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Paper Girl.jpg
Hold still!
Paper Girl
Player: Scarlet Redemption
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: She's not allowed to tell.
Known Aliases: Paper, The bouncing little girl, The little girl
Species: Human
Height: 3'10”
Weight: 65lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Paper Girl, Student.
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI.
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Mom, Dad, and Baby Brother
Known Powers
Super Strength, Leaping, and Enhanced Resilience
Known Abilities
She's really annoying to villains!
Cowboy mask, bed sheet (she sometimes uses as a cape), her dad's bowling gloves.
Paper Girl is full of pep and is always excited to work with other heroes.



The following is a transcript from a PPD communication in Skyway.

“Dispatch, Car 54 arriving at the site of the Troll Rave. We might need some more SWAT out here.”

“Dispatch here. We've called--”

“Jesus! There's a little girl dancing in the middle of 'em!”

“Hold fire! Do not endanger the girl!” (sounds of shouting)

“Be advised. There is a civilian hostage in the--”

“The little girl is dancing around and...” (broken Transmission)

“She's dancing around wearing a cowboy mask, blue jeans, a pink shirt, and a damn bed sheet around her neck!”

“She doesn't seem to be injur--”

“She's pushing some of the Trolls and... (silence) Yeah, she's pushing them and making fun of them... (sounds of laughter) Ooooh! yeah, she seems to be provoking them!”

“They're attacking her now. Move in! Move in!” (sounds of gunfire)

(radio silence)

“Holy crap! Dispatch, she's... (sounds of yelling and things breaking) Dispatch, she's beating the hell out of them! They're not even... (talking, then some murmured laughter) She's still dancing around taunting them! (distant laughing) They're not even really hurting her!”

“Be advised. Heroes are on the way. We have two capes flying in from the east to lend assistance.”

“Thank you Dispatch. (sounds of a little girl's voice singing) Oh, now she's singing to the Trolls! I wish I had a camera!”

“Oooooh! I don't think that Troll will have any kids! Hold fire and stand down. The other Trolls are actually fleeing. Have vehicles ready at all exits to mop up stragglers.”

“10-4. Car 18 on our way. I just have to say, that was the funniest thing I'd ever seen!”

“(laughter) Yeah. Okay. SWAT is in making arrests. The Trolls don't seem to be hurt all that bad. The little girl is gone. She just jumped over a few buildings and disappeared.”

“This is Air Unit 10. We see no trace of the little girl but the two heroes have arrived on scene. Good luck explaining things to them gentlemen. (laughter)”

Paper Girl's appearance is mostly in blue jeans, a pink shirt, and a bed sheet tied around her neck as a cape. She sometimes wears her school uniform with her uniform jacket tied around her neck as a cape. She always wears a plastic cowboy mask and bowling gloves.


The following is a transcript of a Freedom Corps debriefing by Agent Trent.

 Interviewer:  Okay.  The time and date are inscribed.  Now Agent Trent, talk about what happened in Salamanca.
 Agent Trent:  I and my mission team, consisting of Agent Rewe, Agent Sicily, Warden Nails, Warden Highten, and
               Warden Semyon, were investigating the Tuatha de Dannan.  It seemed that several very large herds
               of the creatures were congregating about the Misty Wood area.  The plan was to lure one of the 
               groups, subdue them, then interrogate the biggest one and find out what was going on.
 I:  For the record, Agent Rewe can control fire and...
 AT:  Yeah yeah.  Agent Rewe can summon and control fire.  Agent Sicily is a powerful empath and telekinetic.
      Warden Highten is a master martial artist and has regenerative powers.  Warden Semyon is really good with
      magic type stuff, thats why I brought him.  Warden Nails is a damned psychopath with huge barbs sticking
      out of him.
 I:  And your specialty is...
 AT:  I can shoot lightning bolts out of my ass.  Do we have all bases covered?
 I:  Yeah, I guess.  Continue.
 AT:  As I was saying...  We found ourselves a nice little breech between two dense parts of the forest that
      overlooked about 4 large herds of the beasts.  I scouted ahead, leaving Agent Sicily in charge.  The plan
      was for me to zap a few of the creatures to get their attention then run through the breech.  They would 
      follow and we would ambush them once they cleared the breech.  That way we could take them, more or less, 
 I:  So what went wrong?
 AT:  Ha ha.  Funny.  Well, a few of the creatures were patrolling the area around where we were hiding in ambush.
      I neglected to notice them and they didn't notice me until after I had managed to zap a few of their buddies.
      I turned to return to the ambush point and thats when I saw that they had cut me off.  Then the patrol group
      noticed me.
 I:  Then?
 AT:  I sent out an abort mission signal and fired my jet pack to get the hell out quick.  Thats when the tree
      smashed into me and destroyed my pack.  The other Tuatha heard the commotion and they all ran to investigate.
 I:  How many?
 AT:  There were 6 groups altogether.  Each group consisted of two Bres, 4-5 Champions, and about 6-8 of the smaller
      ones.  I was pretty much screwed.
 I:  Then what happened?
 AT:  All hell broke loose.  Warden Nails went nuts and attacked the patrol group by himself.  He yelled for me to
      run while he tried to occupy the patrol.  Warden Highten then backed him up and Agent Rewe trapped most of them
      in rings of fire. Agent Sicily was trying to keep the others healthy while Warden Semyon did some magicky stuff
      to them that made them all blind and stupid.  I used the opportunity to get the hell out.
 I:  Is this when Agent Sicily was injured?
 AT:  Yes.  The creatures began to uproot small trees and fling them at us.  Then some larger trees came flying in.
      We were all beginning an orderly retreat when Sicily was struck in the side by a huge tree.  It pretty much
      crushed her left arm and ribs and knocked her unconscious.  Rewe tried to help her but another one struck him
      and sent him sprawling.  So I picked her up and we began to run for our lives.  Tuatha were pouring through the
      breech like a flood.  Nails and Highten could have flown to safety but they refused to leave us.  With our
      injured we were moving way to slow and the Tuatha were closing on us.
 I:  Is this when the “little girl” jumped out of nowhere?
 AT:  Yeah.  She came in from just in front of the breech and between us and the Tuatha.
 I:  Now, for the record, she was wearing a plastic cowboy mask and had a bed sheet tied around her neck?
 AT:  Uh, yeah.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  She just flew in from out of nowhere.  The Tuatha couldn't
      believe it either, I guess, because they just slowed down a bit and focused on her.  She then tackled the
      biggest Bres in the group like a linebacker.
 I:  A linebacker?
 AT:  Yeah.  She couldn't have been any heavier than about 50lbs but that Bres flew like it had been hit by a damn
      train.  She then jumped around the rest of the Tuatha laughing and singing to them.
 I:  Singing?
 AT:  Yeah.  Like a damned schoolyard taunt.  You know, “Sitting in a tree” and stuff.  She was slapping them on
      the snouts and knocking them left and right. Pretty soon they all completely forgot about us and concentrated
      just on her.
 I:  What did you and your team do?
 AT:  I was completely at a loss.  The rest of my team had stopped retreating and were slowly walking toward me in
      surprise.  The little girl was just fighting a whole army of those things by herself.  She wasn't winning but
      she was fighting. Also they didn't seem to be hurting her all that much.  Yeah.  I watched her get hit by a
      tree and the tree just shattered into toothpicks and she kept on fighting like nothing.
 I:  Then what happened?
 AT:  The little girl began shouting for us to get away.  That she would distract them long enough for us to go.
 I:  What did you do then?
 AT:  I turned to look at my team and then I heard Agent Sicily's voice from behind me.  She said, “If you run and
      leave that little girl on her own, you won't have to worry about the Tuatha.  Because I'll kill you if you
      do.”  That pretty much cinched it.  Warden Nails just smiled and began to run toward the melee. Highten
      wasn't far behind.  Rewe just shrugged at me and Sicily and ran toward Nails and Highten with Semyon.  I put
      Sicily down and we both staggered to the fight.
 I:  Okay, so you and your injured team decided to risk death to help some mysterious little girl in a cowboy mask?
 AT:  Damn right!  No way could I leave someone to clean up my mess.
 I:  Tell me more about the “little girl”.
 AT:  Other than she completely stopped an army of charging Tuatha by herself? That she showed no signs of fatigue
      even after they dog piled her for about two minutes?  That she exposed herself to serious injury and maybe
      death to save us? Well, her shoes were pink.  How's that?
 I:  You know what I mean.
 AT:  Okay.  The battle lasted for nearly two hours and she never faltered.  And despite the fact that it took a
      lot to hurt her she was getting hurt.  Me and my team fought until we were exhausted.  Warden Nails had to
      be pulled from the battle twice to rest.  Warden Highten even looked close to dropping.  After a while it
      took all of my concentration to even muster a small charge.  Agent Sicily actually collapsed.  But the little
      girl didn't even slow down.  She kept slapping and kicking and enraging the Tuatha so they wouldn't try to
      attack us.  At one point Rewe came up to me gasping asking if the girl was a friggin' force of nature.
 I:  What do you gauge her level of ability to be?
 AT:  Not sure.  She as tough as a coffin nail but she can be hurt.  She's not invulnerable.  She's strong, but not
      on the level of Statesman or anything.
 I:  Alright.  So how did you and your team escape?
 AT:  There was no need.  We won the battle.  The Tuatha finally got the best of the girl and literally knocked her
      out of her shoes.  She bounced into a copse of trees and didn't get up.  She was pretty banged up by then.
      Her mask was gone and her cape was nothing but a rag.  Her body was rag-dolled in a tree.
 I:  She wasn't-
 AT:  No.  But Warden Nails thought she was.  He and Highten both.  They and Rewe forgot about their injuries and
      finished the rest of the Tuatha still standing.  Semyon was with her before either I or Sicily could see if
      she was alright.  By the time we arrived she was pulling herself out of the trees and asking if everyone was
 I:  She asked you if you were alright?
 AT:  Yeah.  As if she hadn't just been bounced into group of trees.
 I:  What'd you say?
 AT:  I was upset at this point.  More scared, really.  She could have been seriously hurt.  So I yelled at her.
      I said, “Why the hell did you do that?  You could have been killed trying to save us!  What were you
 I:  Yeah?
 AT:  She just dusted herself off and said, “I was thinking, what would Hero-1 do?”  Then she just bounced over
      to her shoes, picked them up, looked at us and said, “Be careful!  Those bear-moose thingies are dirty
      fighters!”  Then she bounced away.
 I:  She didn't say anything else?
 AT:  Well...  As she jumped away she screamed, “Weeeee!” like she was on some damn roller coaster.


Paper Girl never gives up. She will keep fighting until she is told to stop or until she is unconscious. She never quits if she believes that others are counting on her. Even when ordered to retreat she is reluctant to leave and must often be carried from the battle.


Paper Girl's powers and abilities bring her nothing but unlimited joy. She loves leaping through the air for no other reason than she can. She often squeals with delight when she knocks villains off their feet. She is almost always smiling and happy when surrounded by overwhelming odds. When she is allowed to help other heroes she is overjoyed and often jumps around showing off to them.

No matter the situation Paper Girl always seems to be upbeat and positive. Even when all around her there is nothing but negativity and doubt she always has something positive to say. She is absolutely confident that the 'good guys' will always prevail no matter how dire the situation. She always has something kind to say to someone. Even villains (when she's not fighting them).


Paper Girl loves attention. She loves compliments from heroes and does anything to earn their praise. She also loves taunting and harassing villains into a mindless frenzy. She thinks their frustrated attention is hilarious and openly mocks them and even allows them to hit her (if she thinks it won't hurt) just so she can taunt them about how they can't hurt her.

Though Paper Girl loves some attention she is frightfully shy when given to much attention. She won't talk to reporters and avoids large crowds of people that wish to thank her. She prefers the attention of her teammates.


Paper Girl is very young and naïve. Adult concepts and attitudes either confuse her or are completely over her head. She has no concept of 'gray area'. Either you are a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy'. She honestly believes that all villains can become 'good guys' if they are loved enough or if people were just nicer to them.

Paper Girl is totally confused by moody anti-hero types. She just can't grasp the idea that some 'super powers' are a heavy burden to those that wield them. She sees all powers as a gift that should bring joy and be loved and doesn't understand why some heroes seem to always be 'grumpy'. Of course, she believes that with lots of hugs, compliments, and love they will give up being 'grumpy' and learn to be happy.

Though Paper Girl is a mutant she is completely oblivious to anti-mutant discrimination. After all, her mommy and daddy aren't mutants and they love her so why shouldn't everyone else. She thinks its funny when people call her a 'mutant' like its a slur. She simply replies, “Yup!” and giggles.


Paper Girl has relatively no ego. She doesn't hero for recognition from the masses and doesn't help people for thanks. She genuinely loves to help and act like a hero. She actually doesn't see herself as a hero simply because she enjoys helping people so much.

Her idol is Hero-1 who selflessly sacrificed himself to save Paragon City from the Rikti. It makes a lump form in her throat every time she hears someone speak about Hero-1 and she never tires of hearing stories about his valor and self-sacrifice. She also never tires of hearing the stories about other heroes that have bravely faced certain death simply to help those in need.

Paper Girl's fondest dream is to be as brave and selfless as Hero-1.


Paper Girl is still very much a child. Half the time she is playing make-believe while running missions and fighting crime. While she is helping to arrest some Hellions selling 'dyne' she might be pretending that she is fighting energy sword wielding dinosaurs on Mars. Many thugs and villains are confused when the little girl that they are fighting calls them 'Ugly space lizards'.

She even pretends to be other heroes in her own team. She will sometimes stop in the middle of a fight and pretend to shoot at villains with her “power blasts” that consist of her pointing her hand and shouting “Pew pew!”

Powers and Abilities

Regeneration MomentOfGlory.png

Super Strength: Paper Girl is incredibly strong for her size and age. She can lift a little more than a ton and can easily smash through concrete. Her father has tried to record how strong she has gotten and has since lost track. He estimates that her strength doubles almost every year. But he is not sure if this strength will peak when she's done growing or just keep increasing.

Jump LongJump.png

Amazing Leaping: Paper Girl can leap many hundreds of feet through the air. She loves moving around like this and often screams with joy at the feeling of free fall. It is not uncommon for her to leap from building to building for no other reason than just the feeling of flying.

Willpower StrengthOfWill.png

Tough Body: Paper Girl's body is remarkably solid and resistant to damage. She has been subject to all forms of punishment and can shrug off most. Though she is not invulnerable to damage she can take a lot of punishment before it starts to hurt her.

Willpower FastHealing.png

Accelerated Healing: Paper Girl heals incredibly fast. Though she does not heal quite as fast as many other heroes most bruises and cuts heal within seconds. The more active she is the faster she heals. Her healing is complete and near perfect and she has no scars.

Willpower QuickRecovery.png

Tireless: Paper Girl is always active and never tires from heavy activity. It is not uncommon to see her still fighting when others have long since tired to the point of collapse. Paper Girl only becomes tired when she pushes herself past the limits of exertion. She rarely sleeps and is always full of pep.

FortunataTeamwork Confuse.png

Sturdy Mind: Paper Girl has a very sturdy and confident psyche. Attacks that confuse, disable, or cloud the mind have no effect on her. She is also highly resistant to psychic attacks. She often comments about how they make her hair feel tingly. She is not immune to mind reading though and has no idea if someone is digging around in her private thoughts.

Her mind is like an open book to mind readers. Her mind is a regular cascade of joy and love for her friends and family. She also holds a strong sense of honor and justice. Her mind often flies off onto tangents of daydreams about saving people, helping heroes and helping villains become good guys. There is almost nothing negative or sad in her thoughts and feelings, mostly just simple kindness and joy.

Though you don't have to be a mind reader to know what she's thinking because she often blurts it out without preamble.

SuperStrength Taunt.png

Annoying: For some reason Paper Girl is incredibly good at frustrating and annoying villains. Her carefree fighting style and constant unending litany of insults and taunts usually send villains into conniptions. She purposefully punches and slaps people in the ears, eyes, nose and privates to anger them. She likes to kick people in the knees and push them down then laugh. She doesn't fight to hurt she fights to annoy. She bounces around dodging attacks if she can and tries to trip enemies up or just plain infuriate them.

Her annoying style of fighting actually causes the enemies around her to become so enraged that their attacks become less accurate and they leave themselves open to attacks from others and herself.


Hungry: Paper Girl requires massive amounts of food. Her metabolism works so fast that she is hungry all the time. She can eat as much as 20lbs of food in one sitting then be hungry an hour later. The more active she is the more hungry she is. If she doesn't eat at least a few million calories of food a day she begins to weaken and become vulnerable, not to mention cranky and whiny. Her mom and dad forbid her to eat sweets.

Overprotective: Paper Girl has an overdeveloped sense of responsibility for the health of her team. If one of her team is injured or knocked unconscious she becomes upset and incredibly emotional. She's terrified of anyone around her getting hurt and can be easily manipulated if a villain holds someone hostage. She has sometimes stopped fighting to cry over an injured ally and try to apologize for letting them get hurt.

Overconfidence: Paper Girl's confidence in her powers sometimes leads her to believe that she can never be defeated and doesn't think twice to bite off way more that she can chew. Often teammates and allies have to risk themselves just to save her from her own carelessness. Without guidance she will often charge in to situations without a thought for her safety.

Crappy fighter: In Paper Girl's mind she is like Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, and Lee Marvin all rolled into one. When in reality she fights more like a chimpanzee having a fit. Her fighting style isn't really a style at all just random poking, slapping, and punching. She has no idea how to land a truly devastating attack and relies more on luck and her ability to frustrate her enemies more than anything else.

More to come...

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