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Seer Valentine
Player: @Archon Mk. 1
Arachnos Intel
Rank: Fortunata Seer
Archetype: Arachnos Widow
Security Level: 26
Operative Personnel Intel
Real Name: Reneé Valentine
Known Aliases: Alicia Knight, Seer Valentine, The Calculated Gamble
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height/Weight: '
Eye/Hair Color: Hazel/Brunette
Citizenship: American, Etoile
Current Residence: Ivory Tower
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Hazel Valentine (Paternal Grandmother, Alive)
Known Powers
Telepathy, Psychic Barrages, Slight Pre-Cognition
Training / Abilities
Fortunata training
Fortunata armor, Comm Unit, Voice Modulator
Order Through Strength



Outside of the crimson and ebony armor of the Fortunata, Reneé is an outgoing and cheery lass. The former police sketch artist shows a cordial and warm deposition which is further contrast by her on duty fervor and iciness. However, this is all a façade for the cunning psychic that lies underneath the veneer of friendliness. Every the gambler, her moves are thought out, factors are considered, and the dice are rolling. In her mind it is up to her tricks and planning, along with those who work aside her to ensure the goals are reached. The duality allow plausible deniability of the seemingly sweet Renee being the calculating seer.

Early Life

A Gambler's Hand

On her 19th birthday, Reneé decided to travel to St. Martial in the Isles with some friends for legal, if somewhat dubious, gambling at the Golden Giza with friends. The entire trip, only intended to be a week was a hedonistic pleasure trip for the young college group. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and the golden voice of Johnny Sonata. Hundreds and then thousands of dollars were lost then gained by young Reneé, only for the cycle to repeat the next day. All manner of drugs and vice were indulged in: cocaine, ecstasy, poker, liquor...a dangerous cocktail and a perfect complement to the events to come. As the trip went on, nights of partying and gambling blurred together until she lost consciousness, and everything went black.

When she rose from her drug-induced slumber, she found herself no longer in her hotel room, but a holding cell, and in the cells next to her were other people equally confused. It was then that, her captors walked up, their armor emblazoned with the red spider of Arachnos.

The Ivory Tower

A Future in Rubble

What started as a a field mission with a squadron from the Ivory Tower, proved something far different, a portal became locked onto a future only a decade and a half away. In it the team saw fire and destruction,

Powers and Abilities



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