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Alignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.png
Player: Zedrik
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster (Fire / Fire)
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Moonblood Liam O'Neill
Known Aliases: Warmage Pyre
Species: Human/Demon hybrid
Date of Birth: March 25, 1979
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Solid glowing red
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Professor of Arcane History (Paragon City University, Occult Studies Annex)
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Moontear (brother), Moondeath (cousin), Melody O'Neill (mother), James Krieger (step-father, deceased)
Known Powers
Fire blasts, Fire snares, Fire creation, Fire rain, Flight, Teleportation, Invisibility, Fire shield, Self explosion, Self resurrection, Limited shapeshift
Known Abilities
Triple doctorate: Arcane History, Arcane Theory, Planar Geography
Order of the Blue Crescent Base
Themesong: Where My Heart Will Take Me by Russell Watson


The Legend

Long ago, the Great Huntsman was stalking his prey in the light of the full Moon. He pulled back the taut string of his blessed bow and let loose one of his inerrant arrows. However, the arrow did not strike his quarry. It flew up toward the Moon and wounded her. In all her glory, the Moon shed only a single drop of flaming blood and cried only a single frozen tear. In shame, the Great Huntsman sacrificed all of his prey that night in apology to the Moon. The drop of blood and tear fell to the ground and the Moon told the Great Huntsman to retrieve them both and take them to the Wise Prophet.

The Wise Prophet looked at the Moonblood and the Moontear, now beautiful gems, and told the Great Huntsman to give the Moonblood to a tribe of mystics and the Moontear to a clan of warriors. One day, when great trouble is on the horizon, the stones would come together and two great heroes will arise.


The two gems did, perhaps by fate, come together many years later. In the King's Row district in Paragon City, the descendant of the Germanic warriors given the Moontear and the descendant of the Celtic druids given the Moonblood met and fell in love. James Krieger, a Skull (one of the precursors to the current gang) ganger, and Melody O'Neill, disowned daughter of a rich banker, were together only a few months when the horror started.

Melody was accosted by a stranger, offering her great power if only she left the worthless street trash. He promised her great riches like she once knew if only she would become his bride. She of course refused, her love for James true. Not taking 'no' for an answer, the stranger showed his true form and took her to his bed despite her protest.

The demon let her go, no longer interested in the girl. When she got home, she fell into James's arms and cried as she told him what happened. It wasn't long before the heirloom necklace she wore and the heirloom ring James wore began to glow. The Moontear blue and the Moonblood red.

Early Life

It was only five months later that the twins were born, full size babies and completely healthy. Normal little boys. Except for the little fact that their skin was greyish, their ears pointed, and their eyes were glowing, one a pure blue and the other a pure red. Melody had heard the stories from her grandfather, and she told James when she saw the gems glowing that night five months prior. They named their sons Moonblood and Moontear after the gems in the story.

The young couple called their sons by their middle names, as their first names might be considered too odd for everyday use, something they didn't see when they named the twins. Moonblood was called Liam and Moontear was called Ethan. As if absorbing the wisdom of the ancient mystics who once possessed the Moonblood stone, Moonblood turned out to be quite intelligent and interested in things mystical. Moontear on
the other hand, as if himself absorbing the strength of the warriors who once possessed the Moontear stone, took more after his father. Moontear was interested in physical fitness and strength.
On the fifth anniversary of the rape, the family would suffer another tragedy. James protested being sent on an errand into the Gruffs' territory on the point that he had a family. But his boss was sure that he was the only one currently available with the skills to take on the task. So he reluctantly went and attempted to hijack a truck supplying the Gruffs with some weapons. While his team did succeed in taking the truck, James was fatally wounded in the process.

Melody took up an apartment she could barely afford and gave her sons the best life she could offer. She vowed to discourage the twins from associating with the gangs like their father. While Moonblood didn't take the news very well at first, he began to cope. Moontear, though, still revered his father. Fortunately, he never did join the gang.

As puberty came, both boys found they were growing horns, much to Melody's dismay. They were treated well despite their inhuman appearance, horns would mark them as more demonic. Fortunately, her fears were unfounded, the ties in her community strong enough to overlook appearances. The twins would both soon develop a sense of heroism, protecting their neighborhood from the dangers that surrounded them. They could never work together, though. Though his powers were flashier, Moonblood didn't particularly relish the attention it brought him. Moontear loved the glory. Moonblood would fight anything he felt needed taken care of, though smartly and from a distance when possible. Moontear refused to do anything about the Skulls in honor of his father. He also felt no problem in charging into battle and pummeling his foes. Their powers both reflected their styles, Moonblood's powers mostly blasting from afar while Moontear's mostly dealt with protecting and armoring himself and enhancing his punches.

Moonblood Ascendant

Moonblood did well in school and earned a few scholarships to attend Paragon City University. He had a triple major in Arcane History, Arcane Theory, and Planar Geography.

When the Rikti invaded in 2002, he brought his fire powers to the aid of the war efforts. He focused primarily on his home, Kings Row. Even after the Rikti War ended, Moonblood continued his work and became a hero in his own right.

His exploits as a hero garnered the attention of the University and he was asked to teach at the Occult Studies Annex. He reluctantly accepted the role and worked on furthering his own degrees himself.

He also founded the Order of the Blue Crescent after promising a spirit trapped in a soulstone that he would do so. He registered the supergroup immediately following the mission.

Order of the Blue Crescent
Order of the Blue Crescent
Order of the Blue Crescent External Page
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