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The Strange Reformed
After the Mutation
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Mind Control
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Player: @Antares
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Paragon City
Paragon City
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Nature or Nurture? When you have superpowers, what determines your allegiance? By all outward appearances, the psychic known as Mindward is a freak. His legs, atrophied through disuse, seem too small for his body and his feet too large. His arms, supermassive from constantly giving physical force to his mental attacks; seem too large for his torso; nevermind his nearly feral demeanor. His animalistic nature hides a kind but misunderstood soul. Shamed by society to hide his features, Mindward truly wishes to help others...But when people push and push at you all day...Even the best intentions get lost in translation.

Old file photo of Mindward before his change.

In the early years of heroism in Paragon City around the 1940's, Mindward was a hero of the downtrodden, oftentimes standing up for the little people. Ever one to condemn vigilantism and working outside of the law, he championed the Right and believed wholly in the System. His mutation gave him powerful psychic and psionic abilities that he could use to render criminals senseless vegetables. Despite his expansive intellectual abilities, Mindward's body was small and frail. His weak body would often get him into mortal trouble as he lacked the ability to regenerate that most other heroes seemed to possess. However, this inherent weakness seemed to endear him even more to the people. It didn't hurt that he was dashingly handsome and quite charming!

In 1952, tragedy struck. As so often happens with mutants, his mutation fully developed. Suddenly, Mindward's outward appearance became what he had spent his life fighting. His once handsome features became twisted, his small, frail body became monstrous, his human demeanor became feral; he found himself more comfortable running on all fours than walking like "normal" people. When his mutation became so evident, the people turned on him. No longer regarded as a hero Mindward became a pariah - People judged him harshly based on his outward appearance. Their prejudices drove him underground and into the sewers. Besides making his appearance monstrous, his mutation also gave him unnatural long life. Finding himself nearly immortal, Mindward has spent the last 60 years wandering the sewers of Paragon City.

Current Status

After spending long years hiding in the sewers, Mindward has used the opportunity of the recent Praetorian invasion to escape to Praetoria. Authorities are not sure why he would do such a thing as he would be even more ostracized there. It can only be assumed that he has left Primal Earth to build up even more strength.

Threat Assessment

Known Powers

PsychicBlast MentalBlast.png Psychic Blast

  • Psionic Assault His mind is an extremely dangerous weapon. He can create psionic attacks that deal extreme damage to his opponents brains that literally tear their brains apart. Few living beings can resist weapons of such a metaphysical magnitude. However, machines and robots are nearly immune to these affects. If at all possible only engage Mindward by utilizing remote or sentient machines.

MentalControl BuildUp.png Mind Control

  • Mind Control Similar to the offensive capabilities of his psionic assaults, Mindward can also control others remotely. Forcing them to live their biggest fears or become hopelessly lost within their own subconscious. again, only machines and other robots seem to be all but immune to these effects.

TimeManipulation TimeCrawl.png Holographic Disguise

  • DisguiseDue to his shocking appearance, Mindward has acquired a holographic imaging device that allows him to appear more human when he is above ground. This experimental technology comes from Praetorian Earth and is therefore able to be used in all dimensions.


  • Dr. Sailen In an attempt to copy Mindward's prodigious psionic abilities, Dr. Marcus Sailen became the nefarious mastermind of evil known as "Screaming Psilence."
  • Mindswipe Another sworn enemy of Mindward and threat to the peace of Paragon City, Mindswipe has tried to take advantage of the constant ostracizing Mindward experiences at the hands of the people he tries to protect and convert him to a Rogue.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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