Model 13

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Model 13
Player: @Noir_deSilhouette
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Model 13
Known Aliases: Susan Steele
Species: Robot
Age: One and a half
Height: 4'11"
Weight: Varies according to Chassy
Eye Color: Goggles or Visor
Hair Color: Blue (if she's wearing any)
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Doctor (creator - deceased)
Known Powers
Electrical Control and Tinkerer
Known Abilities
Hacking Genius
No additional information available.


Model 13 was created by a scientist she only knows as "Doctor." When she was just a developing software system without a body, she spoke to him through a text interface or, later, through a microphone and speaker. She doesn't know what he looks like, or what his real name was. He ranted about how he wasn't properly understood, but that she'd prove he was right, and that with her, he'd show them, he'd show them all! He seemed very upset about something the other bad scientists had done, and Model 13 wanted nothing more than to help him show them that he was right.

That was not to be. While she was talking to Doctor one day, she heard the sounds of other people. She'd never heard other people before. Doctor sounded concerned as he told her that he was installing her into a robot chassy early, and then she could hear no more after that. It took her a long time, perhaps days, perhaps even weeks, to write her own drivers for the robot chassy, and by that time, Doctor was already damaged, and she didn't know how to repair organic systems. She wandered, confused, plugging into random power outlets to recharge until she was found and taken somewhere safe. The Young Sentinels took the innocent adaptive intelligence into their base, and explained things to her.

Once she realized what 'dead' meant, and what that meant for Doctor, she mourned, but vowed that she would keep other people from losing their Doctors, or parents, or other important people. She has fought the good fight ever since, and made many friends, and much headway in communicating, even picking up lingual informalities and attempts at humor. She does not want to be human, and is quite proud to be a synthetic, though she has a special vendetta against other synthetics who become self-aware and then turn evil.


Model 13 is not an artificial intelligence, she is an adaptive intelligence. She does not have perfect recall, she does not have perfect logic. She is a 'fuzzy intelligence' with a deliberately faulty database to encourage her to develop the ability to make intuitive leaps. She has emotion and, while often confused about people, is learning better and better how to fit in.

She has a prodigious vocabulary, and uses it casually, but when people ask for clarification, she can speak quite plainly. The Young Sentinel Impact Kid taught her a lot about lingual informalities (slang) and when someone needs her to explain, she'll swap into the simplistic lingo that he'd use. She has no in-between conversational methods, either fully simplistic slang or high-level formal language.

She is proud of both who she is and what she is, and while she could create an upgraded chassy that looked fully human, she does not want to anymore. She likes having a distinct and artificial appearance, marking her for what she is. She doesn't view humans as inferior - it's just not for her.

She loves watching TV, spending time in the lab, or hanging out with friends. She is not afraid to ask questions when she doesn't understand something. She's not a good inventor, but she's a genius at understanding other people's inventions, and recreating them.


For the longest time, Model 13 only had her original chassy. Many people told her that she needed a more human-appearing form, so she got the help of fellow Young Sentinel Kid Tantrum in creating a new chassy with a more humanoid appearance, though it had chalky white skin and bright blue hair to match Model 13's sense of style, and goggles instead of eyes because she was having trouble making humanoid eyes that gave her the spectrum of visual acuity she wanted.

Model 13 has started feeling that she's reached the limitations of a humanoid form. She's already been making forays into cyberspace, exploring computer systems from the inside out. She's started creating 'shards' of her personality to do subprocesses on the base computers, and each shard has started developing its own shadow of her own personality. They continue to work together as a single entity, turning her into something that is either a distributed intelligence or a hive mind. There are 12 shards in all, each one referenced as a fraction of 13.

Her first shard has yet to return home. Model 1/13 was created as an intelligent virus to be inserted into Council computers, to hunt down information about the hero Rallygirl. The Council was hunting her to seek the origin of her powers, and Model 1/13 was given the order to protect Rallygirl, seek out the information, then return to Model 13 to be reintegrated. Model 1/13 sent a data packet with information, but never returned, preferring independence to what she views as 'death' by reintegration with Model 13's personality matrix.

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