Miss Dis

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Miss Dis
Player: Nasir6r
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: A closely guarded secret
Known Aliases: Sindy Sixx
Species: Demon
Age: (Unknown)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Infernal
Occupation: Soul Collector and Adult film star
Place of Birth: Dis
Base of Operations: Dis
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: ?
Known Powers
Fiery Melee, Invulnerability, Flight
Known Abilities
(See below)
Soul-scrolls, Hellforged chains
Theme song: "A Succubus in Rapture" by Dimmu Borgir



Dis is a rare breed of demon called a “Soul Collector” – these demons have been around since the beginning of time, and, as it is rumoured, only about a dozen or so of these demons exist in the world.

The Soul Collectors act as a kind of a cross between an evil wine steward and an evil(er)banker: Especially corrupt souls are nurtured until they are ripe for the picking, then ripped from the grounding physical form and cast, screaming, into hellfire, while more virtuous souls are conned into selling their souls in exchange for something- power, money, immortality even, or, if lax enough in virtue, corrupted. Immortality bought with one’s soul, however, is something Dis herself loves, as the soul in question isn’t given straight to the hellfire, but simply passes to a realm of limbo until it’s anchor dies- and the longer the anchor is around, the more corrupt it becomes but with an added bonus- a hint of despair. Oftentimes, when a deal is struck, the Soul Collector will also deprive their victim of something else they love as a “finder’s fee”, whether this adds to their power or is something they do for amusement is unknown.

Why the Soul Collectors do what they do is largely given to speculation and contradiction- some say that they are the spawn of the Devil, or at least in his service, some say they are akin to the Japanese Oni, and some maintain that they are in a league of their own. The truth is a kind of blend of all three: they are created or spawned by an ancient and malign force, they drag away sinners and tempt the virtuous, but they have their own agendas besides filling Hell’s maw.


Dis has remained rather sketchy on the details of her past, but has admitted a few things:

• She comes from a large city called “Dis”, and, while she hasn’t been back in “a very long time”, remembers it being a most “horribly delightful place, filled with souls captured in stone and constant, beautiful screaming”.

• She has admitted that “time flies when you’re having fun”, and cannot put an exact date when she first came to earth.

• She admits to having worn many guises while on earth, but prefers her most recent one.

• She admits that her “Masters” have told her to focus on Paragon city and the Rogue Isles because of they are complete mirrors of each other- One so virtuous, one so vile, and that the souls from each city would be the most pleasing to them.

Dis’ current guise is an adult film actress named “Sindy Sixx”, which she uses as a form to tempt many into damning themselves for the sake of carnal pleasure (which, she has found, is one of her more favorite things about the mortal world).

Dis is an opportunist and temptress by nature: while she prefers to tempt others into selling away their souls, she is more than happy to take advantage of a crisis to trick others into damning themselves. It pleases her greatly.

Sin smell and the scrolls

Dis’ powers, besides her mild telepathy, flight, mastery of Hellfire and the disturbing ability to soak up an uncanny amount of physical trauma, manifests in two unique ways: those ways include her ability to smell what sins a person has committed (oftentimes the smell is akin to that of something physical and tangible: Wrath smells of smoldering fire or blood, Lust smells like seminal fluids etc), she can also smell if the person is in deep despair or not. She also has in her possession a strange ‘scrolls’ that she can manifest seemingly at will. There are only two types of scrolls she seems to utilize: one is a contract (often in a script no one can really recognize unless they speak “Enochian”- the language of the angels and demons) which she needs a person to sign in order to claim their souls, and another scroll with various names writing upon them. This latter scroll is a list of souls her Masters want: names disappear and new ones reappear often- one day, a person could be below Dis’ notice, the next she could be actively looking to harvest them!

"Whatever you want...for a price..."

A large chunk of Dis’ power, simply put, is how much power a person is willing to give her: if actively looking for a deal, Dis’ powers expands, enough to create matter and (in very rare occasions) life from nothingness (though this “life” is largely false and will decay within hours). So, a person who is looking for immeasurable wealth could find his bank account overflowing with cash…but only if the person believes Dis has the power. If a person doesn’t actively believe that Dis can perform such ‘miracles’, then she cannot (at least for that person), rendering her almost powerless to grant the person’s wish.

"NO! IT HURTS!!!!"

One of Dis’ weaknesses is the recitation of religious texts by a pious person- so a Rabbi reciting the Torah or a Mufti or Alim reciting the Qu’ran, for example, causes her extreme discomfort, and indeed, may even drive her away. Holy places are forbidden to her (The Vatican, Mecca and Jerusalem, for example), and she cannot look upon the names of “Creator” deities without being blinded (“Holy Father”, “Yahweh, “Allah” for example.). There was even once instance where a Rabbi began reciting the first chapter of the Torah and she ran off, blood gushing from her eyes, nose and mouth whilst holding her head and screaming: “IT HURTS! NO! IT HURTS!”


What exactly Dis’ goals are remains speculation. Some say she has plans to dominate the world, others say that she is looking for a very particular soul to harvest (rumours being either Statesman or Lord Recluse), and some say she just wants to enjoy this world while harvesting souls…and by enjoy, they mean butchering people, destroying personal property, causing chaos and raping teenagers. While it is true she enjoys such things, her goals are still unknown…


(I got the inspiration for Miss Dis from a few places, one of which being the concept of the Devil and the concept of the tempter. I also thought about how Demons seem to be the same no matter where you go in the world. I also thought it would be fun to make her alter ego a porn star just for giggles and to put a more carnal twist on the 'tempter' concept.)

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