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Manus Dei Roster
Division Officers
Weapon Sigma Dark Melee/Dark Armor
Team Leads



“To command, conquer, and control the fate of the future.”


The Allies of Humanity

The AoH (Allies of Humanity) was founded in California by an ex-senator back in the 1960s. The AoH began locally as way to control mutants to protect the unsuspecting normal citizens. Over the years, it grew to the point of having branches of the AoH all over the world. The AoH has since absorbed several other anti-mutant organizations.

The AoH now tracks mutants known to the organization, conducts experiments on several in their custody, and combats/contains aggressive mutants that catch their attention. The AoH had once used trust-worthy mutants as agents to help combat their aggressive counter-parts, but those mutants turned out not to be as trust-worthy as originally anticipated. Instead, the AoH has the technology to 'create' super-human abilities for agents to help them combat mutants.

Forming Manus Dei

In 2008, the Allies of Humanity realized that they were falling behind in the war against mutants, as many of the mutants became more organized and their powers became more controlled. The technology required to hold the advantage in this war was becoming more and more demanding, while the ability to keep many AoH resources ‘secret’ was becoming much more difficult. A solution presented itself in the Rogue Isles. And so, a new department was created.

(This department is still in the process of being formulated.)

Latin for “Hand of God”, Manus Dei is a very unique department in the AoH. This department is solely located on the Rogue Isles, and contains support from every other department in the AoH. In a way, Manus Dei is almost as self-sustaining as the AoH itself, which is a necessity when considering it’s mission.

The primary mission of Manus Dei is to enhance the capabilities and stability of the AoH. To maintain stability, the AoH uses Manus Dei to store all information and materials that could possibly compromise the organization. This department’s location on the Rogue Isles is the perfect location for such a task considering the protection that the Rogue Isles has from the United States. To enhance the capability of the AoH, Manus Dei is tasked to research foreign technology, arcane artifacts, and other materials native to the Rogue Isles which could strengthen the organization. Manus Dei is also tasked to induct non-AoH members on the Rogue Isles into the department that can assist Manus Dei in it’s mission. This way, the AoH can take advantage of the unique abilities of some of the inhabitants on the Rogue Isles. Of course, mutants are not trusted to be allowed into Manus Dei, due to the AoH's past history with mutant allies.

The Disconnect

To preserve the ultimate purpose of Manus Dei, any connection between it and the AoH is completely secret and unknown even to the denizens of the Rogue Isles. Any non-AoH members brought into Manus Dei only knows that this department is organized and funded by a 'parent organization'.

A Word From The Monarch

The Monarch of the parent organization wrote a letter on the summation of the ultimate mission to give realization to the members of Manus Dei of the importance in the fight against mutants.


Chain of Command


The Director of this department has been decided, but the information has yet to be released. The Director of Manus Dei is in charge of the four different Division Officers of this department.

Division Officers

They are made up of four individuals that are in charge of four separate divisions within the department.

  • Assault DIVO: Weapon Sigma
  • Tech DIVO: (Yet to be determined)
  • Magi DIVO: (Yet to be determined)
  • Admin DIVO: (Yet to be determined)

Team Leads

Each division has a certain number of Team Leads. They are in charge of a small group of personnel, each unique in their objectives.


These ranks are unique to the infrastructure of Manus Dei. They are used to label members who have been recruited from the Rogue Isles and are not full members of the AoH. When one of these individuals first join the ranks of this department, they are labeled as an Initiate until they have both reached the Threat Level of 25 and have been a part of Manus Dei for more than a month. After this time has passed, they will be promoted to the rank of Puritist. During their time as a Initiate, they are immediately assigned to a division based on their abilities and usefulness.


Assault Division

This division performs the field work which involves the offensive and defensive capabilities of Manus Dei. This is the only division that a member can choose to be assigned to not only this division but one of the other three as well. This is due to the flexibility of the Assault Division. However, if a member is in a leadership position in this division, he/she can not be in a leadership position of another division as well, due to the amount of responsibility required. Currently, this division is made up of one team, but may grow as more members are inducted into Manus Dei.

Tech Division

This division discovers, researches, and utilizes advanced technology. Much of the data and equipment uncovered is usually passed along to the parent organization. The Tech Division is divided into three separate teams.

Medical Research Augmentation and Facilitation Team

  • Team Lead: (Yet to be determined)

Advanced Cryptographic and Assimilable Data Team

  • Team Lead: (Yet to be determined)

Engineering and Mechanics Team

Magi Division

This division discovers, researches, and utilizes anything related to magic. Anything useful which is discovered and disseminated is passed along to the AoH. The Magi Division is divided in three separate teams.

Archaic Text Dissemination and Divination Team

  • Team Lead: (Yet to be determined)

Empowered Artifact Investigative and Configuration Team

  • Team Lead: (Yet to be determined)

Supernatural Biological Analyzation Team

  • Team Lead: (Yet to be determined)

Admin Division

This division handles all of the paperwork and legal matters of Manus Dei.

Basic Administration Team

  • Team Lead: (Yet to be determined)

Supply Authorization Team

  • Team Lead: (Yet to be determined)
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