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Founded in the summer of 2006, Paragon City Choppers is a custom motorcycle shop that specializes in custom-built and unique motorcycles, sometimes outfitted with cutting edge technologies, for the superhero population of the city. Co-owned by John 'The Polish Powerhouse' Pulanski and Abraham 'Crowbar' McCrae - two former heroes themselves, the shop has enjoyed success from it's headquarters in Skyway City.

Meet The Staff

Paragon City Choppers employs about 10 full-time staff.

John Pulanski

Back in the 1980's, John Pulanski was practically a legend of the mean streets of Chicago, taking the name 'Johnny Powerhouse' for himself, but also known as 'The Polish Powerhouse' John fought crime on the streets of Chi-Town as one of it's resident protectors. John Pulanski is a mutant with the ability to absorb electricity and then use that electricity to supercharge his muscles, allowing feats of great strength.

John eventually retired from active crimefighting and moved to Paragon City, first making his living as a lobster fisherman, then running the 'Powerhouse Bar and Grill' in Skyway City, where he gained the neutrality of the local gangs in later years, especially the Trolls after he beat their local leader in an arm-wrestling contest.

John had always been an avid motorcyclist and mechanic, and with the destruction of and subsequent closing of his bar in early 2006 he decided, along with his friend Abraham McCrae, to open a motorcycle shop catering to the superhuman population of Paragon City.

Crowbar McCrae

Younger than his partner in business, Abraham 'Crowbar' McCrae followed in his partner and mentor's footsteps throughout the 1990s fighting crime on the streets of Detroit. Having no superpowers, McCrae relied on his Army training, vast experience in countless street fights and barroom brawls, and 'just plain cussedness' along with his cast iron mace (named 'Betty') to take on the city's criminal element.

After a brief retirement and move to Paragon City, 'Crowbar' McCrae once again hit the streets, teaching the residents that he was a force to be reckoned with, he actively fought crime for a year until he once again made the reaquaintance of John Pulanski and heard the older man's idea for a cycle shop.

Every so often, though, McCrae hits the streets to remind the local gangs just who is the toughest hombre in town.

Erik Love

John Pulanski's friend and nephew, although not related by blood nor marriage, John took care of Erik in the years before his transformation to the hero Wulfen. When Paragon City Choppers was in the planning stages, John decided to tap into Erik's mechanical genius and eye for design and recruited him as their main motorcycle designer.


Paragon City Choppers is based out of Skyway City, it is actually two buildings. The first, assumed to be the headquarters for the shop, is actually the business offices, living quarters for the owners, and show floor of the company, the rest of the facility is across the street in an run-down looking warehouse, the two buildings are connected by a wide tunnel and elevators. This second building is the research and build facility where most of the actual design and building for Paragon City Choppers custom creations are born.

Paragon City Choppers screens ALL customers for illegal activity before they will accept a custom order.


Paragon City Choppers, as a matter of necessity, has advanced technologies at their disposals (depending on availability) and several scientific and technically minded staff on hand to determine the parameters for each custom ride. Technologically savvy customers are sometimes even invited to work alongside PCC staff in creating their custom motorcycle, often these same customers are later contracted for freelance work on PCC's behalf.

The Future

Paragon City Choppers has bid for, and been accepted to create the Paragon Police Department's new officer patrol cycle and is in the process of initial design, sources indicate that Hero Corps and Longbow have also taken an interest in the creations of this up and coming company in the motorcycle industry.

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