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Go ahead, darling. I dare you.
Player: @Talen Lee
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50[1]
Personal Data
Real Name: Captain Helen Forge
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 189 lbs.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Red-Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Full-Time Hero
Place of Birth: Classified[2]
Base of Operations: Classified
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Phenomenal regeneration and recovery, demonic flame powers.
Known Abilities
Black-ops infiltration, reconnaisance, survival and recovery training
Hellsteel-forged armour
No additional information available.
It has been brought to our attention in this, the current climate of metahuman unrest and with the repeal of the Might For Right act, that it might become necessary for the government to strive for a small, efficient force that can be called upon to resolve singular metahuman threats before they become military-grade events...
- Secretary Errol Gibbs, ISID founding minutes

In the post-metahuman era, it is simply a given that any given government organisation has done research into ways to harness this training. Black-ops troops have been progressing in leaps and bounds in the past fifty years, with the understanding that occasionally, there are large problems that need to be dealt with in an economic fashion. Some metahumans represent military-grade threats that can't be opposed with conventional territory-based military engagement. For this, departments like the Internal Special Interests Division are founded.



Captain Helen Forge is a businesslike woman who has gone most of her life knowing that she's one of the most dangerous people in the room. From a youth of military academic excellence through to special selection, Helen has been tested and proven all her life.

After her crippling during the Rikti Invasion, however, she refused to let this training go to waste, and focused her attention on training and collaborating with other, younger heroes. More than a few heroes prospective in Paragon City know, themselves, of the rules laid down by 'Big Sister Helen.'

Since recovering from her paraplegia, Helen has become more vivacious, more outgoing, and more than a bit showy. The years spent in a wheelchair clearly made her sensitive about her own self-image, and she's since taken to a somewhat egotistical bent, bellowing brassy challenges as she engages in combat. It makes her more or less useless as an infiltration agent - as she used to be - but she has found her taste for that kind of operation has waned.


Helen is a oubliette of sorts for a Demonic entity, known as Parias[3]. Parias, a demon which claims connection to Belial, derives her power in some way through fire, which Helen has since used to serve as the basis for her own powers. When Helen first captured and subdued Parias, the demoness was quick to surrender her own power - limited by scope of demonic entities - in exchange for the safety offered by being bound to Helen.

Helen has been able to leverage these powers in a variety of ways; she refers to burning yesterday, a power that lets her reshape herself slightly - hence her ability to walk again, after losing that in service of her country. Helen's touch, when she so wishes, causes flames - setting alight things that conventionally do not or can not burn, including complicated machinery and burn-proof fabric. Indeed, Helen has, through force of will along, set fire to Circle of Thorns Behemoths, demons that are, themselves, entities of flame.


RP Notes


Listening to Symphony of Science's most recent outing, The Case For Mars, I found myself overwhelmed by the phrase offered by one of the voices in that piece, "You have to believe in hope; you have to believe in the future." That is the core, now, of the new Reforged's story. That is, Hope.

Originally, Reforged was a lonely man with one light in his life; his girlfriend. The other player and I drifted apart not so much from one another as from the characters, and with the changes to Fire Armour in the Going Rogue expansion, I knew I wanted to dust her off and get to grips with her all over again. For that reason, I wanted to have a good theme to grip with - and a hopeful woman who loves life feels a fantastic thing to be throwing into our newly morally ambiguous world.



  1. Reforged's build can be seen here.
  2. Though she seems a bit British.
  3. A reference to the Hexen character.
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