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Sketch Optikill by CoH TheMystic.jpg
Sketch by The Mystic
Player: @Drayonix
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Sean Gray
Known Aliases: Opti
Species: Human/Unknown parasitic organism
Age: 20
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: ???
Place of Birth: ???
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: (Before escape from home) Single
Known Relatives: Will Gray (Father), Kayla Jordan-Gray (Mother) DECEASED
Known Powers
Murky Transference allows Optikill to convert anything containing black into dark energy. With this, Optikill may use the murky substances in hand-to-hand combat or even as far-distance weapons ... Exo-illusion Shifting lets him disquise himself as a different type of illusion to each individual that witnesses his presence ... Instant Teleportation to locations previously explored
Known Abilities
Heightened reflexes discovered as a child allow him to perform extraordinarily ... Hyper leaping ability permits him to bound 15-20 blocks per leap on average ... Has shown signs of super strength and super speed, but not highlighted as specific power
No actual specific equipment, but can materialize objects, armor or weapons from internal stored darkness, though whatever he materializes comes out as all black and cannot change color; However, he can create an illusion of a colored object but it is just that: an illusion, and cannot be used to attack with
No additional information available.

Supergroup: The Rogue Knights




January 4th, 1963

Will Gray is born, but with mysterious parasite that father Mack Gray or mother Carriana Gray oddly did not contain


Mack and Carriana realize Will's sudden mood swings occasionally, but is nothing they are too concerned about.

October 14th, 1982

Sophomores in college, at 19 years of age, Will Gray meets fellow 19 year old Kayla Jordan who transferred in from an out-of-state college.

June 9th, 1985

After dating for 3 years, Will pops the question to Kayla and she agrees. Kayla was celibate but wanted to birth a child so she waited a while until after the marriage to have a child.

May 22, 1986

Kayla and Will get hitched and on September 13 of the same year, Kayla finds out that she is pregnant.

August-April, 1986-1987

Before the baby is born, Kayla becomes very irritable and Will thinks it’s only because she’s pregnant. It was actually due to the parasite hiding in his sperm when he transferred it to Kayla. Because he no longer carried the parasite-containing sperm, the subtle mood swings he’d occasionally have were completely gone…However, now that he transferred the parasite off to his wife, she now suffered from the mood swings, and then some. The parasite was so small that its effect was barely noticeable on Will but the parasite’s effect was magnified tenfold on Kayla and Will noticed this unusual behavior. After a call to Doctor Marianne DeJoseph by Will, Kayla was prescribed to take medicine pills to settle her unusual tendencies.

April 9th, 1987

Kayla Jordan-Gray gives birth to a baby boy which she names Sean Gray. Yet the madness doesn’t end, and Will soon learns that the medicine is not calming her down and instead causing Kayla to act more out of control week-by-week. Even after her baby’s birth, she was irritable. Will now definitely knew something was wrong with his wife.

August, 1987

Months later, Will decided that enough was enough. Her brain was beginning to become controlled by this odd parasite, her attitude wasn’t improving, and the medicine had absolutely no effect on her. So, Will took charge, making a call to Paragon City’s finest mental facility and Will was soon forced to raise baby Sean all by his lonesome.

May 7th, 1989

A year and some change passed, Kayla at the zenith of her insanity. Her brain overloaded with thoughts of when her first boyfriend cheated on her, thoughts of Will possibly cheating on her (though he wasn’t), and thoughts of being separated from her only son, as well as other minor random concerns. Her time was up and she unfortunately died of the toll this parasite was taking on her brain. She shut down completely.

May 10th, 1989

Being informed of the tragic news, Will was devastated and young Sean did not know how to respond, only being 2 years of age. In honor and respect for his wife, Will vowed to never date another woman for as long as he lived, and dropped the female he was currently dating who helped him raise Sean.


Sean started getting into sports at the age of 8 years old. Sean’s appearance oddly began to change, but it was nothing Will worried about too much. Black streaks exposed themselves visibly on various locations on Sean’s body. Still, it wasn’t too serious.


Sean was never much of an athlete but his body was unnaturally growing into an athletic physique. Oddly enough, Sean had never lifted weights in his life, nor has he taken performance enhancing drugs. He was only 13 but he managed to perform outstandingly amazing stunts in sports that any other kid would dream about doing. This scored him a spot as leader on his middle school basketball and track team. As an 8th grader, he received many awards for his outstanding performance in extracurricular activities, but had poor sportsmanship, all thanks to the parasite. Whenever he won anything, he’d bask in the glory, never acknowledging his teammates but when he lost he’d put all the blame to his teammates, or even resort to violence. The black streaks that formed themselves over his body were growing larger and his peers ridiculed him which led to even more violence. Will disapproved of this and at the beginning of the next school year, sent Sean to a private high school.

October 31st, 2001

On a cold Halloween night, Sean and his father went trick or treating, dressed up with a pair of goblin masks. Whenever Will turned his back, Sean would frighten children smaller than him. By going "BOO!" everyone who stared at Sean noticed an unnatural illusion of a gigantic monster with horrifying sounds to match. He thought he looked like a regular goblin, but in reality he accidentally triggered his first discovered power.

Coming home, he attempted to scare himself in the mirror to see what all the reactions were about. Here, he discovered his power to summon an illusion of anything in memory. This complex ability would serve him well in his high school because he could trick others into thinking he looked like a regular student (he did this by looking at a fill-in character from a recent movie and duplicated it onto himself).

September - June, 2003

Now a Junior in high school, Sean was the most active athlete in the state and possibly the country, excelling in baseball, basketball, football, swimming, track, wrestling, and even bowling. At this point, not one person could believe he was human. He set amazingly unattainable school records. Colleges all over the country were knocking on his door to get him to even just breathe on their campus. Unfortunately, his aggressive attitude and sub-par grades prevented him from playing these sports half of the time and Will was forced to pay for a tutor in order to help his son do the things he loves.

On top of everything else, his appearance was not improving, darkness starting to coat his skin to the point where it looked like a Halloween costume. And he could see, on his bare chest, a black and white series of circles, somewhat like a tattoo, but he did not know where it was coming from or why. Every time he came home he made sure he covered any visible part of his face that displayed his deformation. His father

Sean was also growing more out of control, similar to his mother, doing and saying things he would never even think of doing in the right mind. If he ever lost anything in sports, thoughts of homicide constantly emerged.

Summer, 2004

Sean had no interest in college after graduating but his father argued over it. Sean’s insanity grew, and he left home for good, leaving his father by himself. Now on his own, Sean’s crazed insanity cause him to kill others for no reason or for little reason at all. He got his money by robbing stores or random people off the street. He lived off of this lifestyle for a while and it was near impossible to catch him because he could change his appearance to anything he wanted. After committing a crime, he’d change his appearance immediately to something more innocent. A year he lived like this, living off of the streets with literally nowhere to go.

Summer, 2005

Heavily worried, cops continue their search for the #1 most wanted enemy residing in America, though it was unlikely they would find him because he could’ve been anywhere in the world at the time.

January 20th, 2006

The insanity ensued for Sean and after a large bank robbery, he attempted a get away with his tricks but his brain was far too young to control the dominating parasite and he passed out with money bags in his hands, the main evidence leading to his arrest. A hero from Paragon City was called in to arrest Sean, passed out and caught red handed. Still unsure whether it was his son or not, Sean was put in a line-up with 4 other criminals behind a glass which lead to Will finally finding his son even with his deformed appearance.

That same week, Sean was placed in a mental hospital, the same his mother died in. However, only a few weeks passed when Sean realized he was too powerful to be confined in a small room. He began to have similar flashbacks like his mother when she thought about the past. His mind couldn’t stop reminiscing over never being able to speak with his mother and, with tons of other random thoughts racing through his mind all at once, he crazily exploded in a dark burst, breaking the walls of his confinement with the wave of energy alone. Unlike his mother, he did not pass out this time and instead grew wilder yet more powerful.

Fall, 2006

Sean escaped and saw a poster of the Rogue Isles. Now able to occasionally control his insanity, he calmly altered his image and politely asked a civilian how to get to these Rogue Isles. It was now that Sean found three other powers of his: first, he could entwine himself with any darkness around him and makes it impossible to see him, second, when he comes in contact with anything with black in it, he may turn that into his own energy and manipulate it to attack others and third, he could teleport to anywhere that he wanted provided that he contains memory of the specific location.

Spring, 2006

Stealthily enjoying his new powers so he wouldn’t get caught by Paragon’s Longbow, Sean was found by Kalinda, one of Recluse’s head mistresses. She said she’s been expecting him all of his life but it was just a matter of time before he completely revealed himself to the dark side. She told him to stick around and wait for Recluse’s orders for he had something special planned for Sean. She welcomed him to the isles and encouraged him to do wrong, something he’d never heard by anyone in his life before.

November, 2006

Recluse’s men found Sean and told him they would fly him to Recluse’s operating base. Once there, Sean stepped into the room by himself and Recluse and Sean had a one-on-one meeting. Sean informed Recluse why he came to the Isles and what he has to bring. After the explanation of his powers, Recluse noticed that he was so unique that he’d provide him a clever yet villainous name: Optikill. The name matched perfectly with his powers:Once one thinks Sean is something he really isn’t and lets his guard down, the optical illusion is over and he’ll strike to kill. Recluse sent him on his way and encouraged him to start his new criminal life on his new home of the Rogue Isles.


Murky Tranference

One of Optikill's most unique abilities, by simply coming in contact with the black entity in any way, he converts its dark nature into energy use for himself. The amount of energy given depends upon the volume of the object taken from. This energy is mainly used in hand-to-hand combat and ranged attacks, but can also be used to materialize objects of his desire. Once the transference is complete, the entity turns blank which is a possible sign that the entity was inhabited by Opti.

One of his endless illusions using Murky Transference


With Devolution, Optikill can convert his body into any black entity which allows him to hide in many, many places or to tactifully plan an attack. The entity he absorbs himself into will contain his chest emblem which makes it easier to spot him. Nothing on the entity changes except the chest emblem which is imprinted somewhere on it.

Exo-Illusion Shifting

Exo-Illusion Shifting is the process in which Opti summons an illusion that he appears as, which can be anything from fiction to non-fiction, alive or deceased. His proportions and volume may also change in these illusions; Optikill himself, however, is the same person (Costume 1) while others watching him see him as an illusion he creates.

Opti, appearing as a rodent with small musks above the mouth


Opti, instinct to strike his next victim

By bending the gloomy air around him, the surroundings disquise him in complete invisibility. Best used at night time when he performs his absolute best.

Instant Teleportation

Optikill also can teleport from one location to the next, provided he serves memory to the previous location. He also has the power to teleport from one black entity to the next in complete secrecy, making him more devious.


Sean's normal (first) costume is not seen by many due to the constant trickery of the eye he plays on others, but when seen, one will notice the parasitic organism that overwhelmed his body and will continue to grow by the years.

About the Parasite

The parasite has no name. Local Crey Industries (CI) and Foresboro Labs (FL) scientists have conducted incomplete research but they have brought attention to unusual acts of insanity the parasite installs into victim. According to CI and FL, every 1/250,500,000 people are known to be born with the parasite and unfortunately for the Grays every individual family member caught it (it is advised not to have sexual contact if one hosts the parasite due to it spreading, which is how it spread across the family). And every 1/50 of those hosting the parasite experience skin tinting, which was Sean's case.

The parasite lives deep down in the sperm and once passed off, the original host no longer carries it. When the parasite reaches full body with no exposed skin, the host's body will begin to drain each day until there is no life of the host left to feed on. Once this happens, the parasite leaves the host's body deceased and secretly moves on to its next host to begin a new life cycle.

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