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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Redwinged Aine Blackbird
Player: @M I M
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Redwinged Aine Blackbird
Known Aliases: Aedemmir Morrigan Dunne
Species: Human
Age: 600 (Approx.)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: *scrawl*
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Neurologist
Place of Birth: Outside of Tiobraid Arann, Ireland
Base of Operations: Salamanca, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Fire Manipulation
Known Abilities
Master Archer
Bow (Multiple; primarily recurve and longbow)

Dr. Redwinged Aine Blackbird M.D., Neurology, A.K.A. Aedemmir Morrigan Dunne, more commonly known simply as "Red" or "Aine." Born around 1400AD, north of what is now Tiobraid Arann, Ireland. Holds dual US/Irish Citizenship. Board certified Neurologist. Registered Hero since October, 2005.

This page is a work in progress.

Current Status

Redwinged is believed to have finally forced various organizations to accept her retirement sometime in January of 2008. A few occasional letters to close friends indicate that she's reclaimed her home (really, a massive estate) north of Tiobraid Arann. According to several recently (January 2009) unclassified documents, she is identified as retired and unavailable for activation due to medical reasons. The details have been heavily and carefully censored. At some point between April of 2009 and June of 2009, her retirement from Vanguard was rescinded on an emergency basis, due to a pressing need for her unique skills and experience. She was dispatched to Paragon City on July 15th of 2009 based on intelligence reports and evaluations, and a demand to be there. She has accepted a job as of August 1st as a senior neurologist with the Paragon Hospital System.

Life Outside Heroing

Redwinged considers herself largely retired from the heroing racket, and spends most of her time with personal matters. She owns a large estate outside of city limits, keeping several horses there. As much as possible, she avoids being drawn back into actively saving the world, making few exceptions for close friends and those she considers family.


Redwinged, despite her age, is a normal human in all respects. However, through the use of incredibly complex interwoven patterns - the "primary" circuit being comprised of over 850 lines - she is able to survive definitively lethal injuries, even prolonged cardiac arrest. Physical tolerances to injury versus consciousness are similar to a normal human who excersizes regularly. Additionally, injuries heal markedly faster than a normal human, also relying on the same patterns. It is widely known that the only way one can actually kill Redwinged, is to cause extreme injury to her brain. Redwinged's brain is a matter of some debate among the Neurological community at large. Through literally hundreds of years of training, she is able to consciously remap not only higher, but lower (autonomous) brain functions. Being an etcher, the majority of her patterns are actually 'written' in her brain using consciously constructed cell structures to create them. She frequently protests that she is well past her prime, and not fit for heroing. However, she is still well above average people in terms of physical fitness and abilities.


On the surface, Redwinged seems to be the stereotypical Irishwoman - gruff, stubborn, hot blooded, and quick to anger. Most of this is a carefully constructed and maintained facade to mask deep seated problems. The events of the Rikti War left deep mental scars, and Redwinged suffers from what has been termed "Delayed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" or "Amnesiac's PTSD."

Known Affiliations

Organizations (Professional and Personal)

- Vanguard (Retired)

- Freedom Phalanx (Reserve)

- Maggie's Rock

- Paragon Hospital System (Senior Neurologist)

Notable Assocations (Real and Perceived)

- Manticore, Arctic Sun

For Halloween 2006, Redwinged went as Manticore. The two were witnessed standing side by side - Red was obviously, the taller one - dispensing advice and wit to other heroes. Arctic Sun later replaced Manticore after he was summoned away to deal with an emergency situation. (Citation; Refers to 2006 Halloween Party on Test.)

Red has been seen chatting with Manticore on more than one occasion. Every few months a rumour arises that the two are romantically involved, but their relationship is strictly professional, according to both. (Citation; Refers to several occurances including Virtue Halloween 2006 Event, and random times on Test.) These rumours were fully put to rest when Manticore married Sister Psyche.

- Statesman

While Red never has kind words for Statesman, she has several telephone numbers to reach him at, most of which are unlisted. She has also hinted at, but not disclosed, a significant professional relationship - possibly beyond Freedom Phalanx Reserve.


WORK IN PROGRESS - Beginnings - WWII - Cold War - Rikti War - Moving to Paragon - Life at 50 - Life after 5th Anniversary

Known Abilities


She's good with a bow. Very good.

Fire Manipulation

Fire is just awesome.

Regeneration and Healing

Redwinged relies on a highly complex set of patterns that allow her to survive killing blows, and heal at a markedly accelerated rate as compared to normal humans. These patterns were completely reconstructed in May of 2007, and currently operate around an advanced theory on mitochondrial-triggered cell division. However, due to the accumulation of injuries over time and aging, this configuration is expected to be less effective than the prior configuration. Its limits remain untested.

Pattern Casters


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