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Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Fire Angel, Beast of the East, Blood Tears
Species: Demon
Age: Ancient
Height: 6"4
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Red
Occupation: Mercenary, Smuggler, Saboteur
Place of Birth: Heaven
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diablo
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Control over Hellfire and Mortal Suffering.
Known Abilities
Documentation Forgery, Lock picking, Demolitions Expertise, Motorcycle Repair, Baking
Leather Jacket, Comb



Obvious to any one who's ever been in a cheap Halloween store, Mal is a demon. More specifically, he is a demon from the dimension of hell that manifests itself after the sin of wrath. This particular region of hell bares the more typical, red-skinned, fire-spewing demons of cliche image, which Mal takes after in physical form when in the mortal world. Any one with any kind of demon sense would easily pick Mal up no matter what form he appears in, as he has no way to block it off, since Deception is not a specialty of wrath demons.

However, particularly sensitive individuals may detect a slight difference in his Aura - one that correlates to a creature born before Magic was greatly weakened. Where most demons give a sense of magical manifestations, that is, the things they create and project in the world are done through magic incantations and astral energy, Malvor's manifestations are direct, and have no 'original' signature in which to trace the source of the spell. This would make it nearly impossible to 'Bind' Malvor to a magical Object, as is a common practice of controlling demons (( This is represented by his Natural Origin in game, rather than being Magic origin like most demons.))

Corrupting Personality

In personality, Malvor combines the honesty of a used car salesman with the charisma of a drug dealer, with a bit of pimp tact thrown in. Even a casual encounter leaves most disgusted and loathing towards his person, with a sense that he is the lowest of the low, the scrape of the scum bucket and the most shameless moral figure one can imagine. He is of course, not bothered by this image, instead using his lecherous reputation as his selling point: Nothing is too low for him.

In actuality, Malvor is more conscious of himself than he lets on, and the slimy character he presents originates from his Demonic nature to corrupt mortals into falling into sin; in this case, wrath. And Mal finds that playing the part of an Arrogant, sexist, shallow son of a bitch arouses the emotions of anger, hatred, and disgust, in many mortals, which leads most to commit acts of Wrath. He will often encourage people to act on violent impulse, even at his own physical harm.

Ancient Origin

Malvor is one of the original fallen, or "fallen angels" according to some religions. Beings created to protect the great creator's creations, who instead decided to use their powers for selfish means. Malvor is unusual, in that his rank amongst demon society does not correlate to his age -- Almost all of the original fallen hold some great rank, due to age and the prestige of being one of the first demons in existence. However, due to his generally rebellious and uncaring personality, Malvor never acquired the social connections to be granted such things, and is often outranked by relatively younger and newly spawned demons who are better at playing politics. This has made Malvor something of a shameful joke that blemishes the image of other Elder demons, who refuse to acknowledge his existence, while younger demons assert their own social power over him to make themselves appear more powerful by commanding an Elder.

However, while his social standing in demon society may be barely above an imp, Malvor is still an ancient being in age, and it would be a fatal mistake for any would-be challanger to assume that his lowly rank is due to his personal power. Many younger demon lords, in an attempt to gain prestige by defeating an elder in combat, have confronted Malvor, ending in humiliation or their untimely destruction. Older demons and other Elders keep a wary leash on Malvor, knowing his obedience is an illusion at best.

Great Disillusionment

During the great rebellion of heaven, Malvor reveled in the idea of being part of a new society not forced to care after weak mortals or obey cosmic laws of moral right. At some point however, Malvor became disillusioned as the armies of hell became just another pile up of political manipulation and social games. Never having the ambition and desire for power that most elders had, Malvor eventually stopped caring about the agendas of hell and faded from recognition, now viewed as an annoying loose cannon that's too powerful to just get rid of, but not ambitious enough to be a threat to the greater agenda of hell.

Ancient History

Those of demonic (or Angelic) origin, or who have poured much study into demonology, may have found that Malvor was once a feared general of the dark armies, controlling a legion of thousands of demons that corrupted mortals and harvested souls in what's now known as the Eastern part of the modern world. This event took place before the great Magic Rift, that severed the ties of mortals to the direct source of magic (the age the Circle of Thorns wishes to bring back.) Malvor's rule over the East ended prematurely, with sources conflicting as to the reason why -- Some suggest an usurper that overpowered him, others conclude that Malvor's disillusionment lead him to stop caring about who wins the war, and still others insist a female was involved.

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