Nialane Antaeus

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Nialane Antaeus

Survived from the horrific murder of her mother, Persephia Akastos, while still unborn, from early in her life, Nialane Antaeus (formerly Akastos) was as an orphan. Her father, Nikias Antaeus, only vaguely aware of her mother, his late wife’s, fate, believed his only child to be dead. She knew nothing of her father, her only remnant of her past a coral and pearl wedding ring engraved with Poseidon’s trident she wore around her neck. She appeared for her first ninety-nine years as an Atlantian, blending into her mother’s family of farmers, raised alongside her cousins much like her own siblings. But after her ninety-ninth birthday she began to change: her skin began to fade to an icy blue and she developed the ability to conduct electricity. Her maternal relatives, entirely unequipped to handle a child with magical abilities, could not train or control her any longer. Her continued presence became more of a liability with each passing day, her young power being unpredictable and powerful. So, they sent her, shortly after her hundredth birthday to seek her father, a priest at the Temple of Atlantis, Nikias Antaeus.

Shortly after she arrived in Atlantis, Grand Martial Letho the Old of the Atlantean High Council introduced her to her father, and her life has never been the same since. Since being reunited with her father, she has begun training to be both a Chosen warrior and a Priestess, in order to grow into her dual role as both a warrior of the legendary Antaeus line and a priestess of her father’s caliber. Currently she is learning to wield both controlled electric abilities as a warrior and the powers of illusion and empathy as a priestess, focusing on healing. Her innate ability as an empath makes her vulnerable to strong emotions, which she is often forced to feel since she has not learned how to properly shield herself yet.

A New Start * Nialane meets her father

Despair of the Past, Joy of the Future * Glimpses into Nia's former life

The Return of Nikias * After a time of trial and great despair, Nikias returns to his family...just in the nick of time

Training Begins * Nialane's early misadventures into the Atlantean Priesthood and her status as an Antaeus Warrior

The Hunt Begins * Nakim hunts Nikias and Nia

The Secret * An accident transforms Nia's life

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