Miss Kitka

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Miss Kitka
Player: Darkdrew42
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Kitka
Known Aliases: None
Species: Feline
Age: Mentally, about 12
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 83 lbs.
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Black/Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Psionic manifestations and weather control
Known Abilities
Able to look oh, so cute.
Kitty (Toy cat)
No additional information available.


History (Creation)

Kitka was once the familiar of a witch named Esmerelda who lived in a small town in rural America. Unfortunately, the local townsfolk were more than a little leery of her so her familiar was her only friend and confidant. Owing to lack companionship, Esmerelda decided to make her familiar into a true companion for her. As with most spells of a selfish nature, it did not quite go as planned. Her cat only became half-human, maintaining most of the features of her feline nature. Nevertheless, the old witch loved her 'daughter' and decided to educate her in the ways of life and spellcraft.

Name Origin

Eventually the cat learned of the concept of names. The witch tried to figure out what to name her kitty-cat when the cat said "Kitka!". Being young and not in full control of language, she was trying to repeat the witch. But the term stuck as her name.


Kitka currently has the mental age of approximately 12 human years but a slightly larger body size. It is doubtful she will ever grow bigger and it is hoped she will eventually grow wiser.

History (Disillusionment)

Kitka learned her spells well, and her language only as well as was needed for her spells. Eventually came a day when Esmerelda had to leave to combat a particularly vile wizard. As Kitka was napping when she had to go, she declined to wake her to say goodbye. The witch did not return. This has left Kitka with a deeply scared psyche causing her to be extremely fearful of people going away and not returning. Eventually Kitka left the house and the village, taking with her only her spellbook and her stuffed cat, Kitty. For a long time, her stuffed toy has been her only friend and companion. She knows it's only a toy, but will still speak to it and has trouble sleeping if she isn't curled up next to it. She tries to be a happy and good kitty, hates being a bad or naughty kitty, and occasionally gets sad for reasons unknown to her (owing to her abandonment issues).


Kitka is a moderately accomplished witch with minor psychic powers. Due to trauma in her past, her spells and powers are unconsciously chosen with the intent to keep people away (extreme knockback). She is also able to create mental projections of her 'imaginary friends' to aid her. Attempts at mental intrusion will likely succeed. She was never taught anything other than basic shielding. But those who venture into her mind will find themselves buffeted by the storms of her rage and the crushing fear of loss and despair. Her spells are weather-based and crafted more to prevent harm rather than cause or alleviate it. Unless she gets angry. Then her stormy rage shows itself in physical form.


- Kitka never fully grasped the English language, especially pronouns, and will refer to herself in the third-person. She doesn't do it to try to be cute, she just doesn't know any better. Her education is somewhat lacking.
- Kitka likes to leap and tumble about, hopping from one surface to the next, usually not paying much attention to her intended landing place and what may lurk nearby.
- She likes playing with others and learning new spells.
- She wears skimpy, lacy things thinking this is what witches are supposed to wear. She saw it in a catalog.
- If someone she likes and is fond of suddenly leaves (e.g. mapserver disconnect), she will get frightened, possibly scared to the point of catatonia.
- If she feels threatened she will not hesitate to lash out, usually by summoning a directed gale to hurl the offender away.

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