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"That all y'got? Ah'm jus' gettin' warmed up."
Player: @Sephorus
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 43
Personal Data
Real Name: Kiera Ovelia Devros
Known Aliases: Mabdhara, Mab
Species: Half-Demon
Age: 29
Height: approx. 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: approx. 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Fiery red
Hair Color: Fiery red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Spanish-American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Emilio Devros (father), Annette Devros (mother)
Known Powers
Control over demonic fire
Known Abilities
B.A. in Communications

Mabdhara is the first Tanker ever created by @Sephorus. Concept-wise, she was rerolled, in some fashion, a grand total of four times due to the initial frustration of early Fire/Fire Tanks, and ended up, oddly enough, back at the very same archetype she began as - this time, to stay.



In the past, Kiera has worked alongside The Team of Superlative Gender Non-Specifics, under the command of Captain Pwn. After her departure for the Rogue Isles and subsequent return to Paragon City, she has since parted ways with the group and registered with The Dawn Patrol.


Kiera is, as most people find out quickly, exceedingly blunt and impatient. While not so brash as to act without thinking beforehand, she prefers to spend less time thinking and more time acting. In addition, her habit of speaking what's on her mind in very plain terms more often than not lands her a reputation as a complete bitch. However, this is not at all out of rudeness and disrespect - she just hates sugarcoating anything, even if it's unpleasant. As far as she's concerned, the basic truth is what people need to hear if they're going to have a hope of doing what's right.


Fiery Aura

Kiera's preferred fighting strategy constantly lands her smack dab in the center of trouble. To this end, she's learned to concentrate her inner fire in a more external fashion - by surrounding herself with a wreath of flames in order to catch some of the blows. In addition, her demonic half has provided some measure of protection against extreme temperatures, and she can also, in a pinch, seal more grievous wounds shut by cauterizing them in the field. Finally, even on the brink of death, Kiera can will her inner fire to surge forth once more. While a spectacular feat that, more often than not, turns the tide of a battle, she's hesitant to call upon this very often.

Fiery Melee

Kiera's temper has often, in the past, placed her on the front lines of a fight against a dozen or more criminals. Due to this, she's focused her fighting efforts on taking down as many foes as possible in a very short timespan. She prefers to emit searing hot waves of flame around herself, and will often brandish a flame-forged scimitar as her weapon of choice - a weapon that leaves very few standing should they be on the receiving end.


Kiera has, due to the state of being a half-demon, learned how to lift herself off of the ground as a method of transport. When in a more demonic form, the method is much more obvious - a set of rough, leathery wings. When on patrol, she uses a technique akin to riding thermal updrafts to sustain herself in the air.


Kiera currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, and has, of all things, a fair understanding in the operation of most broadcasting equipment.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As Kiera is still considered possessed by demonic forces, she's very quick to anger - and prone to letting her resolve slip if her rage continues for prolonged periods of time. While she is quite versed in keeping her anger - and thus her strength of will - in check, the possibility still exists for a second period of demonic subversion.


Aside from the standard-issue Dawn Patrol uniform, Mabdhara has no notable tangible equipment.

Character History

Kiera's career as a hero wasn't exactly the most traditional. Born to a Spanish father and an American mother, the Devros family spent most of Kiera's younger years in the Spanish capital of Madrid before moving to Paragon City shortly after Kiera's 14th birthday. She graduated high school and attended Paragon City University for a bachelor's degree in communications; despite taking six years to complete the program, she graduated at the age of 25 and pursued a career in radio broadcasting after settling down in Atlas Park.

Of course, a civilian life's not always so simple in Paragon City.

For reasons unknown to most, the Hellions began to take a delight in liberating Miss Devros of her belongings, and her purse, wallet, or other such items found themselves snatched away on a regular basis. While the fledgling hero community would often return her belongings, the simple truth was that Kiera was increasingly frustrated with having it happen in the first place... so she took matters into her own hands. In a fit of retaliation, she made sure that her next purse just so happened to be filled with a brick or two; several swings and one bruised Hellion later, Kiera found the thrill of retribution all too alluring... not to mention the demonic-looking artifact that her would-be attacker was carrying. The artifact, she found, gave the bearer the ability to wield and manipulate fire as long as it remained in close proximity to the user.

Her next step was all too obvious. The consequences were not as clear.

It seemed that the artifact she'd found was one of many that had been cursed by the Circle of Thorns in order to subvert and control their owners by 'replacing' the soul with that of a demonic counterpart. Thus, shortly after her hero career began, Kiera found herself thrust into a life-or-death battle with a devil known as Mabdhara - a battle she initially lost. For several months, she served the Circle in their terrible crimes, and it was through continued efforts and an iron will that Kiera was able to push back the influence she was under and regain control of her own body. However, the surge of willpower she displayed was still only a surge; more effective methods of binding would need to be employed.

Kiera, for several weeks, underwent ritual after ritual at the hands of MAGI. While the demon she'd been possessed by couldn't be exorcised without potentially killing Kiera, it could be bound with a variety of spells, runes, and enchantments. While the arcane bindings did their job of preventing Kiera from subversion ever again, the wild surges of energy that were employed to forge the bindings left a few side effects - most notable is a shift in speech patterns from her Spanish dialect to, of all things, a stereotypical Texan accent. ("Pssh. Friggin' stupid, ain't it?")

Now, Kiera uses the demonic power she's tapped into in order to do some good around the city. While it's no secret that her primary goal is to find a way to undo the bindings and destroy the demon without ill effects, she's got no qualms with using her infernal powers to make the city a better place, either.

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