Mouseion at Alexandria

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Ms. Hypatia awaits your arrival

Welcome! to the new Mouseion at Alexandria. Please follow me.

((From the Temple to the Kitchen))

This is our Temple. A student caught a picture of me meditating here.

Our storage facilities.

And looking into the kitchen. Our Food Preparation Area and Dining Area.

((Looking into the Study Library))

Here we have our Study Library, with Study Areas, of course.

I do so love plants. Here we have our Atrium. Please feel free to step inside the Atrium.

Here is our formal classroom. It is not used for many students at one time, as we generally prefer field studies.

((Exiting the Study Library into the Main Library))

Our pride and joy, the Main Library. I need to put restrictions on the cameras again, I see. *points to a picture of herself relaxing in the alcove*

((Heading towards Medical))

This is our medical waiting area. As you can see our Reclaimation Area and Medical facilities are state of the art. *Gestures toward a Treament Area*

((Looking back into the Entrance))

We like to have necessities available to students and teachers that are just passing through the facility. *points out the entrance facilities*

((Entering the Teleportation Area))

And this is our transportation hub, readily accessible from both the entrance and the medical facilities, for those who feel able.

Should you choose to join us as a teacher, librarian, or student; you may find this useful. You are also, of course, welcome to join us at any time for independent ((non-SGd)) study or field training.

Thank you for visiting the New Mouseion.

((Additional storage, empowerment, teleporters**, etc. will be added as funds are available. That empty space at the bottom will be a teleporter room when I can afford the room, teleporters, beacons, and extra control.))

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