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Player: @Rachel
Origin: Magical
Archetype: Blaster (Blapper)
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Rachel Maria Cohn
Known Aliases: Ray, Officer Cohn
Species: Human
Age: 28 (18 in powered form)
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Paragon City Detective
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Peregrine Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Gabriella Cohn (mother)
Jeremy Cohn (father)
Known Powers
Magical Energy-Empowered Martial Arts, Flight, Invisibility, Limited Energy Projection
Known Abilities
Paragon City Detective with all skills and training thereof
Experimental cellular regenerator made by SERAPH.
Crey CBX-9 Pistol
Member of Ouroboros

Reiko-Chan is Cobalt Anima's main character, the first she made after her initial aborted attempt at playing City of Heroes. While there have been many, MANY alts, the fast playstyle and interesting character concept keep her coming back to Reiko. She's truly taken on a life of her own.




Rachel Cohn was born in Paragon City. Her family wasn't particularly well-off; her dad was a Paragon City cop and her mother was a first-generation American who worked for El Super Mexicano. They lived in Kings Row, and while they didn't have a good deal of money, there was a good deal of love. Rachel was an only child, and a happy one, growing up healthy and strong, athletic and good in her classes.

Things got a lot more serious when her father was shot and killed in the line of duty when she was 16. She knew the dangers of his work, but to lose him so young, when he was her hero, greatly affected her. His life insurance and pension saw to her family's financial needs, but Rachel decided she was going to pay homage to her fallen father, and when she graduated, she took classes at PCU in criminology and criminal psychology, moving from college into Police Academy.

She graduated in the top quarter of her class, and fast-tracked her way through beat-cop, getting promoted to Detective right about the time of the Rikti War. EVERYONE got pressed into duty during was hard work keeping order when the world was falling apart around you. Thankfully, she managed to make it through it, and in the aftermath of the war, was posted to Kings Row, her home town.


That's when things got complicated. The Circle of Thorns was becoming exceptionally active in Kings Row after the War, and they were causing all kinds of magical havoc in the city. One day, a well-meaning hero who broke up the Circle working a transformation spell on an innocent civilian failed to notice one of their spellbooks, flung behind a dumpster during the battle. The spellbook was found by Marvin Bryce, a teenage...well, nerd and anime geek, to be honest.

Marvin's favorite anime series was Reiko-Chan And The Elemental Knights, a typical mahoushoujo series about a girl and her friends who could transform into mystic warriors. Each was empowered by an element, except Reiko-chan, who was their leader and possessed mystically-empowered martial arts. Of course, one of Marvin's favorite facts about the show was that all of the girls were drawn not in the typical semi-chibi style, but straight from the schools of Go Nagai and Gainax; buxom hotties who bobbled all about in exaggerated fashion.

Marvin, through a quirk of fate (and getting stuffed into the dumpster by some high-school bullies), happened to FIND the book. And when reading through it, determined that he could do summonings, and set about on his master summon Reiko-chan and keep her for his very own anime girlfriend!

Librarians From Hell

Of course, the Circle wasn't going to take kindly to the loss of one of their mystic tomes, and they started working a tracking spell to find the book. Meanwhile, Marvin was setting up for his summoning up on the rooftop of his apartment building. It was sheer chance (or mischance) that Rachel happened to see the squad the Circle had sent to get the book back, sneaking through the alley and up the fire escape. She drew her pistol, called for backup, and stealthily followed them up the stairs.

On the roof, Marvin was chanting the last words of his spell...the Circle moved to confront him, and Rachel stepped off the escape, moving onto the roof, ordering the Circle to freeze, before they could attack the boy. Unfortunately, she didn't notice the charcoal-marked summoning circle on the roof in the darkness, and stepped into it as she moved to cover the Circle. The summoning circle breached, as the spell triggered, and summoned the fictional character into the same time-space that Rachel was standing in. With the circle broken, the second part of the spell, to bind her to servitude of Marvin, never triggered properly, and Rachel, more than a little disoriented, found herself unarmed, wearing a short skirt, high heels, and a tight top, very Japanese and VERY buxom.

The Circle tried to attack the newly-changed woman, who fought back...only to discover she had the -powers- of the fictional character, too! Bright energy flared from her hands, flinging Circle members around like ragdolls and quickly knocking the lot of them out as she pummeled them with punches. In moments it was over, Marvin staring in shock, the Council out cold, and Rachel freezing her butt off in a skimpy outfit on a Kings Row roof.

The Aftermath

Rachel grabbed Marvin, and took him, and the book, down to the squadhouse to sort everything out. After explaining everything to her Captain (accompanied by plenty of ribbing from her fellow officers at the precinct), Marvin was released with a warning (since he hadn't broken any actual laws), and Rachel was sent down to Atlas Park, to meet with the Sorceress Azuria at MAGI.

Azuria's news wasn't good, as far as Rachel was concerned. The spell was never intended to summon a fictional being, and it was cast by someone with no training...improperly...and into a damaged summoning circle, WITH a living being standing where no living being should be. Despite the best efforts of MAGI and Azuria, they were unable to actually break the spell and return her to normal. Rachel was stuck as Reiko-chan...with all the powers and abilities of that fictional character.


In personality, Rachel is almost completely unlike what she -looks- like. She's serious, more than a little sarcastic, and very much a cop from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She doesn't break easy, and she's very dedicated to the whole ideals of "protect and serve"'s part of why she's not so sure she WOULD break the spell now even if she COULD, since she can help people a lot better WITH these powers than without them.

The spell, honestly, embarrasses the hell out of her. Like many female cops, she went through the ranks being razzed for being a girl at all, and her defense mechanism was to act as un-girly as possible. Now, she finds herself spending the majority of her time in the body of a teenage Japanese girl (which plays all kinds of hell with her normal cultural identity as a Latina), and what's more, one who has the body of a teenage wet dream and a completely impractical costume! (While she can change her clothing, if she transforms to power-up, it returns to the fuku.)

Beyond that, she's very much committed to the job. She still considers herself a cop first and foremost, even if she's on "special duty" these days, and she wants to help people; she'll put her life on the line willingly to help save a civilian. (Though thankfully being on "special duty" means she's got a Mediport receiver, which makes that a little less potentially fatal than it could be.) Personal relationships tend to take a back-burner...while she's got teammates and friends, she tends to see them as fellow cops and partners; she hasn't had a romantic relationship since she was a teenager beyond "going out to a bar and having a few drinks".


Energy Manipulation

Energy Blast




Other Abilities

Teammates And Allies

Special OAV Edition! Snapshots of a Superheroine, go!

Reiko/Rachel has a lot of different looks. Some of them she's pleased with, and some others, not so much...

The following is a gallery of Reiko-chan in her different looks, and in action around Paragon City.

Current Events

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