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Personal Information
Real Name: Samantha Lourde-Vassily
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 123 lbs
Eye Color: Lt. Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Information
Nationality: American and Manx
Occupation: Superhero and Writer
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: General Edmund Vassily
Base Of Operations: Hyperion Space Platform
Group Affiliations: Protectorate

Phoenice (born Samantha Lourde) is a Super Heroine and Writer, as well as one of the founding members and current leader of Protectorate.

Personal History

Born into an affluent family in upstate New York, Samantha has a younger sister and is estranged from her parents due to differences of opinion regarding her vocation as a superhero.

Her powers manifested at the age of thirteen when she accidentally knocked out the power in the house while blow drying her hair. The official explanation was a power surge from the neighborhood grid, but in truth she had sent a damaging current through her hair dryer to the breaker box in the garage.

Her parents were understanding and not anti-mutant per se, but they felt their daughter should curtail the use of her powers and focus more on marrying into a good family - to someone who could assist in taking over the family financial portfolio one day.

To avoid fulfilling her parents archaic plan for her future, she pursued her college education through completion of her PhD. During this time, she met her first husband and one of the founders of Protectorate - the hero known as Pulse. The marriage to Pulse was tumultuous as he struggled with an addiction, which inevitably ended the marriage but didn't impact the stability of Protectorate.

After a brief relationship with Shrike, she became embroiled in a relationship with the villain known as Stygian. Both describe their relationship and continuing friendship as "complicated."

She is currently married to General Edmund Vassily of the Isle of Man, and they have been together happily for sixteen years.


Her costume is an amalgam of alien and nanotech that provides her with increased strength, allowing her to lift up to 10 tons of weight.

Inherent Powers:

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