Seventh Line

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Seventh Line-Headshot.jpg
"I am looking at the camera, okay?"
Seventh Line
Player: @M I M
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: In The 30's.
Personal Data
Real Name: Alex Tennison
Known Aliases: Lizard, Gojira, Gozirra, Dragon, Hey You, Trebek Junior
Species: Unknown (Dragon?)
Age: Indeterminate
Height: 7'10"
Weight: 684lbs
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero, Babbage Handler
Place of Birth: Narragansett, RI, USA
Base of Operations: Skyway City, Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single *sigh*
Known Relatives: Jeanne - Mother (Deceased), James - Father (Deceased)
Known Powers
"Hitting things very, very hard."
Known Abilities
"Let me pluck you a little song.."
Recurve Bow, iPod, modified headphones
Frequently confused for a villain by newer heroes, leading to literally dozens of "incidents" around his home.

"Just put my name.. yeah, Seventh Line.. right there. Okay, now write giant robot. Anywhere, just like, slap it in big letters across the page. There, you're done with the paperwork."

"But.. what about all the damage?"

"Don't sweat it. They'll know what it was. I'm the official Baggage Handler around here."

"Don't you mean Babbage?"

"Same thing."



"... uhm, yeah. Later."


Seventh Line is generally referred to as a dragon, but lacks the typical wings, or ability to breathe fire. The biology also differs somewhat from the typical examples. He is a somewhat strict carnivore, requires large amounts of starch in his diet, is severely allergic to alcohol, and cannot stand carbonated beverages. Bone structure is incredibly dense and heavy - so much so that flight is outright impossible. (It would require a wingspan of over 40 feet to generate sufficient lift, with each wing weighing more than he does.)

His body is covered in overlapping scales which appear to be similar to bone, each approximately one inch long, three quarters of an inch wide, and a quarter of an inch thick. Small caliber bullets cannot fully penetrate these scales, though larger caliber bullets have been observed to shatter several upon impact. These scales regenerate fairly quickly by mechanisms not understood.


"You'd be grumpy too, if you.. oh nevermind."

Seventh Line's mood tends to be extremely mercurial, going from wise-cracking one second to dead serious the next. In general, he comes across as depressed, though not completely disillusioned. He rarely misses the opportunity to point out his displeasure with his current state, or the difficulties in adapting to it.


Jokingly claims to be a member of the Official Alex Trebek Fan Club.


Seventh Line's powers are known to be magical in origin and nature, combined with raw physical strength. The exact methods and manners are still a complete mystery.

Primary Set

Archery; Seventh Line was a student of Bitter Flurry prior to her untimely death (car versus pedestrian.) He has taken a greater interest in magic of late, but had little luck finding uses for it along with his bow.

Secondary Set

Energy Melee; "what can I say? I like punching faces in." The exact source and mechanism are a complete mystery, believed to be related to his transformation. These powers manifest as a significant red "glowing" around his forearms. Wild swinging usually results in numerous broken bones, stunned enemies, and on more than one occasion, people flying without intending to. These are further accented by the sharp claws on his hands, causing incredibly devastating damage - often unintentionally.

Additional Powers


The muscles in Seventh Line's legs are extremely powerful, and possibly overtensioned. As a result, he can leap incredible distances; combined with near diamond-hard claws which allow him to stand on near vertical surfaces (when he's willing to cause significant property damage.)

Weaknesses and Limitations

Seventh Line is his own worst enemy; his frequent depression makes him loathe to actively patrol most days. This is not helped by the "Skyway Baggage Insurance Policy," a joking name for a barter system that has evolved in his neighborhood in south Skyway City.

Skyway Baggage Insurance Policy

With the frequent - sometimes several times a day - appearances of the giant robot known as Babbage, Seventh Line has a real problem with the Clockwork King. More importantly, he has a problem with the giant robot frequently damaging his apartment building. Several local business owners came up with a bartering system, to avoid damage to their property as well. If they can see Seventh Line trying to break off Babbage's legs, they send him gifts. With two butcher shops, a grocery store, and an electronics store in the vicinity, it's been a rousing success and he has little reason to go looking for trouble elsewhere in the city.


Several bows, 30G iPod, modified headphones, occasionally a laptop computer (high end gaming model.)


The "Head Harder Than Concrete" Incident

In December of 2007, a newer hero - Tanker class - mistook Seventh Line for a villain invading Paragon City. Despite numerous attempts to explain who he was, the hero would not listen, and continued to pursue Seventh Line. Finally sick and tired of dodging the massive battle axe, he decided to simply knock the guy a few blocks away to get him out of his hair.

Unfortunately, he miscalculated the distances, and how much power he actually put into the blow. The tanker was thrown several blocks by the punch, as well as nearly 60 feet into the air, impacting on the south War Wall separating Skyway City and Overbrook (Faultline.) There was sufficient force that a large chunk of concrete sheared from the War Wall, falling into an empty alley below, crushing a garbage can. Noone was injured in the incident.

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