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Player: @Tipsy
Personal Data
Real Name:   Olga Knyazev
Species:   Zombie Human
Age:   Twenty-one
Occupation:   Weed Dealer, Monstrosity, Thief
Place of Birth:   Bavly, Russia
Signature Badges
Dealer, Dead Head, Picky Eater
Known Powers
Survivability, Pain Suppression, Re-attachable Body, Claws, Berserker Rage, Psychic Immunity, Infectious Bite, Slowed Aging



Olga Knyazev is a playful, upbeat, recent college graduate from Russia. And more recently, a zombie.

Powers & Abilities

The Zombie Curse

While Olga is a miraculous exception to most zombies in several ways, she still has some expected limitations.


Olga's parents were circus performers who traveled around Western Europe, especially Russia, and had a very free-wheeling, artist-focused lifestyle. Her mother's birth midwife was a clown, and Olga's godfather was a lion-tamer, and her father was a fire-swallower. Her family was and remains dirt poor, but during her upbringing, they managed to find a lot of joy in life, and instilled a wild, adventurous spirit in their daughter.

Home-schooled, Olga was remarkably bright for her age, and managed to be accepted to an American University (Paragon Univ. in Founders Falls) under a special international grant. She recently graduated with a degree in philosophy. With another year on her visa, Olga's life plants included living it up for a year in the USA, while looking for a permanent job there, and selling weed.

Olga died when the residents of a spooky house in Talos (Cliffside Avenue) accidentally released a pack of mystically-enchanted zombies into her neighborhood. Olga was one of their victims. However, unlike the other zombies, Olga has managed to keep most of her cognitive abilities intact. Additionally, her flesh seems to rot extremely slowly. While this might be a lesser doom, Olga isn't finding any silver linings in her situation. She sought out help from MAGI, but they are unable to help with her curse.

With her options limited, Olga has taken to petty thievery and slinging drugs on the regular.

Last Updated: 4/3/2020

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