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Last Updated: 4/23/2019

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Mr Duke
Last recorded image of a resistance member's shoulder cam prior communications loss
· Technology Brute ·
Energy Melee
Energy Aura
Player: @Valerie_Castellan
Top Dog
· Other Affiliations ·
Powers Division, Praetoria Police Division
Real Name
Duke Nathan Shaw
The Bully, The Sadist, Bad Cop
11 November 1982
Salt Lake City, Utah - United States of America (Prior to the events of Hamidon Wars)
Nova Praetoria
Mechanic, Security Officer
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Martha Eileen Hancock (Mother/deceased), Reynolds Cullen Shaw (Father/deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6' 5"
Body Type
Platinum Blond
· Distinguishing Features ·
Never seen without his shade or eyewear. Always with a cigar in his mouth.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
PPD Chestplate, Retrofitted Power Gloves
· Other Abilities ·
Mechanical Engineer, Expert Brawler


Duke lost family during the Hamidon wars back when he was still a kid. It was through sheer luck that he managed to survived and was brought to Praetoria by other survivors. Growing up has not been easy and Duke learnt how to fend for himself. He knew that he had to be strong to survive the coming years.

Some say that Duke became the man he is today due to his harsh experiences but only Duke himself knows. Strength & Power are the only thing that mattered to him. Those who are weak deserved to be sidelined and let the stronger ones climb on their backs.

When he was old enough, Duke applied to join the PPD believing that a strong arm of law is necessary to eradicate the fringe elements. Unfortunately for him but fortunately for the people of Praetoria, Duke of rejected. Not one to take no for an answer. Duke trained harder and reapplied with the PPD. Yet he was turn down again. Each time he was rejected, he trained even harder.

Until finally the recruiters can no longer stand seeing him again and again. The recruiters revealed that he passed the physical test but failed on the psychological evaluation. He was deemed too extreme & exhibited streaks of sadomasochism in him. Needless to say, Duke did not take it too well, causing a ruckus and was eventually imprisoned for a short-time.

Months after his release from BAF, he chanced across a skirmish between the PPD & the resistance. Taking the opportunity, he joined in the fray and defeated the resistance members. Though not before the resistance managed to take down most of the PPD.

Surveying the scene he noticed one of the PPD member who was still alive although badly injured. Recognizing the wounded cop to be the PPD recruiter, Duke grinned menacingly. Using a resistance weapon, Duke finished off the dying officer to made it look like he was killed in the fight.

Picking up a PPD commlink, Duke called in the reinforcements. Unaware of what actually happened, the PPD reinforcements who arrived later were grateful for Duke's assistance. For his 'valiant' efforts, they rewarded him with a partial suit of power armour & an invitation to join the Powers Division.

Recent Events


Duke wasted no time and signed up immediately. At first taking on the task given by Praetor White, tackling small time criminals, destroyers and eventually the resistance. Duke swelled with pride and looked forward to every new mission.

While some of the missions were more mundane, most put Duke in combat situation. The fighting involved gave Duke an adrenaline rush and he relished every second of it. Especially after crushing his enemies and feeling victorious.

As his notoriety climbed higher, he was noticed by the Praetors and given a chance to become a Top Dog. Defeating all the challengers at the induction trial, he finally claimed his position as one of them. The newfound fame also brought Duke scores of beautiful women who would do anything for their heroes out of adoration. Duke could certainly get used to this new lifestyle.


The fame came with a pricetag and Duke was attacked in his own home without his power armor on. Though he managed to fend off the assailant, the assasination attempt almost cost him his life. Duke later learnt that other Powers Division members had also been targetted, though only he survived.

Duke was joined by another Top Dog named Blue Vambrace and other powers division members to investigate the case. Together they discovered that the Resistance group known as the Powerbreakers. The Powerbreakers are a newly formed extremist cell group composed of superpowered beings aiming to dismantle Cole's regime by hunting down his enforcers. Namely the Powers Division.

Eventually the team split up to follow separate leads. While Duke was hot on the trail for the ring leader. His team members were walking into a trap set by the Powerbreakers. Wanting all the fame to himself, he ignored their plea for aid and continued his pursuit of the ring leader.

Defeating the ringleader, Duke emerged victorious and claimed all the glory to himself. Amongst fighting for glory, crushing the resistance and bedding his beautiful female fans. He was kept busy until Provost Marchand contacted him about Cole's plan for Primal Earth.

Duke considered his options. He could either pave the way for Cole's invasion forces and eventually rise to become a Praetor or struck out on his own and rival Cole's powers. Excited by the possibilities and challenges ahead, Duke accepted the assignment to venture into Primal Earth.

Origin of Powers & Abilities


An ordinary human being, Mr Duke's physique & capabilities are at maximum limits of the human race.


Mechanical Engineer

If Duke isn't working out in the gym, he is in his workshop. building and fixing stuff. This gave him an insight on how to repair or improve existing hardware that he comes across.

Expert Brawler

Going through the school of hardknocks definitely taught Duke a thing or two about fighting to survive. When it comes to melee combat, he is definitely no pushover and enjoys laying down the pain on those dumb enough to stand in his way.


PPD Chestplate

Given to Duke as a reward. This Chestpiece is made from ceramite alloy and incoporates a new device known as the M.P.D.F to improve field officers survivability. The Mobile Pre-emptive Deflective Forcefield is a device which projects a minor force field that roams around the wearer intercepting incoming attacks. Unknown to Mr Duke, the armour is still in testing phase and he is the guinea pig.

Retrofitted Power Gloves

A trophy looted from a resistance member. Duke has since repaired and improvised it. The gloves now augments the wearers strength and also release an energy field that explodes upon impact. It also features a built-in taser gun.

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