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Nemesis-X was created as a focus group by an individual or individuals known as the Shadow Agent for villains who are on the true evil side of the spectrum; bringing together a union of pirates, mercenaries, assassins, and above all else, villains who want total domination over the world by the destruction of vigilantes that dare call themselves heroes. Although at first it may seem this is nothing but a syndicate for criminals, there is a darker and more mysterious root to the legion.

Founder: Screamghost
Side: Rogue Isles
Motto: An Eye for an Eye; Leave the World Blind!
Leader(s): Shadow Agent
Logo: Skull and cross bones
Group Colours: Green and silver on top of black
Levels: Open to all threat levels.
Play style: Heavy RP
Roleplay: Expected
Timezone(s): Various
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Xaeon
-Other notes-
  • New villain group
  • Golden to Bronze age comic theme
  • Sense of humor a plus.


The Network

Just as the Roman Empire fizzled to an end of its mighty reign, a society known as the Network came about trading secrets from kingdom to kingdom and continents to continents. Like the internet of today, people would turn to it and either add or take information. The services came with a price, either information of your own with equal value or an exchange of currency. All of this was handled through a Shadow Agent; never been captured, seen, or directly spoken with, the Shadow Agent is rumored to not being one individual, but a series of many, or possibly none at all.

Modern Day

Until recently, the Network has worked on through the centuries gathering data, and selling information to all sides of the spectrum. Freedom Corp. finally stepped in, making it a mission to defeat the Shadow Broker and destroy the Network. The Network's bases were raided by heroes, destroying equipment, technology, and magic relics; what was left was stolen for themselves.


Screamghost was first to be contacted by a now angered and malevolent Shadow Broker to seek out villains who despise heroes and Freedom Corps. The mission is clear, destroy in a wake of violence through sheer tyranny and in return, the Network will take them in as their own, give them free and unrestricted access to the world's information, magic, and technological advances.

Joining the Legion

Nemesis-X only brings in those who have no ties to any other organization: Arachnos Soldiers need not apply. What the group is looking for are villains dedicated to bringing a world of hurt to the vigilantes of Paragon City. Corruption and Chaos are the founding principles of the group and do well to act upon them.


The ranks of Nemesis-X are shaped a little different than that of the normal group due to dividing loyalists with their choice of Nemesis.


The basic ground troop of Nemesis-X, they are not called minions or lackey for they are all equally feared and respected amongst the Legion. Partisans get to vote in new Nemesis once one of the original six have left as well as have a vote when other democratic events arise. All members of higher rank other than Loyalist may act as a field commander over a Partisan.


These few have opened the eyes of a Nemesis and has been taken in from the Partisan rank. They are directly controlled only by the individual who has brought them into this rank as they are considered as a sidekick or lackey to that person. Only Loyalists are allowed to be voted in as a Nemesis; everyone is allowed to be nominated in this group, no matter which Nemesis has been lost unless it is the Arch Nemesis.


These are the head and core of Nemesis-X; six at a time will be allowed to achieve this rank. This rank is only obtained by showing your true commitment to the group as it started or being voted in through the rank of Loyalist. Each Nemesis is allowed to have a Loyalist to themself and may make their own personal initiation rite

Arch Nemesis

Having most of the control of the group, the main job is to keep everyone focused on objectives instead of barking orders. The true nature of the Arch Nemesis is to continue working as a Nemesis, but maintain contact and inform the Shadow Agent. Law interpretation is another duty, but enforcement may or may not be a constant for clauses added.


There are three main Laws to fallow in the Legion. All members are expected to follow these Laws, even the Arch Nemesis. Clauses that protect the main laws may be enacted or closed as needed.

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