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Paragon City, Twenty Two Forty One AD

In the year twenty two forty the earth has dissolved its various governments into NATO, creating the United Earth Directorate. Countries are however, allowed to keep so called 'Defense Corps' to help protect itself from crime or supernatural threats. Arachnos agrees to become apart of the United Earth Directorate, but in secret continues its lust for power. Arachnos, Freedom Phalanx, the Midnighters, and Vanguard all exist to some extent. The immortals Recluse, and Statesman still are alive and leading their organizations. In the summer of twenty two forty Arachnos makes one final strike against the US, and manages to take Siren's Call. Using this as a foothold they push further into Steel Canyon. The United States Defense Corp reinstates the Might for Right Act, and many disillusioned heroes turn to Arachnos. The United Earth Directorate is slow to respond with the United States Defense Corps plea for help.

Meanwhile, in the Hive, the Hamidon is left unchecked. It silently grows in power before growing so large it absorbs all of Eden. Arachnos and the United States Defense Corp agree to a temporary peace and focus on the Hamidon. Unfortunately in the battle Statesman and Recluse are absorbed into the Hamidon, using this power the devouring earth grow more powerful and are able to take over Paragon City. Seeing the danger the United Earth Directorate sends forces to Paragon to help. The forces are unsuccessful and many are killed. The United States Defense Corps flees from Washington and heads to New York, creating a series of tunnels connected to the Manhattan subway system. The United States Defense Corps sends its Mobile Armor Unit to hold off the forces of the Devouring Earth while the UED survivors flee into the newly built tunnels.

From salvage and junk survivors manage to build a sprawling metropolis underground. The survivors recieve word of other such underground cities, but communication is limited. The salvage teams head into devouring earth controlled cities to get more salvage and over time, recover one of the UED Spaceships. Although badly damaged they take it back to the tunnels and the UED Leaders convenes on what to do. They decide to construct a time travel device and use the ship to travel back in time to stop this fate from happening. In Twenty Two Forty Six this is exactly what happens, the construction on the device is finished, and is installed on the ship. A group of soldiers are put on the ship and sent back in time to two thousand and eight, where they hope to gently nudge the past in the right direction by weakening the Hamidon and Arachnos in the past.

Paragon City scientists, apon discovering this bleak future, and the majestic landscape that was once Paragon City, refer to this possible future as 'New Eden.'


OOC Notes


In the years between the Devouring Earths rise to power and the day when the intrepid team left for the past many things changed. Mutants were an easily digestible source of energy for the Hamidon and therefore Mutants were hunted to extinction.

Magic Users

Many gods, lacking their followers have died, and those who didn't die, became weak, and therefore magic users are a memory as well.


Kheldians, Warshades, and Nictus have all become targetted for their energy as well and have become largely endangered.


We ask that you contact Blackwire or @Natalya for permission to use this universe for a character. We accept Science, Technology, and Natural characters. For powersets we prefer weapon sets and 'natural' sets like Martial Arts but we will accept other sets on special occasions if something is worked out.


Our style is Cyber Fi, a mix of cyberpunk and Sci Fi. Costumes are largely the choice of the player but we do have some requirements. It must be appropriate for the world, this means tech armor, Stealth Suits, Tech Weaponry, Talsorian, etc. This excludes things like tights, medieval clothes, medieval weaponry, and other such things.

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