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I never asked for this....disease. This mutation.
Player: Mike007777
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Olayo
Known Aliases: None
Species: Mutant
Age: 23
Height: 6-3
Weight: 235
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: African
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: South Africa
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Not married
Known Relatives: Deceased, or whereabouts unknown.
Known Powers
Only known power is super speed, and even that only gets him to 50 mph
Known Abilities
Expert marksman, can live off of the land.
Military grade bow, modified. Various gadgets and weapons.
No additional information available.

((I would love to RP with this character, if you guys want to! If you guys like the background, or think it would work well with yours, just add him as a friend, that's the only way I can think of to do this.))


The Birth and Childhood of Olayo

Rachel and Trent Farrow....everyone knew who they were. They were the acting sweethearts that fell in love on set. They were the couple that gave up acting, and took on the scary world of directing. Since then they had five masterpieces out of five attempts. They were about the start filming The Terror Within the Soul, when Rachel got pregnant. The movie was on location in South Africa, but she still wanted to be a part of it, so she went with them. Finally, when the end of the film was near, Rachel starting giving birth. No matter what they could do, or what they tried, they couldn't help her. She died giving birth, she never even got to see him. But everyone else did, and they were terrified. He was born with a mutation of the skin and molecular build up. His body was covered in reptile like skin, and his tongue was forked and teeth pointed. His father, bitter and terrified, left the child to die in Africa. But he didn't die, an African couple found him, and out of their kindness they raised him. They called him "Olayo", and loved him as their own. His childhood was filled with joy and wonder, and his parents found him to be a handful. But they were loving, and he wasn't judged or even mocked. No one could ask for a better childhood, or at least until the day it happened.

The Day Everything Changed

It was just like any other day, it started with Olayo following his father to the market. Olayo was only twelve, but he found the market and the busy people around it to be some what frightening. He never liked big crowds, he always felt as though they had their eyes on him, as if everyone there was judging him somehow. But, even though he felt this way, he always went with his father. But as they were shopping through the stands, Olayo heard the strangest music coming across loudly through the town. It was a music he had never heard before, but it sounded angry, and it scared him. Suddenly, everyone in the market started to panic, and Olayo's father grabbed him and tried to run. Olayo would never forget the loud sound of the gun shot, or the feeling of his fathers hand being released and his body collapsing to the ground. Suddenly, a jeep pulled around the corner with about ten young men hanging on to it, wielding guns of many different varieties. For a while, Olayo hid underneath a fruit stand and covered his ears at the sounds of gunshots and screaming. He tried to close his eyes, but he couldn't. He witnessed everything, until the last gunshot was fired. One of the men pointed at Olayo and pulled him out onto the street with a group of others boys his age. They started to laugh at Olayo, calling him the little "serpent boy". All of a sudden, the anger from everything that had happened filled Olayo, and he lunged at one of the men, tackling him to the ground. The men pulled him off quickly, and threw him to the ground. But instead of killing him, they grabbed his hand and said, "Welcome to the army, brother."

The Years of Tribulation

Front Picture.jpg

They weren't an army. Or at least not an official one anyway. They were a group of rebels and thugs, taking advantage of the minimal government effort at the time. Olayo was thrown into the "army" and handed a machine gun on his first day. The years that he spent there were a time filled with constant fear for his life and enormous amounts of guilt for the things he was forced to do. They told him if he didn't, they would find his village and send his mother to meet his father in his grave. To protect her, he became what they wanted him to be. They called him a monster because of his mutation, and he became one. The things he was forced to do soon became second nature, he started to forget that they were even wrong. The days became months, and the months became years, and before he knew it, Olayo was a young man. He no longer hated the men he was with, nor did he have any desire to leave. He had completely forgotten who he was, and why he was there. They called him "The Snake of South Africa". Soon this nickname became feared throughout the towns and villages. It was one day when he was 18, that he took his squad and rode down to an old village a few miles from the closest town. The usual events unfolded, the looting, the killing and other grotesque acts. While rummaging through a house, he spotted a young boy. Olayo knew that the people above him required new soldiers for the ones that would be lost today, so he reached for the boy. Suddenly an old woman lashed out and him and grabbed the boy, attempting to run away. Olayo did what he always did, and pulled out his gun and shot her. As he walked over to take the boy, she lay on her back and said, "Olayo?" Olayo fell to the ground in shock, and realized this woman was his mother. She looked at him with tears in her eyes, and he stared back. "I'm sorry mother." He said. But she didn't hear him over the sounds of gunfire. Before he could reach for her, she had died. Olayo wept for her, and for himself. He had forgotten his humanity, and who he was. Suddenly the years of guilt caught up to him, and he felt as if his chest was going to collapse. He pulled out his gun and started shooting as many rebels as he could, and withing minutes had killed every single one of them. Without hesitation, he jumped in the jeep and drove back to the rebel outpost. Without mercy, he slaughtered every rebel there, not sparing a soul. Not knowing what to do with himself, he ran out into the wild, hoping to die.

The Terror Within the Soul

The Karoo desert became his home during the next few years. It was a place that almost drove him crazy. He soon became to the people as the crazy hermit who wandered around the desert talking to himself. A lot of it was because of the mask he wore, a mask that people said hid the eyes of the devil. He had kept the mask since he was young, it was left with him when he was a baby. It was prop from the movie his real parents were filming, an old masquerade mask. He had kept it with him his whole life, even during his years as a rebel. But after he had killed the rebels, he found it with his things, and he remembered what was written on the inside. On the inside of the mask, it read The Terror Within the Soul. He took this as a sign, as if he was the mask himself. The terror within his own soul was strong, and the guilt was stronger. So he donned the mask, and set out into the desert. It was a year before he talked to another soul, and luck would have it who he talked to. It was a strange old man that invited Olayo into a cave during a rain storm. They begin talking, and Olayo ended up staying with the old man. The old man started telling Olayo how to deal with his guilt, but none of it seemed to work. The only thing that eased Olayos soul was bringing justice to those that deserved it. So, the old man started training Olayo in the way of fighting and survival. Olayo didn't know how the man knew these things, but he was grateful. Olayo had decided never to touch a gun again, because of the devastation he had caused with one. Instead, they focused on that of a bow, and over the years he became a master with the bow. The old man also taught Olayo many different languages, and taught him the art of diplomacy. He taught him that there was more to justice then killing, and that a human life is a precious thing, no matter how the master had ruined it. After five years of training, the Old Man didn't come back from his morning walk. Olayo began to get concerned, when he noticed a note, Olayo... These last few years have taught you many things, as well as they have taught me. I hope that I have taught you how to deal with your guilt better that I could handle my own. Goodbye, Olayo. P.S, if you want to find a city that could use some justice, go to Paragon City Olayo never found the mans name, nor him again. Buy instead, he snuck his way onto a plane, and threw out for Paragon city. The rest is an open book, whether or not he can find a way to deal with the tremendous guilt that resides in his soul.

Personality and Other Such Notes for RP purposes

-Kind, but only to those he deems as good. Those he deems as evil, they receive the cruelest and hardest treatment.

-Has a thick South African Accent

-Is curious about mutants, because he has never met another mutant before

-The tremendous guilt he feels keeps him up most all of the night, and he doesn't sleep well.

-Still searches for that Old Man

-He also wonders who his real father is, or where he is.

I might add more stuff later!

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