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Fuzzy Freedom Fighter!
Player: @Rocket-Cat
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ra'Kett (Little Ra)
Known Aliases: Roxi
Species: Therian (Felis clan)
Age: 49
Height: 6'
Weight: 275 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Magenta
Biographical Data
Nationality: Alt-Earth Catgirl
Occupation: Researcher
Place of Birth: Zeta Rho 74-10
Base of Operations: Den'Home Gladiator Town
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sylus Blacklion (Father)
Known Powers
Tech-Based Shields, Super-Strength, and Rocket-Powered Flight
Known Abilities
Military trained Close-Quarters Combat
Impervium-laced Powered Armor


The scientific progeny of a military commander who spearheaded the rebellion against an alien occupation that ruled their alternate Earth since the days of the Roman Empire. An upsurge of innate magical energy infused her people with an edge against their captors, as a means of that world developing new gods and goddesses.

When explorers from Earth breached their dimension, they luckily met this curious scientist who was able to quickly learn to communicate and trade knowledge in a peaceful way and build trust between vastly different cultures.

She spent years working with those explorers to create diplomatic and financial contacts between our Earth and a few other dimensions before being able to gain citizenship and help refugees to emigrate and become productive members of society.



She is a short, stocky, and slightly overweight pink-furred catgirl, with a warm grey around her eyes and speckling her chubby cheeks. She stands guardedly, observing and measuring others while sorting through data on her tablet or wrist computer, rarely showing outward emotion, but her long-furred tail may flicker in a manner that reveals her interest.

In her public life as a superhero, she has designed a tight-fitting dark red compression suit with kevlar weave, and a white Impervium plate mail chest armor piece with a golden falcon sculpted into the tech, and a more stylized one painted on the back. She wears white and gold rocket boots and Impervium gauntlets wrapped in starch white fabric. A white pilot's scarf is wrapped around a grey turtle-neckline weaved with techno-wiring that aids in modulating her language to sound like natural New Jersey-Philadelphia accented English. She has a pair of goggles resting on her forehead attached to discs at her temples that house thought-activated flight control and defensive systems. Swiveling atop her long magenta tangled mane are a pair of pink cat ears that flatten in strong emotions but otherwise focus on interesting sounds when her thoughts are elsewhere.

Rough Timeline

150 BC The 5th Column spearhead an attack on ancient Cimerora, using time travel technology. In this new timeline, a Rikti scientist tracks the location of their portal, and is able to hijack their technology, to follow with a strike force of Rikti Restructurists subverting the Lineage of War to their own ends. The Path of the Dark becomes corrupted with an influx of Rikti hosts as the ancient Cimerorans and Midnighters lose the battle against the combined invasion force. These conquering Rikti, stranded in the past, attempt to create portals to the Rikti home dimension, in order to monitor its progress. They vow to watch without interfering, for fear of causing a grandfather paradox. This connection allows them to gain a greater understanding of the original alien benefactors who reshaped humanity of that dimension into Rikti. Contact is eventually made with the "original Rikti aliens" just before they attempt to leave Rikti Earth, and they agree to come assist the evolution of this new timeline later called "Therian Earth."
1000 AD The Nictus-infused Rikti and some of the "original Rikti benefactors" are stranded in the past, and have spread over every corner of Therian Earth, possessing or enslaving humanity. Continents are remapped into tribes, still inspired by the gladiator combat of ancient Cimerora. Each tribe breeds their own Rikti Monkeys to represent them in Coliseum battles in every country in the world. Rikti scientists harvest the animals of Earth to splice DNA to give their combatants an edge in the years of battles ahead.
1500 Humanity on this timeline has completely transformed into Nictus-infused Rikti. All of earth's animals have been spliced into Rikti Monkeys, having evolved into bestial slave races that serve their warlord masters with just enough sentience to obey their masters. The Therian Rikti are temporarily sated with wiping out every trace of the worshippers of the Roman gods and goddesses.
1600-1700 The "Therian Rikti" reignite the Lineage of War and vow to breach multiple dimensions, in an attempt to extinguish all worlds where the gods of the Roman pantheon still thrived on their worshippers. "Atlantean Earth" is discovered and attacked, but the Therian Rikti are outmatched and defeated. Atlantean Earth vows to liberate Therian Earth of their oppressors.
1750 Atlanteans backward-engineer the Rikti portal technology and send spies to study Therian Earth from the inside.
1800 The Atlantean spies integrate into the culture of the enslaved bestial Therians, giving them hope with an oral tradition of Roman mythology. It is discovered that the Therians have an incredible potential to evolve through reigniting the worship of their gods and linking to the Well of the Furies. A secret society is established, hidden from their Therian Rikti masters for now.
1900 In two generations, Therians have evolved physically and mentally, but have hidden their new strength from the Rikti for now.
1950 The future heroes of the Therian War are born, the brothers Snoshadow (Sno'Shado) and Blacklion (Bula'Kylon), who will someday become the first Therian incarnates.
1974 Rocket (Ra'Kett) is born, the child of Blacklion.
1975 Kabeiroi, the Atlantean Master Smith, comes to Therian Earth with the knowledge of crafting armor and weapons, enchanted with magic.
1976 Therians and Atlanteans use magic to exploit the weakness of their Rikti masters and gain ground in a campaign that spans many years.
1978 The Therian Rikti on Theria are defeated.
1979-1981 Kabeiroi decrypts the 2000 years of Rikti history in their archives, including the dangers of the "Grandfather Paradox" theory of changing history. He learns how the Rikti will attack Primal Earth in 2002. As the Therians rebuild their cities, he teaches them how to reshape the Rikti tech like the Atlanteans did, to support a peaceful world, working to help them to support themselves. He also teaches a 7-year old Rocket how to build armor with her special magic.
1981 Kabeiroi finally makes a choice to make a portal to Primal Earth to prepare them for the incoming Rikti attack, knowing he only had 20 years, rather than 200, by linking them with Atlantean Earth. He attempts to encrypt the Rikti archives so that the Therians wouldn't have portal technology yet.
1990 Rikti archives are decrypted and a few Therian scientists and Rocket-Cat (age 16). They learn about the humans of Primal Earth and the Rikti's home dimension.
1995 Rocket's father Blacklion rises to power through charisma and ambition. His daughter is put in the limelight as a sort of "Princess of Technology".
1997 Therian scientists reverse-engineer Rikti technology to begin to breach other dimensions. When they attempt to breach Rikti Earth, their portal computers lockdown with the "Grandfather Paradox" protocol, that the Rikti created to make sure that future generations wouldn't change the course of their own history. Their use of the portal technology creates an energy signature that Primal Earth will someday be able to locate.
2000 Portal Corps breaches Therian Earth from secret influence from Kabeiroi, hiding as one of their researchers. Rocket-Cat (age 26) is their first contact and when she sees Kabeiroi with them, she treats them as friends, vouching for them. He unlocks the "paradox" lockdown of Theria's portal computers.
2002 When the Rikti attack Paragon City, Kabeiroi aids Portal Corps, the Therians share their intel on their Therian Rikti weaknesses. The War Walls are built to keep the Rikti ships from portaling in. As Vanguard is formed to guard against aliens and dimensional invaders, it will take years before Therians are allowed to come to Earth. As much of Portal Corps becomes retrofitted Rikti tech, Therian Rikti tech integrates well and allows them more access points.
2003 Rocket (age 29) falls in love with a Therian tiger named Gral, and has a son she names Mol.
2004 Rocket and small group of Therians touch Earth ground, but find their powers are weakened when separated from their version of the Well. They secretly work with Vanguard, forced to wear helmets that disguise their animal faces.
2006 Rocket becomes the Ambassador that Portal Corps uses for Therian Earth. Rocket trains with Portal Corp to become more than a technician, training to get a Security license as a hero. She meets Avenging Falcon and is inspired to be his sidekick, eventually joining their supergroup, feeling torn between Earth and helping her Therian friends.
2007 The Second Rikti War begins, but Paragon City is more prepared for them.
2008 Blacklion becomes a brutal king without Rocket around, and Rocket helps SnoShadow depose Blacklion as their ruler. He steals Rocket's portal computer and escapes to Primal Earth, location unknown.
2009 Rocket spends more time quelling the Therian public and helping Captain Leo-9 take power and then emigrates to Earth with SnoShadow and other Therian heroes.
2010 Rocket joins the Praetorian War, shortly after urging her Therian friends to form a coalition with Avenging Falcon and his supergroup. She looks to him as a mentor for being a Primal Earth superhero, and builds herself armor in his style, to pay tribute to him.
2011 Rocket and Avenging Falcon attempt to rout Battle Maiden's forces, but are flanked and defeated. Rocket's mentor is apparently killed, but is actually rescued from the timestream to become a Mender of Ouroboros.
2012 (May 31) Praetorian War Ends. Rocket disassembles Avenging Falcon's empty supergroup in Steel Canyon and uses the resources to found a home for wayward Therians and animal-themed people, looking to acclimate and support society, named Cataway Center. Gral takes his son, Mol and joins civilian life to run this center. Mol (age 9) grows up here.
2013 Rocket spends time protecting away teams in dangerous dimensions, eventually leads them. She works with dozens of Therian heroes; some stay on Earth, others return home to help keep the peace. She spends most American holidays with her family, but spends most of the year away from home.
2014 Rocket focuses on Axis Earth, Freakshow Earth, Clockwork World.
2015 Rocket focuses on Werewolf World (Lamda Rho 57-20), Revenant Hero World, War Earth. She is savage against the mad soldiers of War Earth, taking revenge for the loss of her mentor. When her scientific mission gets too bloody, she retreats back to Portal Corp to lick her wounds.
2017 Rocket is shaken and discouraged with Portal Corp, hoping to fix outdated data locations, siphoning resources from dead worlds and derelict spaceships, and ports directly onto the Citadel, the satellite base of the Champions. She joins their roster as an expert of portal technology.
2018 Rocket has several missions with the Champions. Later, to close a dimensional tear on the Citadel, she sacrifices her portal emitter and her means of visiting Theria. Rocket takes on Rohr as her 'buddy system' partner since he was now stranded on Primal Earth. A gentle Therian lion male who becomes a chef onboard the station. Rocket becomes overweight from enjoying his cooking too much.
2019 Gral divorces Rocket after learning that she had an affair with her protege Rohr. Stricken with grief at unwittingly breaking up Rocket's family, Rohr's behavior becomes erratic, passes away due to a brain tumor that had been undetected. Rocket leaves the Champions to mourn, choosing to rejoin Portal Corp, rather than pick up the pieces of her broken marriage, to try to escape her sadness in dozens of alternate dimensions on away missions. Her son Mol uses Rocket's connections to get hired to do monitor duty at Portal Corp after classes at PCU, in an attempt to be more involved in his distant mother's life.
2020 Mol (Age 17) becomes frustrated and attempts to seek out a means of acquiring power to feel worthy, hacking into his mother's notes about her bloody battle on War Earth, and enacts a plan to breach that dimension and steal a weapon that was meant for a powerful soldier. Mol grasps a maul, swarming with nanites that rewrite his DNA into a powerful *female* Therian-Human hybrid warrior. The nanomachines temporarily drive Mol insane, and she joins Battle Maiden's army as a loyal soldier. When Rocket tracks down Mol, she is beaten back by legions of Warrior Earth zealots and she is unable to rescue her daughter. Rocket has to retreat to Portal Corp. She is unable to gather enough allies to make another run.
2021 Rocket throws herself into her work, trying to find a means to extract Mol. With no luck, she seeks a means of finding a dimension to herself. She seeks out DJ Zero as a means of befriending and manipulating him to allow her to build her own workshop in his dimension for her more dangerous experiments to find a way to create a dimensional tether to Warrior Earth.
2022 Mol rises through the ranks of Warrior Earth soldiers and leads an attack to exploit this connection to Pocket D, assigned to ambush Rocket-Cat in her private dimensional lab. DJ Zero intervenes himself, assuring that not a single person is injured, rescuing Rocket and helping her separate Mol from the invading army. In return for his help, Rocket would have to close her lab to seal off this portal to Warrior Earth forever. Rocket takes her new daughter home to Primal Earth (Age 19, Mol).
2023 Gral continues to run Cataway Center and rehabilitating Mol, helping restore her sanity. The Center rehabilitates mostly "strays from Crey". Lots of female cat-human hybrids. Mol is one of them.

2024 Mol (Age, 21) becomes a mercenary traveling between Paragon and the Rogue Isles with the name Tiger Maul.

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