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Mister Muppy
Codex Member
Player: @RajjyPants (( User:Rajal ))
Origin: Natural/Science
Archetype: Arachnos Bane Spider
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Gregori Botkina
Aliases: Muppy, Mups, Muppet, Trash Can, Tin Can and much more
Species: Human (Cyborg, genetically modified)
DOB or Age: 37 (No longer ages due to modifications)
Height: About 8'6", maybe taller
Weight: Unknown, we'll settle with "really heavy"
Eye Color: Real color unknown, Eight red lenses on helmet function like normal eyes
Hair Color: None
Additional Data
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia
Citizenship: Russia and recently the United States
Residence: Throughout Paragon City
Relationship: In a relationship (he's surprised too)
Relatives: Anna Botkina (Ex-Wife) Status Unknown... Natascha Botkina (Daughter) Deceased - Murder...
Known Powers
Super Strength, Super Jumping, High Pain Tolerance, Enhanced Senses, Fluctuating psionic powers
Training / Abilities
Hacking, Repair, Mace Training, Poison Brewing, Cooking
Various cybernetic implants and replacements, Arachnos Power Armor - Has various functions such as Heat Sensors, Heart Beat Detector, and so on.
Power Armor is not removable unless forcefully ripped from his flesh. Most of his Armor's special functions may either be glitched or are simply never used. "Backpack" functions as a blood filter and life support system.
Codexcross 01-1.png
"Virtue et Armis"

Project: R.A.S.P.U.T.I.N.

After the events of the "Psychic Break Up" that started with a Bane Spider named "Hugo", scientists were forced to find new methods of controlling other potential psychics to replace the lost numbers within the Bane Spider ranks. Eventually one likely way of control was discovered: To replace a portion of the subject's brain with a large implant. This implant would force the individual to follow commands by rendering them into a near-drone-like state. Psychics within Arachnos would be able to use this as a leash on the subject, and any psychic abilities the subject once had would be severely weakened, but not to the point of being useless. All they needed was a suitable test subject with exceptionally high psychic abilities... Fortunately for them, an accident forced one of their own Wolf Spiders into the medbay, and he happened to have impressive psionic capability.

After a year passed, they would then introduce a new type of killing machine and guardian called Project: R.A.S.P.U.T.I.N. (Really Angry Soldier Programmed for Ultimate Troubleshooting and Immediate Nullification ... Scientists couldn't think of much else) Though many decided it would be easier to just call him "Mister Muppy". As the project name suggests, he was (and sometimes still is) neigh indestructible, but had one glaring weakness. Can't have something like that to be completely indestructible if things went wrong, right? Well too bad for them... Their now freed subject is much smarter than they expected. Rather than kill him though, Arachnos forces are required to bring in the subject ALIVE in attempt to reinstate their costly piece of property back into the ranks. After all, the only thing that he really needs is some repair work on his implant.

  1. ((The project was originally named Project: Black Knight. It was a nod towards Monty Python's Black Knight. Name was changed as I had found RASPUTIN to be much more fitting.))


Other than his real name and previous uses within Arachnos, Muppy doesn't really remember much of himself. Before joining the Insurrection he was a nearly mindless bodyguard for various individuals that were deemed as important or otherwise indispensable within the ranks of Arachnos. He was commonly paired with Night Widows and Fortunatas as those within these ranks were often looked upon as something better than a pile of old spam. Before hand he had a single "handler", though all information on him or her is unknown. After the disappearance of his handler he was psionically reprogrammed to guard whomever he is assigned to for that given time. Heroes who were unfortunate to face Muppy during his time with Arachnos were either killed or badly injured. Those who lived described him as a bloodthirsty monster. Many people now though tend to describe him as more of a big, cuddly teddy bear.

At one point something happened and it changed him. He remembered a woman and an assault of some sort on his mind, then a harsh blow to his head that managed to crack his helmet open. Everything else that happened from there to when he awoke in an Arachnos facility's medbay is fuzzy. He remembered the befuddled expression on the scientist's faces when he asked where he was, and the frustration the Fortunatas expressed when he resisted any psionic entry... And his boundless hatred for them all. After growing tired of their attempts to "fix" him, he lashed out violently and killed all of the psychics that surrounded him before fleeing.

In between fighting for his own freedom and life, he somehow found his way to Pocket D. After a chain of the typical strange events that occur there he eventually found his way into Phoenix Insurrection, a group based in Rogue Isles dedicated to breaking all oppression, namely Arachnos. Muppy liked the idea of shattering the bones of more Arachnos personnel as well as doing what he can to prove he was not a mindless monster by helping the needy, so he joined them for some time. Thanks to his time with the group, he attracted the attention of observant Heroes and was offered a place as a Hero. With endless paperwork and tons of convincing, he was allowed into Paragon City and is now closely watched as he performs good deeds. His aim was to not abandon the Isles, but to try and gain heavier support. Of course, some don't think that...

Those that spot him have typically find him in the presence of a strange man known as Diego, who has occasionally been identified by others as an unpredictable delinquent named Psi-Dome... Or "tin head". As of recent he's been found with various other individuals he often calls his "family" as well.

When questioned about his life before Arachnos, Muppy is usually unable to answer with much other than that he knew he was an immigrant from Russia, and had a wife and child. When questioned about whereabouts these two are, he is either overcome with grief or he changes the subject quickly.


Generally pleasant to be around and usually very nice. Like any other person he does have several negative points, but these negative traits however are often overshadowed by his upbeat, childlike behavior. Those who have seen his sour side though find him to be the complete opposite of how he usually is, several people calling him "Mister Mopey". After getting over these moments he often apologizes for the behavior and attempts to make up for it with gifts. Or really big hugs. Muppy loves hugs. He also enjoys cooking, and is actually extremely good at it.

Muppy is known to be very envious of others, especially those with a significant other. He wishes to be part of another life in a similar way, but he is painfully aware that due to his permanent "condition" he will never get to enjoy such. Instead he spends his time talking about the "Hero's Kiss"... What ever that is. Diego only seems to be the one who understands him fully. On top of that, he is sometimes very obsessive and is known to hate loyal Arachnos members and even those who have left Arachnos is looked upon with caution and distaste... especially those within the Black Widow ranks (Fortunatas, Night Widows, etc).

Sometimes he may sometimes speak in a flat, almost mechanical tone. This is identified as still lingering bits of "programming" he was given during his time in Arachnos, and is thankfully not TOO dangerous unless you happen to be someone he is currently trying to smash into little tiny bits. Due to previous injuries and damages however, he is also prone to acting rather strangely and has been known to spout out random things, or have very odd beliefs on certain things. This is likely from being hit one too many times on the head. Or maybe he's just like that...

Suit Functions, Abilities, and Weaknesses

His suit is Muppy's most distinguishing feature. While it appears to look like any other Bane Spider suit, it's actually got several little things added to it... That and the fact that it's grafted to Muppy and is the only thing that keeps him alive. The only removable part of the armor is his helmet and it's mouth guard, though he prefers to not take it off. If he needs to eat, he chooses to remove the helmet's mouth guard. Contrary to popular belief, the suit has no effect on his inhuman strength nor does it encase a small fragile body inside of it. His size and strength is all due to his own fitness and the horrible experimenting he was put through.


When actively fighting an invisible, though faintly psionic shield surrounds his comrades. He denies having any psychic abilities though people who can sense this sort of thing say otherwise. It's likely that this is an automatic behavior that he simply does not notice. This lingering psionic energy also seems to improve his comrade's fighting abilities.


The bulky back installed directly into his spine performs most of the suit's life support functions, along with filtering his synthetic blood. The pack is very durable and extremely tough to break. The pack also possesses environmental settings that change constantly to fit the current outside conditions. Such allows him to be able to travel through lava comfortably, and for whatever reason, allows him to travel in space and provides him with oxygen should he ever need it.


At one point he was considered the perfect killing machine and guardian, now... He's less than perfect. Either way he has one glaring weakness: Power sapping abilities such as electricity and the notorious Malta Sapper Guns have a nasty effect on Muppy. Anything that could drain his suit's power source is VERY painful to Muppy, and as expected it can shut down most of his suit's functions. Without his suit functioning properly, everything else fails to function properly and this can lead to a painful death if the issue isn't dealt with quickly. Typically he recovers on his own though, and has yet to have a complete shut down occur.

At times Muppy's own personality can be a weakness as well. He loves people, thus he tends to put people ahead of himself or other matters. It all depends really as Muppy's personality can at times take unexpected swings due still-lingering Arachnos behavior programmed into him... Which leads to another unfortunate "weakness". The programming he has cannot or should not be removed. Thankfully it's not that big of an issue most of the time, but should this be removed from him it would likely break him completely.

Also, that brain implant he has happens to be broken, but repairing it fully could lead to a very large problem. Removal was another option, but again, this could lead to large problems and no one really feels like venturing forward to see what could happen.

Implants, ETC.

Scans have shown the presence of many implants in Muppy, though his most notable one is the one occupying a large part of his brain. It's likely that it was used in keeping him under Arachnos' control, as well as weakening any higher level psionic abilities that many other psychics tend to possess. He can communicate telepathically, though he cannot rewrite minds or cripple them. He can also detect psionic signatures and auras, and often makes comments on what people's auras look like to him along with the sounds they emit. This makes him quite good for tracking psychic targets, especially Arachnos psychics as they have a very unique type of signature.

Since the day he was knocked out of the control of Arachnos, he has developed a rather surprising amount of mental resilience. Despite being mentally assaulted after tapping into the WEB, Muppy recovered from it fairly well. In addition he has built up a resilience to most mind control, though it's likely that all it takes is a very skilled psychic to "leash" him up.

Hell, he's good at tracking things regardless. If told to find someone or something, he will try to do so in the most efficient way possible. Due to various changes in his genetic make up he has gained some improvements to his existing sense. His sense of smell is like that of a bloodhound while his hearing can be just as sharp. In short, like any other relentless predator he will hunt down who ever he has to in the quickest way possible while using everything he has (unless told otherwise... such as not killing his targets).

Most of his organs are either replaced or completely missing. The spider-pack takes responsibility of most of the missing organ's functions (kidneys, etc). The object that now takes the place of his stomach functions just like one... only it acts as a type of bio-battery and sounds a lot like a kitchen sink disposal unit. Any food he consumes is turned into energy, which keeps his suit powered and running smoothly. He may choose to plug his suit into some things, either powering it (cellphones, laptops, etc) or using it to hack into computers and steal data.

People have also noticed his knack for disarming things such as bombs and the like fairly quickly (and if he fails, he can usually withstand the blast!). Another thing though, and probably his most strangest ability is being able to make things out of scraps and seemingly useless items into dangerous things... Like bombs.

And yes, he can urinate. No, he cannot do number 2 due to the complete lack of intestines. This information was important for everyone to know since many seem to enjoy asking.

Friends and Affiliations


Psi-Dome is his bestest friend in the whole wide world, his "brother" and the only person that seems to understand his horrible english and reasoning behind a lot of things... Which makes little to no sense at times. He and Diego are almost inseparable once the two are together, and seem to summon a maddening amount of confusion once they both start to talk. When the two aren't talking about the mythical Time Root, the sought after "Hero's Kiss", or plans for a protest, they both are working. When they work, they are extremely good at what they do. When they fight, they are very deadly, and also good at that.

Illseas, or "Lilly", is a former Arachnos Night Widow that Muppy actually seems to like. Typically he looks upon former soldiers as potential problems, but he sees Illseas as something like a sister to him. Like with all other close friends he is extremely protective of her and enjoys working with her.

Oougel is a relatively new friend to him that he loves to spend his time with. With their somewhat similar background with Arachnos he now has someone to share his hatred of them on an equal level. To Muppy their friendship is as strong as his friendship with Psi-Dome is. The two are often seen wrecking havoc on Arachnos, Rikti, and other bothersome entities. Should he, Oougel, Illseas and Psi-Dome ever be found working together, people tend to get the feeling it's best to just avoid them entirely if they find themselves on the receiving end of their form of justice. Recently the two hooked up and are now a couple.

Kitai is someone that he wishes he could openly call a friend, but often times finds her to be too distant. He knows she does this purposely and respects her choice and preference to keep others that way, though it still hurts him. Regardless, he would defend her with his life as if she was a friend even if she does not consider him as one. Among many of the Codex members, he respects Kitai very much due to her prowess in battle, her self discipline, and her excellent cooking ability.

Guppi is an adorable little "fwishy savage" that he encountered in the D. Whenever he's around he ends up babying and watching over little Guppi. It saddens him however that Guppi appears to be completely loyal to Arachnos. All he can do for now is avoid further confrontations with Mako and try not to meet his mother, but eventually he feels that he may end up having to fight the little guy once he grows up. Of course, things happen, people change, and hey, maybe Guppi won't be another pawn of Arachnos! Hopefully...

Timesplice was Muppy's previous 'secret' crush. He liked her a lot, and liked to day dream about him saving her from ravenous sharks that jump out of random puddles of water. Of course, she likely had no idea Muppy once had this strange fascination for her, or she was just being too nice and let him think of whatever he wanted.

Mirey is like a sister to him, and he enjoys her company very much. She is his primary target for hugs.

Khariss is also seen as a sister to him, though in a different way. Instead of hugs, he'd rather challenge her to drinking contests and the two have exchanged several punches with each other.

Pesadilla is neither friend or foe. 'Least, he hasn't reach either just yet with Muppy. Although Muppy isn't really fond of the creature, he can't help but be interested as well. Any time Muppy is within the Isles this monster seems to find it's way to him.

Groups and Organizations

Phoenix Insurrection was his first step forward to gaining some recognition among Heroes and is largely to be thanked for helping him get into Paragon. Although considered as terrorists to some, they are regarded by those within Grandville's "Gutter" as good people. Although Muppy has some suspicions against some of it's members, he regards most of them as family.

Galacto-Rangers was his first Paragon based Super Group he had joined, but was soon kicked out when he reacted negatively to a statue of Galactoman and smashed it.

The Codex is his current group he is now affiliated with. He never speaks of it however, mainly due to being forbidden to do so.

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