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· Mutation Scrapper ·
Player: @LiquidRecluse
· Other Affiliations ·
TEN-BALL Initiative (former)
Real Name
Bernard Nonus
Bernie, Nine
Legal Status
Wanted in the United States
· Known Relatives ·
Unknown (all presumed deceased)
Physical Traits
Mutated Human
High-Level Psionic
Apparent Age
6'4" (in armor)
410 lbs (in armor)
Body Type
Muscular due to armor, unknown outside of it
· Distinguishing Features ·
Aniridia (absence of irises), ring-shaped scars around his biceps
Powers & Abilities
Psionic Melee
Energy Aura
· Known Powers ·
Psionic Manipulation, Psionic Manifestation, Telepathy, Superhuman strength (in-armor), flight (in-armor)
· Equipment ·
MK.1 PSI-OP Armor (modified)
· Other Abilities ·
Close Quarters Combat, exceptionally wordy mouth

Nine-Ball is a concept I had brewing in my head for a few weeks until he finally solidified thanks to some help from a friend. So far, he's been one of my favorite characters to roleplay so far and my most favorite to actually play content with. This page is currently work-in-progress!




Bernard Nonus was born in 1993 to a rather modest, unassuming family and already had quite a strange start to his new life- for one, he had been born with a form of Aniridia, which left his eyes without proper pupils, the golden color having bled into the circular structure and had his eyes appear rather unnatural. Aside from this defect, he was fairly normal up until he was six years old, where his mutation had sprung to life prematurely, and he became an unintentionally powerful psionic. He didn't exactly notice that this was a mutation, he simply assumed it was some form of headache that had latched onto him due to preschool head trauma or something along those lines- but due to his untrained abilities, he was left to mentally wander through anyone's mind unintentionally, leaving him confused- scared. Be the time he was ten, he was anti-social, walked home alone and often times locked himself in his room as soon as he had returned from school.

Of course, such potential doesn't go unnoticed, and after ensuring that any family he had was made unaware- perhaps even dealt with, Bernard had been kidnapped whilst continuing his loner tendencies by a shadowy organization called the 'TEN-BALL Intiative', who were gathering ten powerful psionics who had undergone premature mental mutations and wished to hone them into proper killing machines for their own nefarious purposes- and just to see how far they could push psychic potential in their subjects. Bernard was the ninth, and referred to as 'Nine-Ball', any remainder of his former identity constantly washed away by excessive drug usage, psychological tampering, and debilitating experimentations.

The experience changed Bernard heavily, and he became rather emotionally cold- yet it also molded his latent psionic potential into a proper weapon. He was stronger than the others and he knew it- yet he kept that knowledge of strength to himself, and he simply acted pleasantly surprised by his constant successes against his fellows. Once they had all been deemed proper 'blades' to wield against the Initiative's enemies, he played his hand- killing the nine other psionics, the scientists and whoever else got in his way toward freedom.

By the time Bernard escaped the facility he had been held in for years, the world had heavily changed around him...yet, he could easily adapt, sans his total lack of social grace- but many seemed to share that with him where he was going- the Rogue Isles.

Current Life

After his escape from the Initiative, Bernard wasted little time in becoming a freelance assassin, gaining a sizable number of contracts due to his effectiveness- yet in the time between contracts and missions, there was nothing to do. So, he decided to explore...and explore, and explore, meeting new faces all around- all of which continually feeding him different outlooks upon life- which in turn caused him to begin thinking about something more than just killing...

He's gained quite a number of 'friends', he's even helped them with a number of ventures in a short time span. Yet, can one so heavily changed like him change even further?


Bernard, at best, is simply a socially awkward individual with no regard on when he should or shouldn't keep his mouth shut. He loves to interject into conversations with his own viewpoints on any subject because he feels like it's heavily relevant, and oftentimes doesn't realize that this is poor etiquette. He suffers as much as anyone who grew up antisocial would in any social situation, just in his own unique way. He's quick to understand things that he originally did not know about- even if some of it he wished just didn't enter his internalized 'database' of a brain.

To most, his muted emotive state makes him seem more machine than man- to others, they simply understand that due to his circumstances, he ended up in a thick shell- yet that does not mean he can't make (poor) jokes, and especially does not mean he cannot be sarcastic- his monotonic voice certainly helps with the latter, much to everyone's chagrin.

Beneath his usual social abilities- he is still a killer at heart. He enjoys it to the point of sadism, yet he tries to keep himself civil regarding such things- after all, to simply up and say that you're an assassin who enjoys watching the life fade from somebody would be a major cause for concern among most social circles...




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