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S.I.N. Inc.
Founder: Xaesha Khaine
Side: RED
Motto: Leading the way into the future of confict resolution
Leader(s): Lord of Strife
Logo: file not uploaded
Group Colours: Black and White
Levels: All
Play style: RPVG
Roleplay: required
Timezone(s): all
Recruiting: Actively
Contact: See Technomagus



S.I.N. Inc., formally known as Seer and Emyrs Weapons, was created in 1942 as a weapons technology developer for the U.S. Military. It had moderate success during the course of WWII and into the Korean War. Shortly there after the company floundered and was headed for bankruptcy after a series of risky and expensive failed projects. Then in 1965 Jonus Seer son of one of the two founders bought out the other half of the company from his fathers partner Mikhal Emyrs and with an injection of cash from unknown source was able to turn the company around and expand its research departments and hire on top scientist and restore it to a successful weapons technology developer.

It would remain a successful company until the mid 90's after the end of the cold war and the subsequent shrinking military spending. In the increasingly competitive field for the shrinking number of contracts the death of Jonus Seer could not have come at a worse time. It left the company in the hands of his less then business savvy son Mathew Seer who would slowly drive the company into the ground over the next decade.

That is until 2006 when on the verge of bankruptcy despite some very promising developments Mathew Seer was approached by a group of individual looking to purchase the company. With little choice Mathew sold the 3rd generation family company for pennies on the dollar with one stipulation, that the Seer name always remain attached to the company.

The new owners moved to incorporate the company renaming Seer Intelligence Nexus or S.I.N. Doing so outside of U.S. Soil and in the Rogue Isles where they chose to relocate the labs, equipment and the few personal they wished to keep.

Modern Day

To the public S.I.N. Inc. is a weapons technology and pharmaceuticals developer that dabbles in other technologies with a mercenary division. Although the mercenary end seems geared more towards field testing their own technologies. They also possess a top flight intelligence gathering network. It has a board of directors that has several suspected criminal leaders with their own organizations and is very closely monitored by Arachnos and others as a result. Though despite the insisted upon inclusion of several members of Arachnos in its personal the company continues to be allowed to function free of interference.

Rumors insist there is more to the company then appears. Rumors of secret labs and advancements that push the boundaries of known science. So far none of these rumors have been substantiated.

Present Day

S.I.N. Inc. Suffered a series of setbacks leading to an almost complete shutdown of the facility in the Rogue Isles. With the loss of investors and personnel S.I.N Inc. seemed doomed to bankruptcy. This however has not yet occurred and S.I.N. Inc. continues to hang on to this day. Though the company CEO remains unreachable and most of its board members are unaccounted for these factors have not stopped a few remaining members from doing what they can to "keep the lights on". Rumors of a restructuring and new investors abound, but no official statement has been made.



Michael Graves (AKA Lord of Strife)

Board of Directors

Xaesha Khaine

Vanessa Vanity

Mason Blake

Lord Mortis

Dominique DeVile

Lord Kozu



Dominique DeVile

Technology and Development

Technomagus, Kid Tek, Ediophage, Black Grackle

Mercenary Division

Lilly Corcoran, Lumi Wadly, R. Anybody, Blue Peridot


TG-1, Miss Concordia



Support Staff

LK - 13, White Ant, Nurse Sybil


Sanctum Nocturnis

Libertines Haven

The Projects

The Roman Empire

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