Pooky Da Imp

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Pooky Da Imp
Player: @Wiregeek
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unpronounceable
Known Aliases: You bastard, Pooky, Sir Pookington III
Species: Imp
Age: N/A
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 290 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Burgundy
Biographical Data
Nationality: Diabolic
Occupation: Blaster, Mercenary
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Neuter, Single, Not Currently Dating
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Archery, Electricity
Known Abilities
Fitness, Flight
Jump pack, Pocket D VIP pass, police band radio, Nectar, various one-shot or temporary items.
Designated Fourth Imp for many fire/kin 'trollers.

The story of Pooky is, in some ways, the story of Creation. One of the lesser Gregori, Pooky fell a little harder than his fellow Watchers, and spent uncountable millenia in the service of the Dark Lord, confused and out of place in a hell with no women.

Until his assignment to a Havok Team in Perez Park. Shot out of the sky by a fire blaster with a hot pepper on, Pooky was swiftly abandoned by his fleeing demonic comrades. Pooky found himself alone and stuck in the middle of Paragon City! It took several months, but Pooky was able to adjust, to the point where he could hunt his former fellow demons 'for kicks', often joining with young heroes, who having actual Security Levels, quickly outpaced him in their development.

Bemoaning his fate whilst in a group of young heros, struggling to make his way in the strange city, Pooky was not happy, but at least Paragon City had women.

And then one of his teammates mentioned that M.A.G.I. could probably break his curse, and Pooky had to investigate _that_.

Several years later, Pooky Da Imp is a certified Hero, a naturalized citizen of Paragon City, and one of the finest archers to roll out of Atlas Park. Affiliation with The Legendary seemed like an easy path to a safe harbor, and besides, they have some seriously smoking chicks there!



Supergroup: The Legendary (Rank: Rumor, tactical scapegoat)


Pooky is finally secure in his place in life, and with the burden of demonic Service off his shoulders, has turned out to be chipper and well grounded - almost annoyingly happy at times.

This confuses his few intimates, since Pooky's biggest pleasure is the company and sight of beautiful human (or humanoid) women, and his demonic origin has left him with none of the 'normal' equipment to participate sexually - Pooky is a neuter.

When quizzed about it, Pooky has admitted to some regret that he 'can't dance the steps, but at least, at least I can watch the show!'. This is born out by Pooky's approval and joy in loving relationships, regardless of the gender or people involved, as well as his sharply honed sense of aesthetic appreciation for the female form.

In today's society, his open appreciation of form and beauty is suspicious, and has netted him more than his share of conflict. This is one of the few things that can bring Pooky down, and one of his few 'hot buttons'.


The process by which M.A.G.I. 'removed' Pooky's demonic affiliation stripped his power level significantly as well, though he has regained a large share of what was lost. Pooky is self-described as being 'fat flying air support, and damn proud of it'


The single most feared weapon on the medieval battlefield was the British longbow - and with good reason. Not even a plate clad knight could stand against a well made and well aimed longbow. Pooky has adopted the British yew bow, and uses it to frightening effect. He refuses to commit to a 'signature' move, saying it will 'cramp his style'.


Pooky has also shown some talents with manipulation of electricity, which he freely admits he 'picked up from one of the few nice people I met in the Pit'. This secondary talent is used mainly for recharge of Pooky's own energy, or minor control of his enemy's movements.

Additional Powers

Pooky has recieved the Ouroboros Portal, and delights in the ability to cross space and time. With it, he claims to be able to get from 'One side of this glorious city to the other, all at the drop of a bra'


Have you ever wanted to fly? Well, being that this is Paragon City, that may be a less relevant question than it appears. Pooky flies, is fairly confident in the air, if not as fast as some of his comrades, and truly loves the 'on high' vantage.


'Fitness' Is the label M.A.G.I. applied to the leftovers of Pooky's demonic stamina and speed, both of which serve him well in his career as a hero.


Pooky is a straightforward sort - and he's finding a lot in common with the other blasting types in Paragon City. Philosophy having never been his strong point, 'chew a handful of reds, build up and blast through' has worked for him in so far, and if it fails there's always the hospital..

A quote from during Pooky's M.A.G.I. classification exams: "No, I'm not surprised. I've never really been a fan of stopping people or controlling 'em or any of that hooey - I just shoot 'em, it's what I do."

Weaknesses and Limitations

Pooky is about as two dimensional as a resident of the City of Heroes can be. He is fairly sturdy, but most any of the psionic or energy based stuns or holds can lock him down in a hurry. Vulnerabilities like this don't slow him down, but they do make him prefer the company of better armored or protected people.


Pooky carries his bow with him at all times, as well as the Ouroboros 'portal initiator'. Most other items end up left in his lockers in the Legendary base.

Battlecries and Catchphrases

"Pooka de POOOO!"

"It's time for the POINTY STICK GAME! Who wants to play!?!"

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