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Protocol X
Founder: Unknown
Side: Villain
Motto: '
Leader(s): Director X
Logo: The Vitruvian Man
Group Colours: Black and gray
Levels: All
Play style: Casual or active players, serious roleplay
Roleplay: Expected
Timezone(s): USA Eastern Time
Recruiting: Applications accepted
Contact: or @Major Paragon
No additional information available.


What is Protocol X?

In 2008, the presence of an illegal mutant experimentation program was hinted at by a runaway teenage mutant named Danica King. Although no conclusive evidence other than Danica's fractured memories have been found, an investigation into the program known as Protocol X is being taken seriously by GIFT and Longbow.

Danica King and DIADEM

The young mutant named Danica King was only able to give cursory information about the existence of Protocol X to Longbow and GIFT. Danica was kept heavily sedated during her time of captivity within the program, but she does retain a few haunting memories:

Prior to her captivity, Danica was an orphan in the care of a family that participated in a Crey-sponsored foster care program. When Danica's powers began to manifest with the onset of puberty, her foster parents enthusiastically enrolled her in a Crey school for young mutants known as the Duchesne Institute for the Advanced Development and Education of Mutants, or DIADEM. This was the last time Danica claims she ever saw her foster parents, and only a few days after enrolling she awoke one morning in a laboratory cell far removed from the DIADEM campus.

Danica did escape the facility where she claims she was held against her will for several years, but when she led Longbow and GIFT agents back to the lab's location it was nothing more than an abandoned bomb shelter from the 1940's. DIADEM does have records of Danica King's enrollment in their institute, but it was noted that she ran away from the school and was reported as a missing person in 2005. Her foster parents died tragically in a fire caused by a short circuit in their house's electrical wiring several days later. Other young mutants have also run away from the campus and reports have also been filed, but DIADEM is not legally responsible if a young student chooses to run away in the night because they are homesick. All students benefit from an at-will enrollment and can drop out and return home at any time. There are no indications that DIADEM is holding anyone against their will.

Longbow and GIFT are both keeping their investigations open regarding Danica King's whereabouts during the past few years, but to date neither have been able to link Danica's disappearance to a Protocol X program or a woman known as Director X. The faculty at DIADEM have not been implicated or charged in any crimes, and enrollment at the facility is still open for young mutants in Paragon City and from around the world.

Director X

The person allegedly responsible for the existence and continuation of Protocol X is a woman known as Director X. Although there is no concrete evidence, Director X may have once been or continues to be associated with Crey Industries, but there are no traces within Crey's records of a woman matching Director X's description and no records of any Crey program designated Protocol X. Director X may also receive funding for her illegal program from other organizations such as the Malta Group and Arachnos, but no one within these organizations is willing or knowledgable enough to say anything.

Protocol X Recruitment

Protocol X is currently looking to expand its roster of operatives. Good concepts for Protocol X personnel include doctors, scientists, corporate or security personnel, mutant hunters, and so forth.

Who We Are Looking For

Below is information on the types of villains and players we are looking to join Protocol X. Please send a message to or @Major Paragon during game play.

What We Would Like to See

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