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"The hunt always begins when I put on the helmet."
Operative Warg.
Player: @Anomaly
Origin: Mutation.
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier.
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jonathan L Cooper.
Known Aliases: Warg.
Species: Mutated-Human/Mixed with War Wolf-DNA.
Age: 22
Height: 5'11
Weight: 133 in armor. 120 out.
Eye Color: Black-Sclera. Bright orange-Iris. Yellow-Pupil.
Hair Color: Black.
Biographical Data
Nationality: African-American.
Occupation: Soldier.
Place of Birth: Port Oakes, Rogue Isles.
Base of Operations: Port Oakes and St.Martial, Rogue Isles.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: Mother.(Alive) Two sisters. (Both Alive) Two brothers. (One Deceased) Step-Father(Alive) Real-Father.(Unknown)
Known Powers
Due to his mutation. Super senses, strength, speed, and agility. Regeneration. Retractable claws(finger-nails.)
Known Abilities
Expert hunter/tracker. Hand-to-hand combat. Animal-level senses and tendencies. Enhanced dexterity.
Huntsman-Issued armor. (Capeless) Custom-colored Arachnos-issued rifle. (Keeps holstered on his back. ICly) Custom-colored Huntsman mace. (Keeps sheathed/holstered on his right side.)
No additional information available.

Basic Info

Jonathan grew up in Port Oakes, Rogue Isles. He was used to being on the bottom of the food chain, he was used to hiding from those larger and tougher, he was used to the death and the depressing atmosphere of the Isles. It wasn't till he was in his early to middle teens when he wanted to join the ranks of Arachnos, so he started out as a courier for a few of the Arbiters between Mercy and Port, due to this job he was already earning respect and showing loyalty to the massive organization, which gave the young boy the means he needed to join the Wolf Soldiers.

Jonathan along with a squad he was stationed with was sent out to clean out a Council base that had angered an Arbiter and Lord Recluse himself, during the raid and carnage of the battle, Jonathan was captured and his squad was killed. For weeks hem went through various experiments and torture by the Council scientists, his DNA spliced with whatever they used to make War Wolves. But by using his Arachnos training, new vicious nature, and strength, he broke out from his captors and returned to Arachnos as the lone survivor of his squad.

Due to his reappearance and his continued loyalty to the organization... and his now more vicious fighting tactics, he was promoted to Huntsman. He is known to be a vicious, feral and brutal soldier, treating all his enemies/targets as nothing more than prey.


Jonathan has a rather slim-athletic but muscular build, toned and fit in all the right places, showing that he relies on cardio and swiftness than hard power and size. Hair is always braided up into cornrows, he always keeps it short and clean, so it won't give him problems when putting his helmet on. Eyebrows seem to be naturally non-bushy and his entire face is always clean shaved.

Has a strange round-button like nose, with floppy-looking dog ears(Like a Bloodhound), though even though they're floppy like when he hears movement and/or hears something they pop-up rather quickly. (Like a Doberman) He also has pearly white canine-like teeth, sharp and pointy. And yes he does have a long dog-like tongue, too. With two pierces in it, a ball-piercing (black metal with a red gem on it/facing out) and a loop/hoop piercing in front of it. (black metal)

Each finger has pointy black-ish(Not painted) fingernails, they're able to extend into one to two-inch claws.


Personality Traits

  • Bestial
  • Reserved
  • Reasoning
  • Curious
  • Patient
  • Loyal
  • Fierce
  • Friendly
  • Protective
  • Disciplined
  • Respectul


Warg speaks in a rather growl-ish, monotone and unmoving way. He seems to always stand at attention or straight up, hardly ever slumping or losing his composure. But it isn't to say that he has NO emotions, he merely hides them for reason unknown.

When he speaks to someone he enjoys or perhaps sees as a friend, his tone gets a bit upbeat and relaxed. Showing he trusts that person, slowly but surely. But usually, they must make the first move for it to even begin.

A smile? A laugh? He has never been seen doing it or letting one out, around people that is, his face is usually unmoving and stoic... especially after his "weekly" check-ups.

He is known to repeatedly tap his claws on a solid surface, either due to being nervous or simply a habit he has taken on, another habit of his is playing "solo-UNO" at random times. Another habit of his that mentally calms him down, for reasons unknown, but he has been known to do it at the beginning of a mission or after.

Train of thought, Philosophy & Ideals

Lawful Evil would be the best way to describe Warg's views on the world. He's a soldier, trained to be someone who follows orders with written on a piece of paper or shouted at him via a mic. And he does follow his orders, perfectly. He isn't a stranger to mercilessly killing one enemy or ten, by himself and in a public establishment if he requires it.

Manipulating someone via psychological warfare and taking them down via words? He'll do it. Siding with the "good guys" to accomplish a common goal? He'll do it. Torturing an enemy for information, or cheating and lying to those that he doesn't respect? He'll do it.

But Warg is a man of honor, he will(or tries) to show respect to those with a military background, is among Arachnos' ranks or those he has sympathy for. But if the "law" does get in his way to complete a task given to him, he's known to "bend" it slightly to please Lord Recluse's will.

Even though, despite his vicious nature and bloodlust in battle, he isn't known among Arachnos to ever kill innocent people or enemies that are unarmed. Though he might "unarm" the enemy if they swing first but it depends on his mood. Sometimes people might even call his morals "strange" as he's the type to wait for a passing van with a family to pass by, then shoot through it to get at the enemy faster.

Also due to being among Arachnos and living in the Isles for so long, the term "friend" or "friendship" is truly lost on the young man. He doesn't seem to utter those words to anyone, calling them his "friend" or that he has friends. Instead, he calls a lot of people(mostly those in Arachnos) his comrades or associates. Perhaps he finds it as a sign of weakness or attachments that he doesn't have time to value. But who knows, perhaps he'll learn to slowly break out of that bubble.

Abides by and believes in all of Arachnos' great tenets:

  • Lord Recluse is the one and only voice of reason.
  • The weak die and the strong thrive.
  • Being unburdened by the moral standards of others.
  • Might makes right and is the only way when the time calls for it.
  • Loyalty to Recluse and the Arachnos is rewarded with power.


  • Silent and thoughtful.
  • Socially awkward.
  • OCD. Million yard stares.
  • Clouded mind. Glassy eyes.
  • Food lover. Pro-UNO player.
  • Watcher, learner and listener.


Warg is a Huntsman. Though he got it due to his old squad members dying along with his old commander, he has shown through and through that he deserves such a rank. Whether it's commanding a few soldiers to successfully take out an enemy base, or being sent out on a mission by himself to kill and/or retrieve something.

Warg's Huntsman gear is a bit like the standard equipment, only he never wears his cape but instead has a popped collar to hint at his rank, and his uniform is a lot more flexible to aid him in movement and agility, with a few upgrades to his suit as well. One being kinetic-absorbing fibers embedded into his uniform, it doesn't do anything(offensively) except help him be a bit more durable and less likely to go flying via an explosion(due to his low weight, possibly.) His gloves are made with the same fibers as the rest of his suit, but also some very durable nanofibers, mostly due to his claws which extend and stretch out the tips of clothes, this allows him to use his dangerous claws in combat and not rip his suit/gloves in the process.

His helmet has been suited with a HUD allowing him to check his vitals, along with his enemies and/or allies. Also can receive information and/or orders from the Arachnos interface and networks, along with getting a mapping UI for various buildings and caverns, if he needs it. It has come suited with thermal and night vision options, along with padding/earphones for his ears. Which can dwindle his hearing each time he fires a shot or throws a grenade, or someone else does. Automatically. Mostly so during gunfights or explosions, he won't go deaf or become a liability.

The Huntsman Mace he wields is upgraded with a kinetic-absorbing enhancement, which is connected to his suit to show him when it's "full" and then he's able to slam it down, sending a few pounds(or tons) of force into the ground... enemy or vehicle.

Early Life


Jonathan was the middle child of five other children, he had one younger brother and one younger sister, then one older brother and older sister. Though he and his siblings share the same mother, they don't share the same father. Due to being in a loveless relationship and beginning to hate the man she married, she had slept with a traveling mercancy after a night of hard drinking at the local bar.

Of course, Jonathan's real father never came back to visit and his step-father dispensed the child mainly due to him not being "his." The only ones who loved and protected the child were his mother and siblings, the latter who would try to always stir Jonathan out of trouble. Because due to his step-father's abuse, both verbal and physical, the child took on a more "rebel" outlook on life. Getting into fights, stealing from shops and avoiding/skipping school.

It wasn't till he was ten years old, he heard a voice. A powerful, booming and stern voice that required respect and all ears to listen... Lord Recluse. Jonathan saw the powerful image of Lord Recluse as something to be amazed and respected. When the tyrant spoke through the comms around the Isles, he'd attempt to listen and learn. Loyalty, Respect, Power, Strength, and Money. Lord Recluse's preaching slowly began to "expand" the young boy's mind.... because believe it or not.

So when his step-father worked for the corrupt cops of the Isles and his mother slaved away at various bars, he already had his future thought out. He didn't want to be a bartender, a corrupt cop or dead in the gutter. He wanted to be a soldier. He wanted to hail Arachnos.


Once his age went from twelve to thirteen, he began to work his way up into the world of Arachnos. It started out going to a Wolf Soldier who was arguing with his comrades about having to go from Port Oakes to Mercy, but he wanted to go on a date with his girlfriend(s). Surely a problem for anyone, right?

Jonathan offered his services to soldiers with that "problem." He was their messenger, their courier and the one who always had his life on the line. Because he knew if he failed in this "mission" then he'd be shot on sight, him and his family.

Speaking of his family, he never had any ill will toward his siblings and their warnings of joining the Wolf Soldiers nor his mother's worry for it. He knew they needed MONEY, he knew his step-father threw his money at the locate strippers and drink like he was a top dog and a millionaire. And of course, seeing his siblings starve and/or get "odd" jobs to pay the rent, while his mother sweated and broke herself to keep the house together. Something mentally *clicked* inside of the teen... something he never felt before. "The strong thrive and the weak die."-words of wisdom, words spoken to him by an Arbiter by the name of "Camel." And he was going to be strong, he would thrive... for them.

Jonathan's courier job continued, his effectiveness and swiftness to get their required items and/or messages island to island, person to person. Was so well reserved and reviewed, that even Arbiters began to wish for the young man's help with little jobs here and there! But the only difference from working for Arbiters instead of Wolf Spiders is easy, Wolf Spiders gave him experience and hardly paid him. Arbiters (some of them at least) respected this job in some aspect, hell some of them don't even want to talk to EACH OTHER so that was another reason, but they would pay the young man enough money for him to go home and help in his families' problems. Jonathan had also taken on a strange friendship with a kind(ish) Arbiter who went by the alias "Camel." Named after the Camel Spider, it wasn't for no strange or disgusting reason, but because when he was put on assassination missions. He was much like the Camel Spider, using venom to numb and/or paralyze his targets, before cutting them into pieces or simply killing them right there and then. It depended on his mood, truly. But Arbiter Camel took a liking to Jonathan willingness to serve Arachnos and effectiveness on being a courier for a couple of his comrades, for hardly any reason, so Arbiter Camel began to take on a "that strange uncle"-role to the young man, telling him when he was TRULY ready to become a Wolf Spider and climb the ranks, to find him and they'll talk.

While his step-father, who was still working for RIP, began to catch wind of this new influx of money and would begin to take the money from his own family, before going to waste it at the Golden Giza Casino in St.Martial or any other place he could waste money, once Jonathan caught wind of this and noticed how his siblings weren't stopping their father (or were too afraid too.) He would personally confront him in their back shed, the 5'5 foot and 90lbs-14 year old would look up at the husky build 6'6 and 350lbs 36-year-old man, before telling him to stop wasting their money and time on his life and problems. When his- THEIR family needed it more... not him.

Of course, this didn't go over well with his step-father. When Jonathan was born and revealed to not be his REAL son, he hated the child. Hated that he slept in their house, ate their food, wore clothes bought for the boy by his wife. So the man balled his fist, rose his fist up and punched Jonathan square in the face, it sent the boy tumbling down to the floor. Such anger and force with one punch, Jonathan felt his nose leaking with blood that he couldn't stop. A tooth on the floor and his gaze shaking. His step-father told the boy off, swearing at him and kicking at him in the stomach region has he told Jonathan that he was, "PATHETIC!" Or "WHAT A WASTE OF SPERM!" And things like, "YOU FUCKING N-" You get the point. All this time Jonathan took the beating, till he remembered when his father got like this... he'd go after his siblings and mother.

In then in that moment of weakness and feeling like a helpless child, he remembered Camel's words, whether it was willpower alone or just that moment of believing in himself... you might never know. But Jonathan quickly went into action, when his step-father ceased his beatings and was grumbling/yelling to himself about how "disrespecting" and "idiotic" Jonathan was to him, the young teen had grabbed hold of a nearby wrench that was located in the garage and then... BAM!... The tables turned so quickly. He hit the man in the knees to take him down, then in the face to knock his senses for a loop(And also took out a few teeth.) Not to say that the adult man didn't try to defend himself, attempting to grab Jonathan by the neck or push the young teen away. But each time he was met with that wrench... BAM-BAM-BAM-WHACK! Till the step-father was on the floor, in pain bent over like a dog and huffing, telling... pleading for the young teenage to STOP. Then Jonathan let out a grumble,"...You won't hit THEM no more with that hand...." And before his step-father knew it, Jonathan shoved the wrench into the man's right elbow. And then began to twist it, before using all that inner-rage and adrenaline, he raised his knee up and slammed it against the back of the wrench...BA-CRRKK! Broke his elbow like a twig, it was a loud crunch and a louder SCREAM of pain came from his step-father.

Jonathan then began to walk out of the shed, both his blood and his step-father's on his body. He looked at his mother and siblings, who of course heard the loud scream from the step-father and were worried. They asked him what in the world happened...!? Jonathan was calm, collected and stoically faced as he looked at them, then over his shoulder at his step-father. Before back to his family and said,"...I'm ready." And by the age of 16, he finally joined Arachnos' boot camp/recruitment program.


Four years have passed since he had joined the Wolf Spiders fully when he was strong enough to hold a gun and accurate enough to take a shot that's when they allowed the teen to put on that gear and wear that symbol. He was given missions via Arbiter Camel, mostly. Because the man wanted to see Jonathan thrive and go to the top, he had taken on mentorship to the young man and didn't want him to die in some gutter or slums.

It wasn't long till Arbiter Camel pulled some strings to allow Jonathan and his team to be put on a task that even some Banes have a hard time doing alone. Destroy a Council facility that was located in Striga Isle, they were to be airdropped off the coast of the island and make their way to the underground caverns via foot.

It seemed easy enough... on paper. This was going to be Jonathan's first time out of the Isles, but this mission was given to him by Arbiter Camel and even Lord Recluse himself seemed to want the destruction of this facility to be a call out to the Council.

So a group of eight Wolf Spiders(including Jonathan) and their Huntsman leader were sent out toward the Isle, they were airdropped by an Arachnos Flyer and began to make their way into the deep caverns that belonged to the Council. But it was inside those Caverns when it all went to hell, it was an ambush! A slaughter! The Council's nictus powered super soldier and horror movie-ish soldiers were too much for the group.

The team tried their best to pull back, they attempted to retreat and to run. But one by one they were slaughtered.... cornered or split up. The screams and cries from his teammates echoed throughout those caverns. As they were blasted apart, ripped open, snapped in half, eaten... and then finally it all went black...

Jonathan spent ten weeks captured by the Council, undergoing torture and experiments of the strangest kind. They attempted to gather information from him about Arachnos, anything.... everything. But he never told them anything except the little swear or bad nazis jokes, so the torture never stopped and neither did the repeated questioning.

It was then that Jonathan was given a tiny chance of opportunity when one of the torturers forgot to strap him down tighter than usual. Maybe this man thought Jonathan was too weak to fight back, maybe he was in a rush and wanted to get to the "juicy" part of his job. Whatever the reason, it was that man's head that was lost that day... literally.

He felt so strange, so tingling and dizzy. But he was out, he had broken free and he needed to escape. A runaway test subject! He was running, using his "gifted" senses to make his way through shouting Council and dark caves, Anyone that got in his way was met with the claws of the monster they created.

Until finally, he felt the sun on his face, wind against his skin and.. was shot in the shoulder. Making him fall into the ocean below! But his regeneration is what saved him that day, allowing him to swim back to shore and took the next ferry off that island, into Paragon and from Paragon he went back home... to the Isles. That entire trip took him four weeks.

It took him about a week to get into contact with Arbiter Camel after he made it back to the Isles, having found the man giving orders to a new group of recruits. Jonathan looked so different, so strange... odd. He was almost shot on sight! But then he spoke words that only Camel understood, that only they laughed and spoke about... the Arbiter told the recruits to not fire and called in medical staff to take Jonathan to the nearest medbay, whatever happened they could reverse... right?

It was a shock and awe to a lot of people that knew him, that he was still ALIVE but extremely different. His mannerisms, his look, his eyes... everything was different. He felt the stares, he heard the whispers and watched certain people avoid him. The only ones that didn't were Camel, his mother, and his siblings. And that was all he needed, mentally, to get himself back into gear. It wasn't long till he was back in uniform and ready to serve Arachnos but at a slight price of going into weekly "check-ups" that were lead by Dr.Aeon.

Soon enough Jonathan was promoted, to Huntsman for his services in Arachnos and his survival in enemy lines. And soon after that, his nickname among the organization was given... it was first muttered by a scientist, the name... "Warg." And soon Jonathan's real name was merely lost and could only be found on paper, as he was now known as "Warg the Wolven Huntsman."


Warg has been changed into this form for two years, since he was twenty, and has gotten a nickname for himself among the other ranks of the organization. They know him as either "Warg" or the "Wolven Huntsman", though a lot of people just stick to the first alias.

He's stationed at either St.Martial or Port Oakes, sometimes clearing out smuggling ships full of Wyverns and/or shady-Longbow. The Family has a personal hit out on him, due to his influence in disrupting their business, as well.

He has had one hundred and forty successful missions(both with leading a team and solo) since his Huntsman promotion and has now taken on a role amongst the Agents of Ruin. Where he works with others amongst Arachnos, working under Bane Spider Ruiner and/or Captain Suul.

He could be found easily around various social areas, or in the field nowadays. As it seems he's attempting to get closer to those in the organization and the branch he works with, possibly for.. "friendship."


These facts are mainly for IC and OOC knowledge.

- Warg's family doesn't live in Rogue Isles anymore, they have moved to Atlas Park. All except his step-father who still works as a RIP officer in Mercy. (He's the one with the busted arm.) And his older brother, who is supposedly also working for Arachnos, but Warg never seems to talk about him.

- Seems to always have a deck of UNO cards with him, since he was 17 years old to be exact. Always keeps them cleaned and wrapped up in a cloth. Got them from his younger brother after he was killed by a group of Family in Port Oakes, those members of the Family have never been seen since Warg has become a Huntsman.

- Seems to be semi-knowledged in pop culture.

- Has a deep hatred for both Council and 5th Column. And is known to go a bit "overboard" whenever they're the main targets of a mission, it doesn't matter which.

- Is probably easily recognizable, even when he's wearing his uniform and helmet, so never be afraid to poke him.

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