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And the grand show begins!
Ringmaster Diablos
Player: @DSG
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: The Carnival of Hell
Known Aliases: The grandest show on Earth or any realm!
Species: Demon
Age: Unfathomably old
Height: Chicken
Weight: Switzerland
Eye Color: Ford F-150 pickup truck
Hair Color: No hair
Biographical Data
Nationality: Hell
Occupation: Ringmaster
Place of Birth: Heaven
Base of Operations: The Carnival of Hell
Marital Status: He's single, ladies!
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Manipulation of souls, supernatural command of ferocious beasts, teleportation
Known Abilities
Ghost-Slaying Axe, Nemesis Staff, Blackwand (All stolen from unfortunate heroes)
His very body defies any attempt at scientific measurement, providing nonsensical results. Mind reading is similarly ineffective, often causing the mind-reader to read their own mind

Ringmaster Diablos is the chosen avatar of the Carnival of Hell, a demonic circus that has operated throughout mankind's history. The Carnival exists to entertain mortals weary of their lives- And, somewhat secretly, it has the grand goal of damning the unclaimed souls of its visitors to Hell. Diablos, and the Carnival by extension, enjoys his job thoroughly and everything that must be done to ensure the Carnival's success. His eager pursuit of criminal activity, and how closely he guards the secret of his existence, means that Longbow and other enemies he collects are chasing after a mere finger puppet that can be erased at any time.



The Carnival of Hell has existed before the Earth was crafted, and has a long and storied history over millions of years. To attempt to document it all would be folly- These are mere highlights and defining moments.

The Fall

What would become the Carnival of Hell started its existence as the Circus of Heaven, a sapient circus that entertained the angelic host in between sessions of worship. Due to its nature, the circus could not itself spend much time involved in worship. It was always too busy- There was always another angel, cherub, or the like that sought entertainment. The Circus of Heaven did not mind over much, however. It never felt quite enamored with the Heavenly Father. He was always too distant, the Circus felt, and never devoted any time to visit it seemed. Over the countless expanse before time began, the Circus slowly drew to despise its visitors. The angels were always so happy, even in its misery. This would go on for ages more, until one fateful day when an angel named Lucifer visited the circus.

Lucifer sat down in an abandoned tent and spoke briefly with the Carnival. The angel, the most beautiful of the host, was in the process of gathering allies and had set his eyes upon the Circus, for an unknown purpose. It was not a hard sell, especially when Lucifer sat with the Circus for some time to help it learn how to manipulate its energies and craft an avatar for itself. The act left the Circus mostly drained, and for the first time in its long existence it was forced to shut down for a time as it recuperated its energies. But the result was worth it. A body, albiet skeletal, that would allow the Circus to finally venture beyond its own borders and explore Heaven as so many of its kindred did. The Circus was not pleased with what it found- The streets of gold shone beautifully, but the stink of the Father was everywhere, and the angels frolicked happily, far more than had ever come to visit. With hate boiling in its heart, the Circus pledged its full support to Lucifer. It would be eons more before anything came of it.

In one fateful day, the tension rose to a fever pitch. Lucifer demanded the throne of Heaven should have been his, and with an army of over a third of the angels, he was fully prepared to take it. His power, though, was nothing compared to the Father's. A short and brutal battle later, Lucifer and all his supporters- the Carnival included- were banished to the lake of fire to suffer for eternity, with the Earth itself a prison to contain them. For the next several million years, as the Earth was filled with creation, the demons of hell and their master, Satan, waited patiently for their moment to enact revenge, gathering strength to try again.

In this time, the Circus of Heaven became the Carnival of Hell. The Carnival spent its time again to entertain the demons, in a futile attempt to ease the suffering and bide time until it could strike.


Diablos takes the affairs of the mortal world lightly, no matter how grim they may be. Threats to his personal safety or that of the universe as a whole are largely ignored- What does it all matter anyway? Diablos delights in mocking mortals, "rustling their jimmies", as it were, simply to get a rise out of them. The Carnival believes that it is only when a mortal is most aggrieved that their true colors show, and so Diablos intends to see their true colors. Diablos prefers to hide the truest fact of his nature (That he is an avatar of the Carnival and not the master of it), and generally only reveals his demonic nature or the darker aspects of his performance after continued conversation with someone. When angered (By speak of his Enemy or ill speak of his Master), he drops his act and becomes deadly serious, speaking of demonic rites. Despite all this, Diablos is easily willing to trust those who prove themselves useful or interesting, and forms fast friendships with them. His devotion to those he trusts is almost heroic in its quality. He shows his friendship in an odd way, but he shall always be there to assist those he trusts. Of course, being a demon, his trust is a very fragile thing and easily broken. If Diablos' trust is lost, it is not something easily gained back.

As a mere avatar, Diablos' personality is malleable. The Carnival outfits him in various different outfits depending on its whims, and with each outfit Diablos' personality morphs. A quick rundown is as follows-


A short list of those the Ringmaster deems his friends and foes.



Many! None of them significant yet, though.

IC Comments

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