Ozma of Oz

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Ozma of Oz
Player: @Sakura-Kishi
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Princess Ozma XI
Known Aliases: Tippetarius (Name given to her when magically transformed into a boy as an infant)
Species: Half-human/Half-Fairy
Age: Over 100
Height: 5'6"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: The Land of Oz
Occupation: Superhero, Ruler of Oz
Place of Birth: Emerald City, Land of Oz
Base of Operations: Emerald City
Marital Status: Royal Consort (Dorothy Gale)
Known Relatives: Father: King Pastoria (Deceased)
Known Powers
Empathy, Energy Blast
Known Abilities
Magic Belt (captured from the Nome King), Fairy Wand.
Based on the Public Domain Character by L. Frank Baum, the player of this character is working on a novel based on the same character, and is looking for inspiration.




Known Associates

Ozma's royal consort, originally from Kansas USA. Dorothy has recently re-aquired her lost missing slippers which now work in Paragon and the rest of the outside world, as the opening of Pandora's box has allowed fairy magic to work there.


The Praetorian Earth version of herself, Tippetarius on Praetorian Earth killed Mombi when he was a young child so was never restored to his rightful female form. Tip is little more then a puppet of Tyrant who controls him through his wife, Tyrant's devoted subject Special Agent Gale. Tippetarius rules his version of Oz with an iron will and together with Tyrant wants to conquer Primal Oz as well.


Much of the first 20 years of Ozma's life was covered by Oz's Royal Historian L. Frank Baum. Her Father King Pastoria was overthrown in a coup lead by the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and she was given over to the Witch Mombi. Mombi raised her as a slave; and transformed her into a boy named Tippetarius or Tip for short so she would not be discovered by those loyal to the Ozma dynasty.

Years later, Tip was instrumental in freeing the The Scarecrow from General Jinjur] and her Army of Revolt. It was during this incident that [[Glinda the Good] discovered Tip's true identity and broke the spell that had been placed on him. Ozma was once again a girl and the rightful ruler of the Oz.

Over the next few years Ozma befriended frequent visitor to Oz Dorothy Gale who she soon fell in love with and made into a Princess of Oz. Peace reigned throughout Oz, depsite the occasional skirmish with longtime enemy of Dorothy and Ozma The Nome King until nearly 100 years later, Dorothy and the mechanical man Tiktok went missing. Cloaked from Ozma and Glinda's magic Ozma left for Paragon in search of her missing love.


Ozma is very kind and wise, and will never turn down any reasonable request for aid. She is slightly apprehensive around witches do to her past experience with Mombi, and her own edicts forbidding all magic aside from her own, The Wizard's and Glinda and her accolytes; but she will soon warm up to any kind hearted soul.

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