Planck Gryphon

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Planck Gryphon
Player: @Petrograd
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 17
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Nemesis Construct
Age: Confidential
Height: 4' 6"
Weight: 350 lbs
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: N.N.A.P. (Nemesis North American Protectorate)
Occupation: Hunter
Place of Birth: Private Labs of Nemesis, Paragon City, N.N.A.P.
Base of Operations: Perez Park
Marital Status: Spiritually Schizophrenic
Known Relatives: Gryphon Series, Jaegers, False Nemeses
Known Powers
Magic-Mimicry via Orichalcum Crystals (Rad Primary)
Known Abilities
Flight, Dextrous Archery, Pneumatic Claws, Tumble-Down Regenerative Gearing
Pneumatic Bow, Soul Gem
(RP Character, Planck Gryphon was constructed in one of the many "Nemesis' Victory" dimensions, and came to Virtue by accident.


Victory over the United States was only the beginning for Nemesis. He began to consolidate his power, build troops, and mass-produce clockwork war machines in dreams of world conquest. For Paragon City, he planned a military college in Perez Park, but construction was constantly hounded by scavenging automatons and troop disappearances.

Through raid after raid, Nemesis learned the secrets behind these drawbacks, and of the Circle of Thorns and the Clockwork. Tired of losing troops, he decided to fight fire with fire. The Gryphons were masterworks, carved from psychic clockwork metal and animated by the soul gem remnants of his men. Orichalcum crystals allowed Planck Gryphons to mimic the Circle's magic, and pneumatic bows and claws rounded their formidable arsenals. These tireless, indestructible soldiers were ordered to hunt down the Clockwork and Circle mages to the last, to secure the world for Nemesis.

Nemesis had forgotten, however, that not only his troops resided in the soul gems.

A confused morass of the innocent and the deadly, the frightened and the proud, this particular Planck Gryphon's souls merged in howls of relief and terror and jubilation, leaving little more than an animal on the conscious level. An adept hunter throughout, she penetrated to the very core of Orenbaga, only to fall prey to a Death Mage's portal ritual.

Arriving in this Paragon City with no new orders, the Gryphon continues to patrol Perez, saving those she can from the suffering of her own tantamount souls.



Among the magical abilities mimicked by the Planck Gryphons are the revitalizing energy of Green Orichalcum, the replenishing and rejuvinating energy of Blue Orichalcum, the soul-draining disempowerment of the Circle Initiation Ritual, and the raw, untamed power of the Demon Summoning Ritual.

All of these abilities are channeled through the Gryphon's clockwork body, whether through directed attacks or reformation of the Gryphon's tumble-down gearing and psychic metal to take the demon's form.


((Planck Gryphon is a flying Rad/Archery defender. I use rad to simulate Circle magic, due to the green glow and similarly nasty effects. This character is particularly annoying to RP, as she doesn't speak. She's only got a variable music-box and the odd whirring noise. Why I do these things to myself, I'll never know.))

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