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The Challengers
Player: @Cloud Runner
Origin/AT: Magic Controller
Security Level: 50+1
Personal Data
Real Name: Kirk McCloud
Known Aliases: Nimbus, The Cloud Runner
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height/Weight: 6' 3" / 210lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Blue / Blonde
Citizenship: American Citizen
Occupation: Pilot, Crime Fighter
Base of Operations: The Shadow House, Cloud 9
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Tim McCloud (Brother)
Known Powers
  • Weather Control, Lightning Blast
Known Abilities
  • Flight Aerobatics
  • Super Agility
  • Atomospheric Manipulation
  • Goggle HUD
' Theme Song: Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce- Angels & Airwaves



Airforce pilot Kirk McCloud became Nimbus after a mission investigating a strange vortex that had formed off the coast of Paragon City. His jet was sucked in and he blacked out. Kirk awoke to government agents in a hospital weeks later. He had washed up on the beach glowing a radiant blue. Through the following months, Kirk underwent many physical tests, discovering that his body was now emitting an ethereal energy in the form of static electricity, which he could discharge in bolts at will. The energy also had a connection to the atmosphere; allowing him to fly and change the weather. Kirk continued his service in the airforce under the codename 'Nimbus'. His powers made him a valuable asset in World War II. As Nimbus, Kirk led his own squadron called The Cloud Runners on air raids targeting Nazi encampments in Berlin. Once the war was over, Nimbus was contacted by the secret service. While the super-powered assistance in the war was appreciated, the metahuman was now a possible threat to national security. The world was coming to grips with the existence of these godlike beings. The secret service wanted Nimbus to be one of the first government sponsored superheroes. To be continued...

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