Major Maiden

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Major Maiden
Player: suedenim
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 21
Personal Data
Real Name: Myndy Manning
Known Aliases: Major Markus Marsden
Species: Human
Age: Chronological: 41, Physiological: 20
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red/Magenta (dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Zurich Administrative Unit, Tyrannic Praetorium. Granted political asylum as permanent resident alien by United States goverment.
Occupation: Hero Corps Contract Employee, Freelance Photojournalist
Place of Birth: Altdorf, Switzerland
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Force Field Engineering, Electrical Power Diversion, Weapons Master
Advanced Sky Raider technology* from Praetorian Earth, including Force Field Belt, Electro-Transference Gloves, and Anti-Gravity Boots
* Much of Major Maiden's Sky Raider tech is more advanced or different in kind from that of "our" Sky Raiders due to dimensional divergence.

On another Earth... Markus Marsden was a mercenary soldier who joined the Sky Raiders, reaching the rank of Major. When Tyrant conquered the planet, the Sky Raiders went from mercenaries... to freedom fighters! But on "Praetorian Earth," rebellion is swiftly crushed. As Marauder annihilated the last Sky Raider cell (despite the assistance of a mysterious group of off-world "heroes"), Major Marsden saw a chance for survival, and sped toward the strangers' portal.

Despite the Portal Corp safeguards meant to prevent such events, Marsden successfully escaped to our world... but was irrevocably changed! The inter-dimensional vibratory frequency differential caused him to undergo Sudden Gender Reversal. Now, Major Marsden must learn how to be a hero on a strange new world, while as Myndy Manning, she must learn how to be a woman!

Suedenim presents... The Startling Major Maiden!


Myndy Manning on the job for WomenSport Magazine


Major Maiden in her mini-dress costume

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