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Mynx/Minx Kat
Player: User:DarknessofEden
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute/Blaster
Threat Level: Data Unconfirmed
Personal Data
Real Name: Sophia E.
Known Aliases: Mynx
Species: Classified as OIA07
Age: Approximately 15
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 78lbs
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Tanned skin, similar to Indian
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single(needs confirmation)
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Electrically charged melee and disbursal auras
Known Abilities
Increased physical regeneration rate, similar to most heroes, strong muscular system
Powered right arm armor, power pack in the bulky forearm of the right wrist
No additional information available.



While Mynx is not registered currently as a member of any super-powered organization, she was originally set under heavy examination by Crey Industries. Latter it is understood that Mynx has unclear ties to a yet unknown villain group. The group is understood to be a secretive military group, spreading their beliefs throughout Paragon City and the Rouge Isles. It is understood that this military group is somehow related to the 5th Column and the Council, however reports remain inconclusive.


Mynx is a mysterious individual, however to honestly call her a mercenary isn't far from the truth, but often disregards hiring parties for personal goals. Mynx is usually a silent person, and as such it is strange that she fights so brutally. It's said that her accent is particularly curious, but this is commonly hated, as it sometimes makes it hard to understand what she is saying, barely knowing English already. It's understood that Mynx is not at all human, and that she had to deal with a large amount of hardship to get her freedom from Crey, and be accepted into the super powered community.


Mynx fights with all kinds of electrically based attacks, from melee to ranged charges, her powers come from her heavily armored right arm. The arm is of alien origin, and as such, how her arm works, is completely unknown. It is rare to see Mynx without her armored arm, and it is believed that her arm is fairly pale, and covered with circuits that allow her to interface with the arm.


Mynx fights fairly ferociously, but appears to be very calm while not in the heat of battle. She doesn't know a great amount of English, but enough to know what she needs to know.

Mynx is understood to cook strange things, as well as being particularly advanced in some Martial Art styles, she is also told to be enchanting and beautiful. Her body's skeletal structure is vastly different, unlike solid bones as humans, the OIA07's bone structure is made up of greatly lighter, hollow bones with several supporting pillars, making her bones increadibly lighter, yet much stronger. Mynx also has an unnatural healing ability, as well as purely being able to take bullets with ease, as just under her skin is a lay of strangely tough hide.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Mynx fights ferociously, even if this is for worse. It's known that her tail is particularly sensitive, but it is often used as a third hand.


One of Mynx's most known pieces of equipment is her great power-armored arm. This being the primary source for her electrical based powers, Mynx uses it often, and almost anyone who has fought her, surely remembers her giant arm. Her less known piece of equipment would be her boots, loaded with strange pistons, the boots allow her to jump large distances with an unreasonable amount of control.


Crash Landing

Mynx was originally thought to have come to Earth in early April of 2003, unfortunately, the exact date is unknown due to Crey's tight survaliance of her crash site. Her ship is also believed to be scattered in pieces through the world, as result of Crey tearing it apart to be studied by several scientists of Crey Industries. The Ship was named the Syrulian shuttle by Mynx, and Crey's computer reconstruction believes, that the shuttle was no bigger than a mass transit bus. Mynx's ship was originally en route to a distant star system, where one of her species' military outposts were, while the outpost was under heavy attack from the all too well known Rikti. Unfortunately, her shuttle passed too close to the Sol star, and radiation caused equipment malfunction. The loss of this vital equipment forced the ship to crash-land on Earth. After only two days, Myns was kidnapped by Crey scientists and was under examination, as well as her ship, where she remained for nearly a year until a scientific outpost that she was at was mysteriously attacked by an unknown organization, believed to be the 5th Column, or a form of Malta. However the unpredicted attack allowed Mynx to gather some of her equipment and escape, where she was eventually found and brought under the care of a mysterious giant of a man known as the Chain Breaker

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