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A dark heart beats in Grandville
Player: @naltheria
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Demon Summoner
Threat Level: *CLASSIFIED*
Personal Data
Real Name: Naltheria
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Half Demon/Half Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black fading into Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Villain
Place of Birth: Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: *See in Wiki*
Known Powers
Demon Summoning, Pain Suppression
Known Abilities
Due to demonic blood, she can communicate and understand Infernal. She can withstand a huge amount of pain and developed physically before normal humans, her mother's succubus appearance and charm coming through in her, though she appears to hate it.
Hellfire Whip
Naltheira grandville.jpg



Born to a succubus and a human man, Naltheria never learned how her father managed that particular jaunt. All through her childhood, running through the streets and alleys of Mercy, the only way she saw the man who had sired her was a drunken, drug-addled wreck of a man who barely remembered to get enough food to feed the two of them. Even then, she appeared to be a cheerful and vivacious child, charming in a way that got otherwise distrustful and recalcitrant neighbors to supply her with extra things to get by, from food to clothing and even the occasional toy. For all that she struggled through childhood, Naltheria truly loved her father and did everything she could to please him, going so far as to help him get whatever fix he was going for or get the money to buy more alcohol. And for all of his vices, he never harmed his strange daughter and often bragged about her, talking about how he had come out on the better side of a deal with a demon. Since it was Mercy, where the strange and mutated roamed, no one made any noise about the red eyed little girl with delicate curling horns.

Until she turned 13.

Due to her demonic blood, Naltheria began to develop a bit sooner than a typical human child and she started the change from child to woman. Her father fell into deep debt with the Family and, in despair and fear for his life, cut a deal. All his debts would go away and he'd even be looked after if he handed over his daughter for their use. Given her growing looks and demonic blood, her father had few illusions about what that would entail. Deal made, he brought her to a warehouse and handed her over, turning his back as she was shackled and chained to the concrete wall to be studied and otherwise, even as she screamed and cried for him to help her. She was struck several times and tasted her own blood. At that point whispers started at the base of her skull and snaked up into her mind as she struggled. A part of her mind listened and tried to understand the strange words, the hissing whispers of offered help if only she would do something. Do what? She didn't know. But as a leering man ripped the front of her shirt open she screamed for help and a flood of power burst from deep within, released through her fear and adrenalin. Icy cold flooded the room as the ground buckled and then exploded as a monstrous form rose snarling into the stunned gathering. The unbound Demon Prince ripped the man straddling the shocked girl apart before turning and rampaging through the room, killing each and every living person in the building, brushing aside bullets and attacks with hell-driven fury. Blood coated the walls, frozen in places, bodies splattered in almost unrecognizable ways by the time the massive figure returned to stand over the trembling little girl. Reaching out, it snapped the chains that had held her and appeared to study the raw marks on her wrists from her struggles. To Naltheira, it felt almost as if the hulking demon was... annoyed, even outraged, at the marks on her pale skin. It was enough to distract her from the fact that her father was mixed in with the bodies, though a little voice in her mind whispered that she was now alone, that she had no family.

Naltheria at 17.
The Demon Prince reached down and lifted her up until she was face to skull with it and studied her curiously before announcing in the strange language she had heard in her mind that no niece of his was going to allow humans to control her like that if HE had anything to say about it. Naltheria's jaw dropped and her mind scrambled to make sense of what she had just heard. The demon holding her in the center of the carnage was, in fact, her mother's older brother. Her uncle. And the mix of her fear allowing her to tap into her latent power and the taste of her own blood had let her open a bridge for him to come to her, even without a proper summoning or binding. The power wouldn't last, the demon cautioned her, and it would be a long time before she was strong enough to allow him to cross again, but he would have her cousins and nephews waiting for her to be able to call on them. The power fading, the demon touched her forehead and whispered into her mind the first spell he would help her learn that would let her control her own pain and that of others to bend to her will and then faded, leaving her standing in the center of the warehouse, a small dull halo of fire all that remained of the explosion of her power awakening, feeling numb. And it was at this moment that Longbow arrived on the scene, intent on capturing a group of Family they had learned were operating from the building. Several couldn't stomach the scene that they were met with and stumbled out to throw up in the alley next to the building. Finding the child in the center of the chaos, demonic traits evident, the hardened operative leading the raid decided to take her in as a murderess. It was obvious to them that the power the girl had was too dangerous to be let loose and there was question as to any connection she might have with the Circle of Thorns, a group known for their dealings with demons. Despite the girl's claims of innocence, the evidence that they had was enough to decide those dealing with her that the safest place to keep her would be The Zig, where she would be kept sedated and locked away, unable to use her powers on others or be reached by any allies she might or might not have in the Circle of Thorns.

Betrayed yet again, the hatred in Naltheria's heart blossomed from her cell in The Zig. Her mind wandered down the twisting paths of her demonic heritage where she finally grasped the Infernal language as her uncle whispered to her while she remained in the drugged daze the authorities used to keep the dangerous beings of The Zig sedated. For almost four years she remained locked in the drugs and cement walls the Longbow had condemned her to. Her heart hardened and she no longer trusted anyone around her, learned that she could rely on no one by herself and her family, and that the only way she'd get anything done was if she did it herself. She dreamed often of becoming powerful enough to bring her uncle back to the human world for she had attached what was left of her trust and affection to the one being who had come to her aid, who had protected her, and who expected her to get up and become stronger for it. She fantasized about getting her hands on Longbow, any of them, and most especially on Ms. Liberty, the hero who had founded and led the group. It was Ms. Liberty that Naltheria focused her burning hate on, as the years went by, and she vowed she would do everything in her power to try to kill the woman who she considered responsible for what had happened to her.

Not long after her 17th birthday the prison was rocked by an attack. Roused from her sleep and her uncle's whispered lessons, Naltheria was surprised by the Arachnos agents that appeared in the doorway and offered to bring her out. She rose and followed them out, using her uncle's whispered teaching to burn the drug-daze out from her mind. When brought before Kalinda and informed of the chance that she was the Destined One that Lord Recluse was searching for she didn't believe her. Distrustful and angry, she wanted nothing to do with it until Kalinda pointed out that she would have to prove herself and that Lord Recluse expected her to be worthy of the work that had been done to get her out. Surprised at this, that someone would think she was worth enough to break out, that this same person expected her to have power and actually wanted her to use it, Naltheria took the first cautious steps towards the path the Fortunata had pointed her to. A small part of her heart yearned for someone to believe in her and it pinned that hope on Lord Recluse.


Naltheria and her uncle, Richelieu.
Naltheria is stand-offish and cold. She dislikes being touched and will respond violently if someone tries to get too familiar with her in a touchy-feely way. She knows she has her succubus mother's looks and attraction but appears to bitterly resent the kind of attention it brings, wanting nothing to do with those that show interest. To her, they want nothing but the flesh and to do what they want with the body, but she knows few, if any, would be able to handle what she really was and what lay under the flesh. She also harbors a deep crush on Lord Recluse, probably due to the fact that he was the first person outside of her uncle to look at her and expect her to live up to her potential and push her for it, even if it was for his own use. She tries to keep that a secret and will vehemently deny it if anyone points it out, a nod to the fact that, even under all the power and demonic blood, she is still a teenage girl.

She is also a massive 'Uncle's Girl' and clings to him whenever she's uncomfortable or unsure. She will often sit on his shoulder when moving through the Rogue Isles or talking to people in an unofficial setting. To her family, the demons she summons, she is much more childlike and sweet, laughing and open in a way she is not around anyone else. She has given them all names from a book she read while in The Zig, since she does not want to use their true names around anyone who might be able to use them against them, especially since they are all unbound when she calls them.

She utterly hates Longbow and will go to any length to kill them any time she finds them. And her desire to destroy Ms. Liberty has not abated in her rise through Arachnos. She still hopes to find a way to get her revenge on the woman and will not hear anything positive about her without snarling and stalking away. She is also unable to get properly drunk on human alcohol, as her demonic blood burns through it too quickly for it to do more than get her tipsy. She enjoys reading when she has free time and goes through books at an incredible rate.


Starting with Kalinda, Naltheria rose quickly in the eyes of Arachnos. She appeared driven with a single-minded intensity to prove herself. She seemed especially gleeful to take on any task that dealt with Longbow and was vicious with them. And while she continued to do whatever the Spiders had lined up for her, she didn't hesitate to veer off and work on setting up her own affairs on the side, often encouraged and advised by her uncle. She came face to face with the mechanisms of one called Virgil Tarikoss that led her to her first encounter with a hero named Infernal who, like her, was half-demon. She was enraged when he refused to understand her and her own situation and decided to do whatever she had to in order to thwart any of his goals thereafter. Her uncle also expressed his disgust with Bat'Zul, the demon that had brought them all together. For, while powerful, it had been caught and bound so any other free demons scorned him. While she personally regretted it, she assisted others in rebinding the demon and then warned the betraying Tarikoss that she would remember both his actions and his face... and so would her family. She also learned of another demon summoner by the name of Desdemona. The two clashed several times, Naltheria always walking away the victor, and has sparked a deep dislike between the two of them and their differences in opinions.

Naltheria during her time serving Ghost Widow.
Taking these experiences as lessons well learned, Naltheria continued hunting through the Rogue Isles, pausing often to torment Infernal when she could, and working against Longbow. She developed a strong distaste for the Circle of Thorns, who she had been cagey about from the start because of the accusations in her past that had led to her imprisonment. Upon learning of their habit of binding and enslaving demons, she took it upon herself to cause them as much trouble as possible, which turned out to please the Mu that served Lord Recluse. As her reputation and power grew she finally attracted the attention of the person she wanted and was summoned to Grandville and given the honor of working directly for one of Lord Recluse's top lieutenants. Naltheria leapt at the chance and took service with Ghost Widow, someone that Naltheria looked up to and was not as uncomfortable around, as she was no longer human. And while she took the lessons her ghostly mentor imparted to her, the better lesson was that even after her betrayal at the orders of Arbiter Daos, Ghost Widow ended up respecting and continuing to advise her about the truth in the Destined One path.


Naltheria taking her place at Lord Recluse's side as a fully confirmed Villain.
Discovering that the man she had looked up to and aspired to prove herself to intended to destroy her, Naltheria fell into a rage that only Ghost Widow could redirect without fear. Giving her a clue on how to both stop the plans for her demise and prove herself properly to Lord Recluse once and for all, Naltheria secluded herself with her family of demons for several days to prepare herself and took the final step to fully embracing the infernal strength in her blood. Stepping through the portal into the future, she was less distressed about the results of the world around her, for she had often walked the infernal plane of her family in her dreams as her uncle taught her, but instead was enraged to discover the place where both she and Lord Recluse and destroyed each other. Returning, she pressed her once-mentor and they worked out an exact time when she could move forward once again and bring back the one thing that would get Lord Recluse's attention. His own helmet. The fight was a ferocious affair that nearly broke her, but she stepped back through the portal to Ghost Widow's surprise and, perhaps, delight and stood before Lord Recluse again, this time with her head high and gaze defiant. Showing him the proof of her strength and determination, Recluse admitted his previous plans regarding her and then announced she no longer was a tool that he could use and toss aside, but a powerful and fierce villain in her own right, to be respected. She continues to stand at his side, however, and promises her aid to Arachnos in its struggle against the heroes of Paragon. She and Ghost Widow still regard each other as firm companions, perhaps by their similar interests and goals.


Recently Naltheria has learned of a power beyond what she already holds within her infernal blood. In her continual desire to become more powerful and thus more reliable to Arachnos and its master, she is seeking this power and the secrets it holds. For this, she has agreed to assist Ouroborus, though she strongly distrusts them and their leader. Still, she figures that both that and the tantalizing power of the Incarnate might help her and Lord Recluse if manipulated just right...

Free Time and Facts

Naltheria stalking Pocket D.
While she continues to hunt for power, Longbow, and the much hated Ms. Liberty, Naltheria has taken to wandering Pocket D. While she often stays withdrawn and quiet when around people, she is working on learning to loosen up and interact with people more. Sure that this will help in her goals, she also uses it as a chance to pick up rumors and facts about Paragon and the heroes within, seeking any bit of information that might help her go after Miss Liberty. She has talked her uncle into teaching her how to hide her wings while there, and allowed her more fashion-conscious cousins to pick out her outfit. Ghost Widow, apparently, found this highly amusing... She still has a bad habit of striking out against anyone who tries to 'pick her up' and sneers at attempts to flirt or woo her.


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