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Introduction: The Fortress-World of Myrmidos is located in the "heart" of the Phoenix Nebula.

Culture: The Myrmidons are a martial race. They live in a society that is steeped in eons of military discipline. The core principles instilled in all Myrmidons are that of honor and courage.

Both males and females are taken into a war-school called The Forge on the dawn of their fifth year. While in The Forge, Myrmidon children are hammered by violence. They are shaped by harsh discipline. And they are sharpened by the extensive combat training they receive. All are trained in the arts of hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, the use of polearms, shields and marksmanship with light and heavy arms. When they turn 18, those who survive return to their ileas as soldiers. Those who did not survive The Forging are buried in unmarked graves in a place known as "The Field of The Forgotten". In Myrmidon society, weakness is harshly frowned upon.

As a race of warrior-people, Myrmidons are often called upon by other planets in needed of military assistance. Before going to war, The High Council must consider the reason for going to battle and must come to the conclusion that the cause is just by their standards. They must agree by majority vote in order to give the military permission to mobilize. No individual ilea can mobilize it's own troops to an otherworldly conflict without consent of the council. However, it is not uncommon to find Myrmidons among mercenary units throughout the universe. These Myrmidons are considered dishonored and can never return to Myrmidos, lest they face certain death.

Faith: Bellum, the Battle-Lord, is the monothiestic deity of the Myrmidon people. It is said that Myrmidos was created from a spark flung from the edge of Bellum's sword as he struck down his twin, Stryfe, in a battle for dominance over the universe. The sliver of Bellum's blade became the world and the spark of light became the sun. Bellum, wounded by Stryfe during the battle, shed his blood upon the sliver of steel. From his blood rose the Myrmidon race.

Some Myrmidon ileas believe the story to be in reverse and that Stryfe is the true god of the Myrmidon people. The "Children of Stryfe" believe in racial superiority and conquering races they deem weak. These beliefs cause tension among Myrmidons when discussing relations with neighboring worlds and respective ileas but military discipline and the common philosophy of "the greater good" keeps the planet from erupting into civil war.

Languages: Myrmidon Common [they speak a combination of English and Latin]

Government: Myrmidos is divided into 13 city-states known as "Ileas". [ill-eyahs] Each ilea, regardless of population, has a single representative that sits on The High Council. That representative also acts as the figurehead of their respective ilea. The High Council acts as the ruling body of the entire planet, passing laws, declarations of war and negotiations for peace.

Technology: Myrmidons are avid metal workers, scientists and weapon-smiths. Weapons composed of metal; swords, shields, spears and firearms that utilize caseless ammunition have all seen the battlefield. It is said that Myrmidon troops have been seen using a variety of energy weapons powered by crystal based technology. Their architecture, however, appears to be very archaic in aesthetic design, highly favoring that of ancient Mesopotamia.

Myrmidons also utilize a variety of space craft from troop transport and leisure travel. Much of the technology they have developed is inspired by that of other planets which they have had good relations with.

Appearance: Myrmidos' sun gives off large amounts of ultraviolet radiation. As a natural defense to this, Myrmidons are a people of color. Their skin tone ranges anywhere from tan to deep mocha brown. Their ears are long and pointed, almost lagomorphic in nature.

They are naturally muscular, lithe beings. Height ranges anywhere between 6'0 and 8'0 among adult males and females. Their bones, teeth and fingernails are composed of a natural non-magnetic white-metal, making them light, but strong. Their teeth resemble that of most omnivorous creatures, but their canines are significantly exaggerated. Their muscle fiber is denser than that of a standard humanoid, suggesting that they are of great physical strength.

The texture of their hair can range from extremely coarse to bone-straight and carries a metallic luster that can range in an infinite amount of colors naturally. Some Myrmidons are born with hair that possess iridescent properties. According to mystics, this is a sign of favor from Bellum [or Stryfe].

Myrmidons' eyes are usually light colored and metallic with cat-like pupils. Some have irises and pupils that match the rest of the flesh of the eye, giving the appearance of neither. It is said that in battle, Myrmidons' eyes give off a blue, radiant glow.
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