Namida Tekika

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Times Past
Namida Tekika
Player: @NamidaTekika
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unpronouncable in English
Known Aliases: Nami
Species: Greater Water Elemental
Age: Unknown
Height: 6ft 3in (Varies)
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Blues
Hair Color: Blues
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Goddess
Place of Birth: Plane of Water
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Manipulation, purification, corruption.
Nearly anything liquid is usable.

"Everyone has forgotten, I will make them remember."

- Namida Tekika



Her powers are all based around water, whether the corruption or purification thereof she manipulates it, this comes mostly from the fact that is the basis of her being. Being a being of water she inherently changes and manipulates it as needed for her tasks.

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She is part of the branded group currently.


The only one she has any issues with would be the leader of Nation. A nicely rooted dislike of his thoughts and beliefs gives her a want to make him stop thinking forever.


Due to her nature she has no ability to manipulate other elements. Fire is totally foreign element while earth and air can mix but she can't really 'change' them or command them per se.


Generally she has a strong and direct attitude, she's old enough to not understand most modern ideas but this generally translates to annoyance if not assisted or too much thrown at her.

She tends to be more friendly with those who approach her with a respectful tone and nature if she does not know them, some of this is a holdover from her former times where she almost expects such.


She actually stands about 6' tall. Her form really is somewhat mutable though due to her nature and while she does tend to stay roughly in the shape of a lovely woman its really up to her whim whether she will be skinny, fat, tall, short or anything between.


Birthed on the plane of water and nurtured by the powers there, eventually a temple dedicated to water began to work to summon their 'patron'. While they were not experienced they made up for it with sheer numbers and focus. She couldn't resist the downright kidnapping that happened from such, and due to their inexperience with such they ended up breaking her ties to that plane, forcing her to remain on this one as her 'home'


She has to drink..water of course, rather often to maintain her form. Eating is unheard of but using some effort she can dissolve most substances.

The oddness of her state is really that as long as there is SOME kind of water she can reform. Although the time it takes and how much she can do varies on amount and purity...and temperature.

Friends and Enemies

Luna Firespeaker: Namida seems to downright treat this woman as if she is a daughter or lover. While there is nothing official between them beyond a friendship, threats...perceived or real tend to get a defensive and rather harsh response.

Glimmershade: Namida treats her as a friend and tends to be somewhat lighthearted in how she acts with her.

Woefull: A friend if somewhat cool toward her. She seems mostly mildly friendly and unsure what to expect.

Run Riot: A good friend, Namida treats him with a bit of protection and normally will act to assist him if asked as she still feels like a member of IE in an honorary capacity at least.

Origins and RP Notes

She of course came from the elemental plane of water. She's a greater elemental and all that fun stuff. So naturally she's effected as one for magical spells and the like.


Really this was my attempt at an 'original' idea for a mastermind, rather then the played out demons/vampires/magic users I wanted to try something from the opposite end, what if the being used its following to have its henchmen and not through bloodbonds or any of that sort.

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