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The Pyr is a planet in another dimension. It is a chaotic world ruled by gods and magic, and is home to many powerful magical artifacts and warriors.



Pyr is home to three major continents; Paleke'Ada, Ancarna, and Ledah. Due to the nature of Pyr, there is very little interaction between these three continents, and so they are each vastly different. Even the name of the planet varies by continent, being known as Pyrnoci in Paleke'ada, Pyrrhic in Ancarna, and Pronik in Ledah. It is unofficially referred to as just "Pyr" by most travelers for the sake of simplicity.



Ancarna is a large continent east of Ledah and west of Paleke'Ada. A large portion of the western half of the continent suffers from an oversaturation of mana (also known as magic, but the word implies from the planet). This oversaturation has directly affected plant and wildlife in that area, causing unusual mutations. There is a severe mana drought in the eastern half of the continent, which has formed a vast desert. Dividing these two regions is a large mountain range. The mainland is surrounded by many smaller islands, most of which are inhabited.


Asgulia is a kingdom located in West Ancarna. Its people are the Asgulians, a race of elegant cat-like people who survive easily in the oversaturated mana areas of the continent. The cities of Asgulia rest within forests and mountains and cliffs, and are all architecturally beautiful and, despite the harsh environment, prosperous. The royal family of Asgulia reside in a lavish castle built into the face of a cliff, surrounded by a moderately large city. The majority of Asgulia's residents are the native Asgulians, but there are a large minority of humans living both in it's cities or in the protection of human camps defended by Asgulia's military.

Asgulia is currently involved in the conflict with Valveigk. It actively provides shelter for victims of the war, and has systems in place to evacuate civilians of nearby villages and towns in case of attack. Asgulia's military is one of the largest presences in the conflict.


Asha is a powerful kingdom-city located on the largest island in Ancarna, northeast of the mainland, and is populated almost exclusively by humans. It consists of a single walled city that covers the entirety of the island, only accessible by it's few docks or the bridge connecting it to the mainland. This bridge is considered to be the longest bridge in all of The Pyr, and possibly the largest man-made structure, as well. Asha is famous for it's beautiful granite and marble architecture. The city is very prosperous, which contributes to it's military might. It is also the home of a widespread religion, followers of Origin, a group of divine entities.

Asha is not directly involved in the conflict with Valveigk, it does not consider Valveigk a threat to itself. The Valveigk have yet to attack Asha due to it's incredibly solid defense, a defense that most consider impervious to all attack.


The Sandsea is a huge portion of East Ancarna that is almost completely devoid of life. It is a dangerous and harsh environment and home of a hardy people known as the Ghot.

Ardenal Mountains

The Ardenal Mountains are a long mountain range in the center of Ancarna that divides the continent into halves.


An empire sitting atop a floating island.

The Realm Gate

The Realm Gate is a mysterious and colossal relic from a time before recorded history in Ancarna. It rests just off the northernmost coast of Ancarna, surrounded by ruin and crag. As the name implies, it stands as a gateway between realms, between dimensions. It has the power to send matter to alternate dimensions and times, yet the means of operating it have been lost to the ages. The gate hails from unknown origins, seemingly existing since the dawn of time itself. The ruins surrounding it also seem to predate history, yet show signs of equally advanced technology, far surpassing that of The Pyr.


The Ledian land is an archipelago consisting of seven islands. Practices of control of mana is widespread, even having magitechnology which is the use of mana as a power source for machines. Ledah's technology bloomed in the way of bettering life, although it's weapon technology slowed. Main transportation is by the sea and trade is common between the lands. The government is very democracy, but still undertones of monarchy is present as kings still exist.


Unique Races and Species

This is a list of races/species that are unique to The Pyr.






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