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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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You're not a master if you don't have servants...
Shadow Alpha
Player: @Tomato is Tasty
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: ?
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown (Lost to time)
Known Aliases: Alpha, Lord Alpha, Prince Alpha
Species: J'Relth (Demon)
Age: Unknown (Claims to be as old as time itself)
Height: Varying
Weight: Varying
Eye Color: Red/Purple
Hair Color: Varying
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian Hell
Occupation: Archdemon
Place of Birth: Praetorian Hell
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Primal Self- Ranger of the Dark, Father - The Void King, Ruler of the J'relth (Name also unknown.)
Known Powers
Demonic Magic, Void Magic, Summoning
Known Abilities
Flying, Shapeshifting
Hooded Cloak, Hellfire Whip
The Prince of the J'relth.

"Those cold, dark, violet hands, Claiming my very own realm. Unsympathetic. Merciless. His dark plans, Working towards the final conquest..."

"He leads a legion. I was a general once, A role I must never forget. I was a card towards the final hand, A tool and nothing more, Working towards the final conquest."

"People won't know of, my hand in slaying thousands, But the things that I have done, I will carry to my grave. For I was a monster for him, Working towards the final conquest."

"His eyes are like two red novas, his teeth like stalagmites. Every word spoken sent a shiver down my spine."

"I bore no sadness."

"He bore no joy."

"Just working... working towards the final conquest."

-Capricorn, Former Servant of Alpha



((To be rewritten! Again!))



His Minions

Shadow Alpha is a prince, and therefore has many servants. This is just a short list of his minions.

The Slavers

This trio of small demons are weak on their own, but strong together. They tend to do spying jobs for the lord, able to teleport from place to place in a burst of flame (or frost). They appear to be similar to gremlins or demonlings, but they actually are true demons, able to lie and manipulate as well, if not better than any other of their kind.

The Egrun

This great beast is the one that the lord sends in to do his dirty work, acting as his bodyguard or his weapon in many situations. It's stupid, however, and can easily be deceived by visual tricks. If under enough strain, and if believing that the Egrun is not enough to defeat his enemy, Lord Alpha will sometimes call upon the Egrun's weaker twin siblings.

The Demonic Hordes

Along with the slavers and the Egrun, Alpha has countless other demons following him, living in their own special place in hell, just waiting to be released. Their numbers are infinite and, should they be released, not only the world is in danger, but all reality will likely be consumed.

The J'Relth

Alpha's most powerful demonic soldiers would easily be those from his own race, the J'Relth. While they lack Alpha's summoning powers, and his cunning, they make up for it in strength and skill.

The Pain Trio

In the most extreme of situations, Alpha will call upon his most loyal subjects, three beings who have achieved nigh-immortality through collars enchanted by him. These three go by many names, most of which being Latin. The best translation for them in English is 'The Pain Trio'.

The Pain Trio is not static, but rather dynamic. As the enchantments are not a perfect magic, quite often members of the Trio will break free of Alpha's will and go off on their own, sometimes with a personal vendetta against Alpha. This bothers Alpha not, as he has an almost endless resource to mine- Earth.

The Pain Trio are empowered by special collars. These have many powers and vary aesthetically based on the generation and even individual member, but each wields some form of immortality, whether eternal youth or simply eternal life, or even reanimation, in the case of one being used on a dead person. Each collar is also linked to the other two of its generation, allowing one member to be found easily by another if need be. In the rare case of only one member being a part of a generation, that collar will be bound to the previous generation. If one member lasts more than one generation, they will be bound to new members.

As well as these preservation techniques, the collars imbue some sort of amplified power to their owner, based on their previous abilities, strengths and weaknesses. This is random, and will sometimes strengthen a user's weaknesses or amplify their strengths further. Either way, it normally happens to the point that the user becomes superhuman. This is why Alpha places the three members at the absolute top of his army.

The most important part of the collar's enchantment, above all of the previous points, however, is the bond to Alpha. Should Alpha wish, he can instantly kill any wearer of an enchanted collar. This part of the charm can and has been broken, but the other half of Alpha's bond, communication between minds, cannot.


Known Previous Generations of Pain:

- Vello

- 'Ghost'

((To be added!))


Known Previous Generations of Suffering:

- Capricorn

- Nabi

((To be added!))


Known Previous Generations of Misfortune:

- 'Ghost'

- Jamie Evan

- Klaus

((To be added!))

Theme Songs

Welcome to Chaos - Son of Rust (For Alpha to any potential member of the Pain Trio)

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