Operative Medea

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Player: Vheks
Origin: Confidential
Archetype: Widow
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Kanika Amunatsu Minkabh
Known Aliases: none currently
Species: Human
Age: mid to late 20's
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown (Egypt)
Occupation: Arachnos Widow
Place of Birth: Unknown (Cairo)
Base of Operations: Mercy Island
Marital Status: Married to her work.
Known Relatives: No known living relations
Known Powers
extensive combat training, some psycic potential.
Known Abilities
as a widow, she is resistant to most common toxins.
No additional information available.



Medea is currently assigned to liaison with a formative group of villians, under the premise that encouraging chaos on the ground level is the best way to weed out those too weak to serve arachnos. Also, it keeps those strong enough to become inconvenient distracted. This is likely her first command post; in matters of combat she's been happy enough to defer to suggestions from the more experienced soldier Huntsman Grimm.

Known History

Medea has truely been reborn as an Arachnos Widow. The sisterhood of the Widows are the only family she recognizes, and those mistresses above her are the only greater power she answers to. Though she is able to admire the foolish honor of a soldier, or the misled loyalties of brotherhood; she feels such emotions are just illusions. The strong survive to rule over the weak. The resilient get back up, while the feeble are left to lie on the ground bleeding. Those clever enough to take advantage of opportunity move up in the ranks. Those who don't, don't last long. These are the lessons her training have ingrained in her. This is her pride, and her only lifeline to survival.

It's difficult to say if she remembers happier times...

She had a childhood, once. Cairo is as good a city to set this story as any, don't you think? Her mother was a political activist. Something of an angry revolutionary. She'd been born into wealth and power, a lucky accident that disgusted her. She watched as her sister was married off to a harsh, cruel man, solely because of his bloodline. She vowed she'd only marry a man she loved, a man who was her equal. Then one day she found him, a member of Egypt's secret service. He was brave, and loyal, and steadfast. The two led eventful lives, until the birth of their beloved daughter. She could have grown into anything... Except for a chance encounter. An unlucky accident. The girl's mother ran afoul of an Arachnos Cell while trying to subvert another global dominion. She was captured, and with her dying breath made the mistake of begging them to spare her for her daughter's sake. The Arachnos Widows took the girl, and her father, and through years of harsh training and conditioning raised Kanika to become one of their own. An assassin, with an unbreakable bond of loyalty to Ghost Widow alone. So, Operative Medea was made.


A balance of powers

Because Widows work extensively with poison, Medea holds some resistance to most common toxins encountered in the Isles or Paragon. Mind you, she is resistant, not immune. While most poisons wont kill her, a decently strong dose will have an effect; and more exotic toxins might prove fatal if her body isn't prepared to handle them. Because her body is constantly engaged in neutralizing various compounds she encounters in her work, and again like most widows, Medea is not as strong or healthy as a soldier. Part of the job requirement is that a Widow must be closer to the far bank than a commonplace recruit. As a result, while she will fight on through pain and wounds that would down most casual heros or villains; she can be taken out quite suddenly, and by less than you might at times expect.

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