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PARAGONIAN KNIGHTS est. January 2005

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The Knight Groups

Paragonian Knights

Our core group and are what makes us who we are. We are a lite role-playing supergroup, meaning we support RP-ing and enjoy it from time to time, but most of it is mission based. We strongly encourage character development and good backgrounds for your characters. If you are not an RP-er don't worry because you are just as welcome to join. The PK currently boasts a fully functional base, an extremely active roster and a fabulous web site with active forums. The PK has been around for more than a year now and in that time has made a name for itself as a supergroup that is here for the duration. If you are looking for a SG that enjoys having a good time and being there to lend each other a helping hand then look no further!

Paragonian Knights - 2nd Battalion

These are our second "main" Knights supergroup on the Virtue server. Due to restrictions by CoH developers on SG size, the 2nd Battalion was created to allow the Knights to continue to recruit new heroes. This supergroup operates under the same guidelines as the original Paragonian Knights.

Sisterhood of the Paragonian Knights

These are our all-female theme group. The main requirement to be accepted into the Sisterhood is that your character is female. The Sisterhood is a rapidly growing branch of the Paragonian Knights that does get involved in some lite role-playing during all Sister team-ups. The current leader is Gwendolyn Snow and she can be reached in-game @Lady Grae for additional information and possibly an in-game interview. Membership in the Sisterhood grants you all the same privileges as membership in the main Paragonian Knights supergroup.

Paragonian Knights - Honor Battalion

This is our Heavy Role Playing group. It is a very select group based around a silver-age superhero theme. The HB is the surgical strike team of the Paragonian Knights. Operating, often times, in secret to aid in the defeat of villainy on all fronts. If you are interested in this group it takes alot of commitment. Thought-Wave is our current Field Chief and he can be reached in-game @Mitch Koval for additional information.

Paragonian Knights - The Grae Academy

Known as The Academy for short, this is our newest Supergroup and is for heavy Role-players only. All communication, unless indicated, is in-character. This group utilizes the supergroup channel to communicate across zone. There is no activity requirements for this group, however, all members must be RPed into the group with one of the Teachers or in rare cases the Student Body President.

Paragonian Knights - Elite

This is our group for level 50 players. This group is very relaxed and spends alot of time helping others and participating in server wide events. Currently, the Elite is on its way to becoming our foremost base raiding and PvP supergroup. Obviously you must be level 50 to be a member. Upon reaching level 50 the Knight is honored in a brief ceremony attended by all available Knights and coalition allies. It is a sight to behold.

Paragonian Knights - Legends

This is our second group for level 50 players. Due to restrictions on membership the PK was forced to create a second group for level 50 heroes. This group are for those level 50s that rarely, if ever, see playtime again. Many players like to have a SG to call home when they return to the game and this is it. Once you hit 50 you have a permanent home with the Paragonian Knights.

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