Semlin E'Chemos

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Semlin E'Chemos / Semlin
Player: @Semlin
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender (CoH) / Corruptor (CoV)
Security Level: 50/50
Personal Data
Real Name: Semlin E’Chemos
Known Aliases: Semlin E. Kulwicki
Species: Female Incubus (Not to be confused with Succubus)
Age: It’s not polite to ask a lady.
Height: Approximately 5’10”
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: Base Pandemonium, Hell
Occupation: Doctor of Archaeology and Thaumaturgical Arts at Croatoa University
Place of Birth: Base Pandemonium, Hell
Base of Operations: The Sanctum
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Duke Chemos, Lord of Lusts (Father), Acia Sinistra (Mother). Semlin also has many brothers, but Chemos has had no other daughters in his existence.
Known Powers
Eldritch Blasts and The Dark Arts
Known Abilities
Knowledge of the Dark Arts, Seduction, Incredible Fashion Sense.
Infernal Bracelets, various rings and amulets.
For dark themes and sexual content.




Currently Unaffiliated

Known Associates

Physical Description

Semlin is a devastatingly attractive female in what would appear to be her late 20’s or early 30’s. She has deep blue eyes and long flowing auburn hair, often worn in a Veronica Lake style, in a rather glamorous fashion, or tied back in a ponytail.

In her mortal guise, she wears a tailored business suit with a miniskirt, stockings, and high heels, as well as a pair of glasses. In her normal wear, she could be found wearing anything from a Cheong-Sam gown, to evening wear, to corsets and leather. She can grow dark leathery wings at will, but does not require them for flight.


Semlin is an extremely sensual, intelligent woman. She’s had extensive training in the magical arts, as well as the arts of the Courtesan, seduction, and intimacy. Her Father was a firm believer that the Succubi, the Daughters of Lilith, would pale in comparison to a properly trained Incubus… and she is the result of that training.

She is somewhat amoral, but resists her dark impulses as best she can, though temptation occasionally gets the better of her. She is also fond of using terms of endearment casually, calling most ‘Darling’ or ‘Dear’.

Character History

Created in the Palace of Tu’Haa-Yawen, in the Hellish realm of Base Pandemonium, Semlin has little memory of her youth – largely because she did not have one. Unbeknownst to her, she was created from her Father and parts of her Mother whole… an ‘adult’, a living golem of sorts. From her first moment of creation, she was taught the dark arts, how to manipulate shadow and eldritch energy, to fell and curse her enemies, and the enemies of her Father’s court. Her training in seduction came at the hands of some of the greatest Courtesans and Sensual beings to ever live. From Valeria Messalina and Lucrezia Borgia, to the false goddesses Hathor and Astarte. She outshined them all, taking each lesson, each mote of intimacy, combining, modifying and making it her own.

Throughout her lifetime, she has seduced Angels and Demons, Princes and Popes, and all in-between. She has, to date, never failed once she set her sights on someone. Of course, when one has forever, that certainly makes things a bit easier. Years passed in the Hellish realms, and she was named her Father’s Mistress of Research, and did all she could to discover the lost secrets of Hell. Hidden Temples, Lost Palaces and Ancient ruins, blasted during the War with Heaven, all came to light under her investigations. Through her studies, her magical abilities became even greater… as did her own seeds of rebellion.

Paragon History

Believing she had followed a dark path… she left the Hellish realms of her Father, and came to Paragon City, an alternate dimension to the one in which she now resides. She attempted to become a hero, using her abilities for the greater good. She suppressed her dark impulses as best she could, forming a group of heroes together that were the stuff of legend. She fell in love with and married one of them, a duelist who had been a former employee of the Crey corporation.

Then… she decided to test her abilities on a former foe from the pits: Baphomet. She met him in combat, and the dark temple in which he lived was laid waste, as were more than one hundred of his cultists and worshippers. But in the end, he proved just a little stronger… and she went hurtling back to Hell, languishing once more in her Father’s palace. He was… not amused. But instead of punishment… there was a party for her return. The party was an orgiastic feast the likes of which had never been seen in all of the Realm of Excess. His plan was simple… to reawaken the dark desires she’d repressed for so long. It worked beautifully. She wondered at her own foolishness, that she’d ever tried to live a life as heroine. She re-honed her skills and returned, this time on a dark rampage, foes and former friends falling to her magic or dark kiss.

Her old group, aided by the Hero Infernal, managed to capture her, and force her incarceration within the Ziggurat, where she languished in a warded cell for several months, alone. Her humiliation was complete when the divorce papers showed up, the last glimmer of light within her snuffing out. Then… the explosions, and the door was blasted off her cell by Arachnos operatives. Shouting something about her being the ‘Chosen One’, she was ushered off to a copter, and taken to the Rogue Isles. There she became the apprentice of Ghost Widow herself, learning even more dark magic and wiles. She was a terror, using her abilities to further her own agenda and gain power.

Then, a face from her past, the Hero Infernal, called out a challenge to her, counting on her hubris to be her downfall. She accepted the challenge, knowing that she had the power to defeat him, without question. However, when she arrived, many of her old teammates had come as well, including the dark warrior Mighty Nephilim, and several others – only her former husband was notably absent. The group fought her together, and while she managed to subdue several of them, she fell to her knees, defeated. Infernal came to her, locking a pair of bracelets around her wrists. The glow of magic suffused her form, and she felt that glimmer of light, so long snuffed out, rekindle within her, and grow stronger. “Semlin… I know there is still good in you, and these bracelets, fashioned by myself and your team… will help you curb your dark impulses, and find the light within yourself once more." She rose to her feet, weeping softly, feeling the bracelets burning her flesh. “Send me from this place… I need a fresh start. I cannot live here, there is too much pain, and too many memories.” So Infernal and her former comrades called in a favor at Portal Corporation, and sent her to an alternate universe… the one in which she now resides.

Once there, she found her ‘re-awakening’ had stripped much of her strength from her, largely the parts she was fuelling with evil magics. She, however, learned quickly to adapt, and her power and skill is on the rise once again.

Current Events

Semlin joined the Super Group ‘Hyperion Force’, and is currently their ‘Mistress of the Magical Arts’ in residence, handling a great deal of the Occult and Supernatural research and problem solving for the team. She later left the team due to 'creative differences' and is currently in search of a new home.

She has been romantically linked to a few different individuals, both male and female, but it seems difficult to determine who she is with firmly, if anyone.


Primary Powers

Energy Blast – Power Bolt, Power Blast, Power Burst, Aim, Explosive Blast. (She refers to her abilities here as Eldritch Blasts)

Secondary Powers

Dark Miasma – Twilight Grasp, Tar Patch, Howling Twilight, Shadow Fall, Darkest Night, Fearsome Stare, Dark Servant (She refers to these as draining life force, curses, a gaze that causes lust or fear, and a demonic servant. Collectively, 'The Dark Arts'.)

Additional Powers

Fitness – Swift, Health, Stamina. Flight – Hover, Fly. Speed – Hasten. Teleportation – Recall Friend.


Semlin has the ability, like many Cubi, to shapeshift her form to another humanoid type of a similar height and build, plus or minus a few inches or pounds. Her gender is also amorphous, but no one has seen her be anything but female, and she seems to vastly prefer that form. She possesses telepathic abilities to read and communicate thoughts with another. She can peform many magical spells, such as wardings, minor summonings, bindings, and dismissal. She also has excellent night vision, due to increased rod structures in her eyes. Lastly, she has the ability to drain life force from a victim or willing ‘donor’, in the form of physical contact, sexual contact, or by drinking of their blood. (She does have retractable fangs, and the ‘kiss’ is similar to that of a vampire.)


Semlin has a few different magical objects that she’s created, but her main ‘equipment’ piece would be the bracelets fashioned for her by Infernal.

Weakness & Limitations

Her bracelets are her current biggest weakness. If they are lost or removed, the darkness in her soul will come to the surface, and her morals will likely be a very distant memory until they can be replaced around her wrists.



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