She takes well care of herself, clearly.


A crude, mouthy, and unfiltered chatterbox. Lynnette tends to more than likely splather on about what she thinks about something on the basis of how every word that comes out of her mouth is in some way, negative. Despite her unwillingness to generally chill out, from those rare moments she seems surprisingly sentimental and nice, this only actually showing when around her friends. She is, impressively, not all that bad of a person if you dig into her a little. It seems to be some sort of front she puts up due to a crippling hidden self-doubt and insecurity of hers she's had since her feline mutations kicked in out of the blue.
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