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((This is the page for the City of Heroes Character Midnight Boy on the Virtue server.))

Midnight Boy (right) and friend/crime fighting partner Alley Prowler.
Midnight Boy
Player: @Throwback
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 43
Personal Data
Real Name: Toby Lucas
Known Aliases: Midnight, MB, The New York Cape.
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Sherwood, OR
Base of Operations: Union Plaza, Night Lair
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Night Wonder aka Detective Arthur McCormick (Uncle)
Known Powers
Trick Arrow/Archery
Known Abilities
Expert archer, above average tracking, hacking, and gadgetry skills. Above average strength and speed due to a rigorous daily training program.
Bow, regular and trick arrows, medical scanner/healer.
No additional information available.



Miles Toby Lucas was born on October 13, 1991 to a lovely regular set of parents, Chris and Martha Lucas. He lived the first years of his life in the wonderful and peaceful small town of Sherwood, Oregon, where he grew up like any other child would. Toby’s father was a nationally renowned weapons designer and engineer, though he retired when Toby was born to spend more time with his family. Toby’s mother worked as a park ranger at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, where Toby spent the majority of his free time. This experience proved to be extremely beneficial to Toby. At Tualatin, Toby developed many skills and traits, such as an affinity for animals, a love for adventure and exploration, amateur tracking and survival skills, and most importantly, the ability to shoot a bow and arrow.

Toby loved Sherwood and the nearby Tualatin, and was devastated one night in 2004 when Toby’s parents explained they would be moving across the continent to Paragon City, Rhode Island. Though Toby was never really filled in on the details, it is assumed Toby’s father was offered a very good job in Paragon City developing weapons for Longbow. Toby stated in an extremely rare interview in the summer of 2006 that his father explained it to him as a “business opportunity”.

Move To Paragon City

The Lucases arrived in Paragon City in the fall of 2004, just before Toby’s 13th birthday. The big city was a dizzying switch from the peacefulness and quiet of Sherwood, and it did not take long for Toby to take a liking to the forests and nature of Perez Park. However, Toby’s parents quickly ceased letting Toby go there by himself due to the constant threat of monsters and gangs. Despite his parents’ wishes, however, Toby spent all his free time exploring Paragon City much like he did at Tualatin. During these “expeditions”, Toby saw injustice, pain, and poverty. These things stirred Toby deeply and perhaps pushed him towards the career of a hero.

Parents' Death

On the night of January 17, 2005, Toby returned to his home in Founders Falls from what would be his penultimate trip to Perez Park as Toby Lucas. Once home, he found his house ransacked and his mother dead. The television, conveniently turned on to the news, revealed the tragic death of local resident Chris Lucas, though no details could be given. An autopsy revealed murder, though the PPD withheld all information due to “classified reasons”.

After the horrible reality of his parents’ death began to set in, Toby fled his home and went to the only place he could feel safe: Perez Park. Toby stayed for days living on the land and doing his best to escape reality. Around this time, Arthur McCormick, Toby’s closest living relative, was notified of Chris and Martha’s death. He accepted the task of Toby’s guardian, and, one night of detective expertise later, rescued a freezing and starving Toby Lucas from a gang of Lost in Perez Park.

New Home

After a few weeks in Arthur’s regal mansion, the Toby Lucas of the past all but dissolved, leaving behind an introverted and dark individual. But before Toby had time to sink to rock bottom, Arthur revealed to Toby his future in the form of the Night Lair. Arthur had only met Toby a few times in his life, but realized that night in Perez Park how much potential he had. The morning after Toby saw the Night Lair, his training began.


Toby uses a custom made bow (in the shape of an 'M') as well as arrows that were designed by him and Night Wonder. Toby has used his knowledge of technology to craft special arrows loaded with tricks and traps.

Toby also possesses a homemade medical device deemed the RX8 capable of speeding up the body's natural healing processes to near superhuman levels for a few seconds, causing the recipient to feel healed instantaneously, though the actual healing process takes about 12 hours.

Toby's suit, based on Night Wonder's own design, is highly durable but extremely lightweight and flexible. It is bulletproof, heatproof, and laced with thousands of microscopic nanofibers that raise the body's resistance to pain.


Toby has always had above average intelligence, especially for technology, weapons, and the like. This is perhaps due to the genes and/or influence of his father, who was skilled in similar areas.

Once he began living with Night Wonder at the age of 13, Toby was home schooled for the remainder of his secondary school days. Toby attended his early schooling in Sherwood, OR, where he was raised for the first few years of his life. Toby's stellar SAT scores proved worthy of getting Toby into college, and Night Wonder had sufficient funds to pay what expenses remained.

New York City

Toby spent his first semester of college in New York City at NYU, at the request of his uncle and mentor Night Wonder. Whilst in New York, Toby adopted the moniker of the New York Cape, where he fought crime as a hobby of sorts. the Cape was eventually noticed by the media, and Toby was forced to "kill" the New York Cape in a warehouse fire after helping arrest a drug kingpin so that he was not found out. Toby had received strict instructions from Night Wonder not to fight crime and only to focus on his schooling, which was the main reason he was not allowed to attend school in Paragon. Nevertheless, Toby fought crime and managed to pull off a 4.0 GPA. After his first semester was over, Toby transferred to Paragon City University.


Toby, now 19 (as of 10/13/10) is in his second semester of school at Paragon City University.


Toby began his training to be a hero at 13, and as a result, did not have a chance to develop his social skills fully. This has resulted in Toby being rather shy and awkward around people his own age, especially females. Toby has never had a serious girlfriend, although he has had some crushes. Despite his social shortcomings, Toby is a very kind person. He finds it difficult to open up to people, but once he does, he takes their relationships very seriously. Toby is especially close to his uncle Nigh Wonder, for whom he cares very much.

Over the years, Toby has become more social. He makes friends much easier than in his earlier teenage years, and tends to be less nervous in social situations than he once was. Nevertheless, they make him uncomfortable.


-Toby's major in college is Psychology.

-Toby's first name (Miles) was inspired by the Sonic The Hedgehog character Miles "Tails" Prower.

-Sherwood, OR was chosen as Toby's hometown due to it's connotations related to Robin Hood, another famous hero with a bow.

-Toby occasionally does detective work with his Uncle aside from their regular team ups as heroes.

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